For a lot of soldiers, the (ASU) hangs in the closet many of the time, worn just once or twice a year. To speak you’ve been deployed under range. Girlfriend passed through your E-5 promo board, “field style,” wearing your cleanest pair that MultiCams—but you didn’t need to worry about preparing a collection of ASUs.

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Fast front twelve months. Now you’re in garrison, and suddenly you require your ASUs because that a ceremony. You dig through a box and pull out the exact same pair issued to you at ft Benning 3 years ago. Luckily, they still fit. But your trousers are for a small enlisted soldier, no a freshly pinned noncommissioned officer, and also your commander desires medals worn, no a ribbon rack.

Here atThe Salute, we attend to situations like this every day. In this article, we offer a checklist for i was delegated officers, noncommissioned officers, and junior enlisted to store you squared away.

Getting started with the army Service UniformThe ASU is design to be straightforward however elegant. It’s modular, meaning it can be changed depending on the formality that the occasion. Because that example, you have the right to interchange a ribbon slide v medals, while tho retaining the same basic foundation. It comes in two forms, “Class A” v a jacket and “Class B,” short- or long-sleeve shirt. There is likewise an optional and an extremely formal “Mess” uniform, in blue or white. Lastly, woman soldiers have the alternative of trousers or a skirt, the wearing of which might be identified by a command or forced for one event.

Army service Uniform ChecklistHere room some straightforward items us recommend that every soldier keep on hand. Remember, you can constantly build from below as your career progresses.

Jacket and also trousers and also skirt: us recommend female soldiers keep one of each on hand.Headgear: This goes there is no saying, yet we’ve highlighted distinctions in the Officer and also Enlisted sections below.Combat service: Combat service identification badge and overseas business bars.Belt: in ~ a minimum, save a noodle belt and also brass buckle.Ties: Clip-ons space available, however it doesn’t pains to learn to tie a tie. Also, always keep a bow tie.Footwear: High-gloss oxfords space OK, however leather shoes go the extra mile, especially if you’re preparing because that a board. Leather jump boots are permitted if her unit is on run status. Note: female soldiers might wear leather pumps just with a skirt . However, high-gloss pumps might be worn through a dress or slacks.Regalia: Badges, unit crests, nameplate, and also finished ribbon slide.

Commissioned and also Warrant OfficersInspirations because that today’s ASU were drawn from early American uniforms—the Revolutionary War, and the polite War. Commissioned Officers, for example, wear shoulder straps comparable to those top top Union army uniforms. Officers constantly wear a service cap unless their unit the assignment is on jump status, in which situation a beret is permitted.

Service cap: Have one handy even if you’re on jump status.Accessories: Shoulder straps, branch insignia, and branch “U.S.” Collar devices.Trousers and skirts: Trousers must have actually a yellow stripe. Skirts execute not come with one.Medals: keep a medal rack in addition to your ribbon slide.

EnlistedThough greatly similar, there are a few important differences in ASU requirements between NCOs and also junior enlisted.

Headgear: every NCOs corporals and above are permitted to wear business caps instead of berets. Junior enlisted undertake berets. If you’re a NCO, us recommend you keep one company cap top top hand.Trousers: NCOs wear trousers through a yellow stripe, small enlisted stay trousers with no stripe.Ribbons: It’s particularly important that NCOs store both a ribbon slide and also a medal rack top top hand. You’ll be required to wear your dress uniforms with higher frequency together you move up in rank, therefore it’s important to be prepared for any event.

As a soldier, you take great pride in your appearance. And keeping your army Service Uniform to update will assist ensure the you remain squared away and prepared for any kind of situation the may existing itself. Keep this checklist posted on the within of your closet or wall surface locker and also stay top top the lookout for more uniform tips and also information right here at The Salute Uniforms.

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