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Meaning: Moscow


Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)Rank: #220 (see frequency list)

The view of St. Basil on Red Square, Moscow, Russia.Photo by Dror Feitelson, licensed under CC-SA3.0
Москвá -- столи́ца Росси́и.Moscow is the capital of Russia.Населéние Москвы́ -- оди́ннадцать миллиóнов человéк.The population of Moscow is eleven million people.В Москвé нахóдятся Крéмль и Крáсная плóщадь.The Kremlin and Red Square are situated in Moscow.Чéрез Москву́ протекáет Москвá-река.The Moscow River flows through Moscow.Москвá располóжена в европéйской чáсти Росси́и.Moscow is situated in the European part of Russia.Жи́тели Москвы́ назывáются москвичáми. (singular: москви́ч)The residents of Moscow are called muscovites. (singular: muscovite)Под Москвóй стрóятся дáчи.The dachas (country houses) are built in the Moscow region.Гуля́ть по Москвé веснóй óчень прия́тно, так как э́то óчень зелëный гóрод.It"s very nice to go for walk in Moscow in spring because it"s a very green city.На Москвé-рекé мнóго мостóв.There"re a lot of bridges over the Moscow River.

= a muscovite (male or female)москви́чка = a muscovite (female)москвичи́ = muscovites (plural)"Москви́ч" = a former automobile brand popular in the USSRцентр = the centerМосква́-река́ = Moscow River
Москвá -- всéм городáм мать.Moscow is all cities" mother.Москвá cлезáм не вéрит.Moscow doesn"t believe in tears.Москва не сразу строилась.Moscow was not built at once.Всякому в Москве не перекланяешься.A friend to all is a friend to none.literal You can"t bow to everybody in Moscow.Москва не в один день строилась.Moscow was not built in a day.

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