Alpaca farmers and gardeners alike describe alpaca poop together ‘Black Gold’ since it is together a valuable byproduct. Permit me tell girlfriend why!

Safe and all natural. Ns tell farm tourists that our alpaca manure is basically just grass, water and sunshine in a various format … due to the fact that it is. Our herd grazes on new grass for about 8 months of the year, from at an early stage spring through mid-fall. In the winter us feed hay, which is simply dried grass the the exact same type. Since we don’t use herbicides or chemistry fertilizers on the pastures, your manure is as herbal as the comes!

Balanced. Most forms of manure have actually nitrogen levels that call for composting prior to use to avoid ‘burn’. Burn occurs when too lot nitrogen is added, resulting in the plant to take it up more than it have the right to withstand. The result is yellowing & shriveling that leaves frequently causing irreparable damages to the plant.

Well, alpaca manure is different! It has actually lower level of nitrogen, but still enough to be advantageous to plant growth and also root development, yet it walk not call for composting. This works out nicely for united state procrastinators! You deserve to literally take it a scoop that alpaca poop the end of the field and put the right right into the garden without fear of burning your plants.


Promotes floor health. Alpaca poop is bean-shaped, almost comparable to pelleted deer droppings. It has a dense structure which enhances soil texture and increases the soil’s water holding capacity. Consistent applications of black gold way you will have to water less over time.

And many thanks to the alpaca’s highly developed digestion system, many seed heads and also grains they’ve consumed do not endure digestion. Unlike steed or cow manure, you do not need to worry about sprouting grasses in your perfectly manicured garden beds! and when contrasted to those other manures, it is fairly odor totally free making it suitable for use on at home plants.

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Convenient. This perk is my favorite and doesn’t really have actually anything to carry out with just how the manure performs in the garden. But…it’s important! did you understand that alpacas have ‘communal dung piles’? They naturally poop in a few places transparent the pastures. We don’t have to train them to do this one of two people – double bonus! This provides gathering it up convenient and also a worthwhile added revenue stream because that our small farm!

How to usage it

Till in fresh alpaca beans directly into your garden beds, in both spring and fall.

Sprinkle alpaca bean at the floor surface and around plants. It acts as a time-release capsule, imparting nutrients with every watering or rain.

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Make a ‘tea’ -

Take one old milk jug and add a couple of handfuls that the alpaca beans.

Fill it with water.

Replace the lid and collection in straight sun for at the very least one day. Permitting it come steep for number of days will certainly extract an ext of the good stuff.

Pour the ‘tea’ right into a garden or hose sprayer. Use as a foliar spray to feed plants and also the lawn.

The supplied beans will certainly still have actually some great stuff remaining, so sprinkle castle in the garden or ~ above the lawn.

Where to acquire it? We have a nice small stock pile of the herd’s black color Gold top top the farm ideal now.