What is the difference between Abbreviations and Acronyms?


An abbreviation (from Latin brevi³re → brevis definition “short”) is a shortened kind of a indigenous or phrase used greatly in writing to represent the complete form. The usually has actually a full-stop at the end.

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Examples: Lib. Because that Library / abbr. For abbreviation / approx. Because that approximate


An acronym (from Latin acro- definition “beginning” + -onym meaning “word, name”) is a pronounceable word developed mostly (but not always) from the initial letter of a descriptive name or title. Examples: radar = radio detecting and also ranging / ASAP = as soon as possible

The ax initialism provides a comparable method, however the word is pronounced letter by letter.Example: BBC brothers Broadcasting copy, group or USA United claims of America.And last yet not least, there room symbols and/or systems of reference, prefer min for minute or kg for kilogram.

50 famous Internet Acronyms


The Language that Internet: the following is a list of some common acronyms that are used on the web, in E-Mails,... . The list is much from being complete, it just includes the abbreviation (new Slang / shorthands), i beg your pardon I consider most useful. And also they should aid to much better understand the meaning that text centered messages.The abbreviation / abbreviations are largely written in upper case.

Usage & Meaning

Not all of these short-hands deserve to be assumed come be construed by the majorities of net or E-Mail users. However, there room some exceptions, i beg your pardon are relatively safe come use:

to / tooforbeseeeyeoweareyouwhy

The factor is the these abbreviation are based upon the together of their equivalent letter / digit.

List of web Acronyms

Please note: one acronym (from Greek: -acro = sharp, pointed; -onym = name) in the pure type denotes a combination of letters (usually indigenous an abbreviation) which can be used and also pronounced together a word. Because that the services of clarity and also readability, this definition is not constantly followed in ~ the 2 perform on this page.

Acronyms A come L
2F4UToo quick For You
4YEO FYEOFor your Eyes Only
AAMOFAs a matter of Fact
AFAIKAs far as i know
AFAIRAs much as i remember / recall
AFKAway indigenous Keyboard
AKAAlso recognized as
B2K BTKBack come Keyboard
BTTBack come Topic
BTWBy the Way
C&PCopy and also Paste
CUSee you
CYSCheck your Settings
DIYDo the Yourself
EOBDEnd of organization Day
EODEnd of Discussion
EOMEnd of Message
EOTEnd of thread / .. Text / .. Transmission
FAQFrequently asked Questions
FACKFull Acknowledge
FKAFormerly recognized as
FWIWFor what it"s Worth
FYI / JFYI(Just) For your Information
FTWFuck the civilization / for the Win
HFHave fun
HTHHope this Helps
IDKI don"t know
IIRCIf i Recall / remember Correctly
IMHOIn my Humble Opinion
IMOIn mine Opinion
IMNSHOIn my not so Humble / honest Opinion
IOWIn various other Words
ITTIn this Thread
LOLLaughing out loud
DGMWDon"t gain me wrong
Acronyms M to Z
MMWMark mine Words
N/ANot easily accessible / Applicable
NaNNot a Number
NNTRNo have to Reply
noob n00bNewbie
NOYBNone of her Business
NRNNo answer Necessary
OMGOh my God
OPOriginal Poster, original Post
OTOff Topic
OTOHOn the other Hand
PEBKACProblem exists in between Keyboard and Chair
POVPoint that View
ROTFLRolling ~ above the Floor Laughing
RSVPRepondez s"il vous plait (French: you re welcome reply)
RTFMRead the fine Manual
SCNRSorry, might not Resist
SFLRSorry, because that late Reply
SPOCSingle allude of Contact
TBATo be Announced
TBCTo be ongoing / To it is in Confirmed
TIAThanks in Advance
TGIFThanks God, that Friday
TQThank You
TYVMThank You very Much
TYTTake your Time
TTYLTalk come you Later
w00tWhoomp, over there it is; definition "Hooray"
WFMWorks for Me
WRTWith for to
WTHWhat the Hell / What the Heck
WTFWhat the Fuck
YMMDYou made mine Day
YMMVYour Mileage may vary
YAMYet one more Meeting
ICYMIIn case you to let go it


If you are a newbie come the net or texting on her mobile phone you quickly get perplexed by all the abbreviations, text shortcuts and acronyms used by an ext experienced users. To help you out, this list contains a compilation of the 50 most typical abbreviations used in message messages, IMs (= immediate Message), society networks, etc, where human being want (or are required) to use just a few typed personalities to interact a believed or an idea .

Please note: even though the acronyms below are created in all CAPS, the is no mandatory to use the resources letters, and most people tend to mix upper- and lowercase depending on personal taste. To use caps for the abbreviation themselves is normally not considered poor netiquette; however, writing whole words or sentence in all CAPS is usually check out as "shouting", and thus easily thought about offensive.

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List of text Messaging & SMS Abbreviations

Abbreviations A to L
2moro Tomorrow
AEAPAs beforehand as Possible
ALAPAs Late together Possible
ASAPAs shortly as Possible
ASLAge / Sex / Location?
B3Blah, Blah, Blah
B4YKIBefore You recognize it
BFFBest Friends, Forever
BM&YBetween Me and also You
BRBBe ideal Back
BRTBe appropriate There
BTAMBe that as it May
CTNCannot talk now
CUSSee you Soon
CWOTComplete garbage of Time
CYTSee friend Tomorrow
E123Easy as 1, 2, 3
EM?Excuse Me?
EODEnd the Day
F2FFace come Face
FCFingers Crossed
FOAFFriend of a Friend
GR8 Great
HAKHugs and also Kisses
IDCI Don"t Care
IDKI Don"t Know
ILU / ILYI Love You
IMUI miss You
IRLIn real Life
J/K Just Kidding
JCJust Checking
JTLYKJust to Let friend Know
KFYKiss for You
KMNKill Me Now
KPCKeeping parents Clueless
L8R Later
Abbreviations M come Z
MoFMale or Female
MTFBWYMay the force be with You
MYOBMind Your very own Business
N-A-Y-LIn a While
NAZName, Address, ZIP
NCNo Comment
NIMBYNot in my Backyard
NMNever mental / nothing Much
NPNo Problem
NSFWNot for sure for Work
NTIMNot that it Matters
NVMNever Mind
OATUSOn a completely Unrelated Subject
OICOh, i See
OMWOn mine Way
OTLOut to Lunch
OTPOn the Phone
P911Parent Alert
PALParents space Listening
PAWParents are Watching
PIRParent in Room
POSParent end Shoulder
PROP(S)Proper Respect / proper Recognition
RNRight Now
RUAre You
SEPSomeone else"s Problem
SITDStill in the Dark
SLAPSounds favor a Plan
SMIMSend Me an immediate Message
SOSignificant Other
TMIToo much Information
URYour / you are
WBWelcome Back
WYCMWill You call Me?
WYWHWish You were Here
XOXOXOXHugs, Kisses, ...