Neural foraminal stenosis refers to the narrowing the the little openings between each vertebra in the spine, dubbed foramen, i m sorry nerve roots happen through.

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A type of spinal stenosis, neural foraminal stenosis, does not always cause symptoms. Yet if a nerve it s okay compressed in the gap, this will be painful.

Over-the-counter ache relief, such together non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), may help, and also doctors have the right to prescribe medicine that deserve to modify nerve pain.

Share on PinterestNerves run with the vertebrae of the spine, up in the direction of the brain. Neural foraminal stenosis is once these nerves obtain trapped in the spine.
Nerves run from all parts of the body to the spinal canal. The nerve root pass v gaps in the vertebrae, referred to as foramen and also continue increase the spinal cord to the brain.

The nervous mechanism responds to details from the senses and also triggers reactions.

For example, as soon as a person feels pain, the nerves send information that makes the muscles relocate away native the resource of pain, while in ~ the exact same time informing the brain that over there is pain.

Each nerve or neuron has a cabinet body and several extensions, dubbed dendrites and an axon. The dendrites get signals, which take trip along the axon, which deserve to be up to a meter long. Every the signals with the brain via the network of spinal neurons.

Neural foraminal stenosis occurs once the foramen of the neck (cervical stenosis), the upper part of the ago (thoracic stenosis), or the lower ago (lumbar stenosis), compress or narrow, trapping the nerve root.


Not everyone with neural foraminal stenosis will construct symptoms. If a nerve it s okay trapped, however, the symptoms tend just to impact one next of the body and can include:

pain in the back or neckmuscle weaknesstinglingnumbness or weak in the arm, hand, or legburning sensationsproblems walkingissues through balance

If the nerve root becomes compressed on both sides, both sides of the body will likely be affected. This is referred to as bilateral foraminal stenosis.

Share top top PinterestNeural foraminal stenosis might be brought about by a range of conditions.

The danger of neural foraminal stenosis, which deserve to be caused by basic wear and tear, rises with age.

The most common cause of neural foraminal stenosis is a degenerative spine.

This increases into the foraminal canal, narrowing the spaces and also openings whereby nerves leave between the vertebrae.

Degenerative disk

A degenerative disk is where a vertebral bowl degenerates and slips the end of place putting press on the exiting nerve. That is most common in the lumbar spine, yet can additionally happen in the thoracic or the cervical spine.

Herniated disk

Also well-known as a slipped or prolapsed disk, a herniated disk method one of the discs the cartilage that sits in between the vertebrae is damaged.


Spondylolisthesis is wherein one vertebra slides in former or ago of the vertebra below it. It commonly occurs in the lumbar spine but can occur elsewhere in the spine. This can reason narrowing of the exiting nerve in the foramen.

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Arthritis establishes when cartilage breaks down, and this can also happen come the discs that cartilage that sit between the vertebrae


This is a bone spur expansion in the back quite typical in those aged end 60 and also usually caused by osteoarthritis.

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Repetitive trauma come the spine loss the vertebrae and also cause it come slip. This is an ext common in athletes such as gymnasts and also weightlifters. A sudden injury can also make a disc slip.