Origin the the surname Calvin:

From the French lock Cauvin, a derivative that the Latin calvinus (little bald one), which has actually its source in calvus (bald). The name was initially bestowed in honor of French protestant reformer man Calvin (1509-64). Var: Kalvin. Short: Cal, Kal.

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From A civilization of baby Names through Teresa Norman.

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Adam Adelyn Alan Albert Albie Alfie Alfred Alice Allen Barrett Baxter Daphne Franklin Garrett Gary Harold take care of Janet zenith Landon Langdon Malcolm Marilyn Marvin Sally
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Meanings and background of the surname Calvin


(KAL/CAL) actually originated indigenous the Sumerian language from old Mesopotamia and way "highly esteemed or valued" or "precious" and (VIN) or (YEN) originates from the Dravidian Ugor-Finn language native the same duration and means "sky, high, chief god"

kal-(l): v., come esteem, value; to be rare; to make dear, endear; to be appreciated.



Sky, High, cook god( *SANKE > YEN>-ANK>-�G , -AN-)

In both Sumerian and also FinnUgor the initial sky god often delegates come the air god various jobs of creation and in countless examples we watch that the air/weather god replace instead replace the old sky god in prominence over time, substituting his initial name because that the share word because that god at times.

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3)Dravidian _an=upper part, an-ar=ascend, vin=sky


Sumerian is older 보다 the typical French "chauvin" This supports the earliest well-known use that the materials that come at the given name. The conventional French "chauvin" thus is not correct in the it is a much more recent compound.

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Famous real-life people named Calvin

Calvin Coolidge, 30th chairman of the unified StatesCalvin Klein, American fashion designerCalvin Johnson, American football playerCalvin "Cal" Ripken, American baseball playerCal Worthington & his dog spot...Calvin Harris, techno jeebusCalvin Vail, YouTuber recognized as LeafyIsHereCalvin Borel, Jockey

Calvin in song, story & screen

Calvin is one imaginative and also mischevious young young in invoice Waterson"s seminal comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.Calvin O"Keefe is a recurring character in Madeline L"Engle"s novels.Calvin Rankin, a character from the X-Men comics