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my very first gmc ever, should understand how the a/c functions or if there"s a problem.2006 sierra work truck....a/c is frigid cold, no complaints.I dont hear the a/c compressor cycling therefore I press the snowflake switch thinking it will certainly deenergize the clutch circuit however the compressor keeps running.I an alert that pressing the recirculate to fresh air turns the compressor off. If the compressor does no cycle, just how does the defrost?Do I have actually a problem?

The snowflake is an always-on indicator for the compressor. Do you have any type of sort the climate control? If so, and also you leaving on it cold, that will carry out what it deserve to without the compressor, yet will cycle the on and also off as needed. Making use of the snowflake button leaves the compressor on.That"s just how it is in my 2006, but I also have one LT, which may be various than the WT.
not certain what climate manage isI have 2 sliders which i assume left ideal control and also 2 rotating knobsAll i have the right to say for sure is no matter just how you usage that button, the compressor stays on

If you have your recirculate switch on, the compressor will run as soon as needed relying on what setting of cool you have actually your truck collection at. Regardless of whether the AC snowflake switch is on or not. Yet it just works this means if you have actually it on the vents. And not the floor or defrost.

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not certain what climate control isI have actually 2 sliders which ns assume left appropriate control and 2 rotating knobsAll i can say for certain is no matter how you usage that button, the compressor stays on
My brand-new to me 06 works exactly the same.I placed an on/off switch on the dash the shuts turn off the compressor so currently I have full manage of once the compressor runs.I have actually done this to all my previous cars that didn"t have actually a compressor move from the factory so I deserve to run in recirculate mode during cool weather since the mam can"t was standing breathing exhaust fumes specifically from diesels.
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