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That's not Spanish but Italian for "death." In Spanish, it's muerte. To the person below, morte is not French. The French word for death is "mort." Morte is used in French but only when describing a feminine noun.

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cisne n.egro

Morte it is a Portuguese word and to mean death.

Morte is Italian word too and mean death.

Muerte is Spanish.

Mort is French

The verb - morrer in Portuguese.

Eu morro

tu morres

Ele morre

nós morremos

eles morrem

substantive - morte.




morte isnt a spanish word but it is french and it means a dead woman. also it would be mort or to die mourir

dead in spanish would be muerte. or to die morir.

and apparently its italian too lol

all these languages are similar

to mister italian: yes it is french also the female version...

to say she is dead.. yu would say elle est morte

so we are all right... in a way ^^

so wherever she got it from depends on what language it is in. probably it is italian if it was a word by itself. yu should say where yu heard it.

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Morte isn't spanish.

It can be Italian or French.

means death or dead.

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morte, maybe muerte o muerto mind dead

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bob walker


Okay, death. So sue me

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french for "dead"

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It mean 'death' me my mom is mexican.

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