Where does the Kia name Come From and also What Does the Mean?

For far better or worse, our names call the human being a lot around us. Even if it is it’s a household name v a many social difference or one that carries some baggage, your name is a “pre-first impression” that deserve to either turn off or introduce you to a potential employer or partnership prospect before you’ve also met them. Is it fair? No. Perform we have actually to discover positive ways to attend to it? Yes.

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While most of us will store the names with which we were born because that our whole lives, businesses and brands must select their names, adding a degree of complication the can an outcome in hilarious and also spectacular fail or glorious triumph.

Kia’s brand surname is a link word in oriental that is comprised of the characters: “Ki” and “A.” The first syllable definition “to rise from,” and the A is a common way to depict eastern Asia. Together, the word Kia method “To climb from Asia,” which much more than adequately describes Kia’s quest in the global automotive market.

What perform Kia model Names Mean?

We’ve had a many fun with Kia’s whimsical auto names before, however if you wondering where they come from and also what lock mean, here’s a short run-down:

Kia cars surname meanings

Forte means “Strong” in Italian, and is a colloquialism because that “Strength” in English. Its usage signifies Kia’s confidence behind the compact sedan or hatchback.Optima is a stylized take it on the English indigenous “optimal” or “optimum,” both an interpretation the “Best.”Cadenza is Italian for “cadence,” which method a complicated rhythm. That reveals Kia’s fist to design and thoughtful detail in their full-size flagship sedan.K900 comes best from Kia’s korean sedan naming conventions (K3 for Forte, K5 because that Optima K7 for Cadenza). To stop naming the car after a common English term for a dog (canine = K9), Kia included two zeroes to your full-size high-end sedanStinger is an English word that signifies the component of a bee, scorpion or various other stinging animal that have the right to inflict the damages to predators. Similarly, the Stinger serves as a weapon versus the bigger title in the luxury sports sedan market.

Kia SUVs and van surname meanings

Soul is self-explanatory and signifies Kia’s valuing that the subcompact crossover together a personality-filled and also outgoing vehicle that summarizes the brand’s favorite components of the self-image.Niro is probably the most daunting name to pin down. As close to as we have the right to tell, the surname is a stylized variation of the surname Nero. Italian because that “Black” and Greek for “Water,” the most immediate connotation is the wicked roman emperor that “fiddled if Rome burned.” Honestly, us don’t know. If anybody from Kia is reading this, we’d be happy come learn!Sportage is a combination of “Sport” and the suffix “-age” which defines a state of top quality (postage, passage, etc.). Simply, the Sportage is a automobile that is many comfortable present in a sporty mode.Sedona is a small city in Arizona. Us think Kia determined to name their minivan the Sedona due to the fact that it’s so various from competing models’ surname (all i m sorry promise clearly thrill and adventure in a boring auto that looks prefer an upside-down shark). That said, words “Sedona” is a an extremely pleasing word to say and has the sophistication and also elegance of the design that bears its badge.Sorento, choose Sedona, explains a place. A tiny village in Italy, Sorento is called for the ubiquity of those who revered the sirens native Greek mythology and this surname lends itself to the alluring nature of Kia’s third-row, mid-size crossover.

Proud of your compact car, Kia called it the Forte which method “strong” and also is regularly used in ar of “strength.”

Similarly, the Kia Cadenza offers Italian to convey innovative and detail-oriented design.

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Always Rising, Kia lives Up to Its Name

With brand-new awards being heaped ~ above the oriental automotive manufacturer look at every day, Kia has proven chin to be the “rising star” that name would suggest.


To test-drive among these fun and also appropriately-named Kia models (the Niro is fun!), or for an ext information top top Kia vehicles previous present and also future (we’ll shot our best with that one), call us today!