Placer deposits are developed by alluvial processes within rivers and also streams, and also on beaches. Placer gold deposits type via gravity, with the thickness of gold leading to it come sink into trap sites in ~ the flow bed, or where water velocity drops, such as bends in rivers and also behind boulders.

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The geologic process results in development of yellow ore is called Forming Deposits.


Gold occurs as the deposition in the fractured rocks referred to as as the lodes. This process is commonly referred to as the forming deposits process.

When the heated warm fluids circulate with the gold bearing rocks then it choose the yellow from it and sweeps that to new location by concentrating the gold elements. These focused loads or the yellow ores are also called together the veins.

No single geologic process did all those things. Gold is one element, a hefty element, therefore it accumulation in seams of hard rocks, quartz being many common. It accumulation over countless year




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