That snowflake dashboard light, or frost warning light is a temperature warning. The snowflake warning light immediately illuminates top top the dashboard in yellow/amber when exterior temperatures fall close to freezing at roughly 3°C (37°F) or below.

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On some vehicles, the warning light may turn red once temperatures fall below zero levels Celsius. Return the warning light will go off when the temperature rises over this threshold, there may still be short lying locations of roadway that may have frost cover.

Frost warning light

Frost warning lightThis is the frost warning light. The price of a snowflake and also road lane markers is typically used by many auto manufacturers to warn of short temperatures and also the potential peril of icy road conditions.

Snowflake warning light

Snowflake warning lightCertain car manufacturers may use this price of a snowflake to warn that icy road conditions. Additionally, if equipped, this warning light is additionally used when ‘snow mode’ is activated.

What come do as soon as the Frost / Snowflake Warning Light comes On

When the frost / snowflake warning light come on, the roadway surface might be slippery as result of frost. Skidding is related to excess speed and using the foot brake as well harshly. In this instance:

Slow downIncrease the distance in between you and the automobile in front. This allows you more time to slow-moving down gradually and to use the foot brake much less harshly.Slow down prior to you obtain to a corner and also avoid utilizing the foot brake whilst cornering.

How go the Temperature Warning Work?

To read the outside temperature, a sensor is put on your car. The location of the sensor different from being put in the lower front grill / bumper of your car, to within of a side winter or within the driver’s door.

Is the Temperature Accurate?

The sensor chin is very accurate, yet the external temperature reading deserve to be slightly inaccurate due to determinants such as engine heat, roadway surface heat, straight sunlight etc.

The Frost Warning light Isn’t Working

In order to read external temperatures, the sensor is exposed come the aspects leaving the a small vulnerable. If the frost warning irradiate isn’t working, the sensor may have been damaged by road debris. Additionally, if the sensor is extended in dirt, mud, oil etc, that will impact the accuracy the the temperature readings.
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