The Honda D16Y8 is a 1.6L 4-cylinder VTEC engine with a solitary overhead camer (SOHC).

Right off the manufacturing line in 1996 it had 127 hp and 107 lb-ft the torque. The engine to be only created for four years before it was changed by the Honda D17 collection engine, however it is still well-known to this day.

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Honda D-Series engines were created from 1986 to 2007 and also powered few of the most famous Honda models throughout the 1990’s.

Horsepower127 hp (95 kW) at 6,600 rpm
Torque107 lb-ft (145 Nm) in ~ 5,500 rpm
Bore and also Stroke75.0 × 90.0 mm (2.95 x 3.54 in)
Displacement1,590 cc (97 cu in)
Redline6,800 rpm
Rev Limit7,200 rpm
VTEC switchover5,600 rpm



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In the United states the D16Y8 engine was discovered in Honda civic EX models from 1996 to 2000. It additionally appeared in the Honda Del solar Si until 1997.

The D16Y8 was obtainable in these us models:

1996–1997 Honda Del sol Si1996–2000 Honda civic EX

The UK variation of the Honda public EX and also Coupe to be powered by the D16Y8 as well. In Canada, this engine was discovered in the Honda public Si (1996-2000) and the Acura 1.6 EL (1997-2000).

The D16Y8 changed the D16Z6 engine in the sixth generation Honda civic EX beginning in 1996.

The Honda civic EX had actually significantly more horsepower 보다 the engine discovered in the base model. The D16Y7 base model engine had only 106 hp compared to 127 hp in the D16Y8 v VTEC.

In 2001 the D16Y8 to be phased out in in favor of the D17A2 which had larger displacement many thanks to a much longer stroke and other modifications.

Although this engine had a short production run, it is still a popular engine as result of its lightweight design and also swap compatibility.

Horsepower125 hp at 6,600 rpm127 hp at 6,600 rpm127 hp in ~ 6,300 rpm
Torque106 lb-ft at 5,200 rpm107 lb-ft in ~ 5,500 rpm114 lb-ft in ~ 4,800 rpm
Displacement1,590 cc1,590 cc1,668 cc

Honda D16Y8 performance Specs

For a 1.6L engine, the D16Y8 packed a powerful punch. What do this engine in the public EX distinct was the Variable Valve Timing and Lift digital Control (VTEC). This an innovation allows the engine timing to it is in automatically readjusted at low and high RPMs for maximum performance.

The engine developed 127 hp in ~ 6,600 rpm and 107 lb-ft the torque at 5,500 rpm. Redline to be at 6,800 RPM and also the rev border was 7,200 RPM. Return this engine is marketed as a 1.6L, it had actually a displacement of only 1,590cc or 97 cubic inches.

Bore was 75.0 mm (2.95 inches) and also stroke was set at 90.0 mm (3.54 inches). Finally, the compression ratio was 9.6:1.

Block, Head and also Valvetrain Specs

The Honda D16Y8 engine offers an aluminum alloy block and also an aluminum cylinder head. The alloy construction helps store the engine lighter, and light engines mean better acceleration and much better fuel consumption.

To compensate because that the strength offered up because of the aluminum block, stole cylinder liners are installed. This considerably increases the engine strength and helps the engine be durable even as soon as the engine is modified.

The valvetrain the this engine is a solitary overhead camshaft. This engine has actually 4 valves every cylinder, 2 intake and also 2 exhaust, because that a complete of 16 valves top top the engine.


The D16Y8 was a good engine in the Honda civic EX and also Del solar Si there is no too numerous problems or complaints. In fact, that is still a popular swap engine because that those looking to update from ahead versions that the D16 engine there is no VTEC.

Ultimately, this engine was phased out for the D17A2 in 2001. Although it was only created for 4 year from 1996 come 2000 it continues to be a famous replacement engine. Not to point out there is one overwhelming quantity of aftermarket parts available at reasonable prices.

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A couple of of the easiest means to get an ext horsepower the end of this engine incorporate a cold air intake and also turbo add-on.