Last time, we saw that Lunes and Mon­day are from the same God, the moon. Now we will see the same for Martes and Tues­day.

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Martes, the Span­ish for Tues­day, is named af­ter the Ro­man God of War, whom we all learned about in mid­dle school mythol­o­gy class­es: Mars.

Tues­day is named af­ter Tiw, who was the Ger­man­ic God of War — their equiv­a­lent of Mars!

Tues­day is thus, lit­er­al­ly, “Ti­w’s Day”.

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More in­ter­est­ing­ly, the name “Tiw” comes from the In­do-Eu­ro­pean Root “Dye-us” (think of the T‑iw and D‑ye par­al­lel with the fi­nal “-us” be­ing lost) — from which we al­so get the Span­ish word dios (for God) and the San­skrit de­va (we all know that that means!).

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