Women can be difficult to read. But sometimes they throw off surprise signals the scream, "I desire you!" Here"s what to look for.

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I usage Your very first Name I speak to you through your first name instead of your nickname, because, babe, I"m not one of your buds, nor execute I intend to become one.

I wear Lip Gloss I apply lip gloss often, yet not in your presence. (If friend witness makeup applications of any kind of sort, start calling yourself Chandler—you"re official a friend.)

I obstacle My Lips Together ns rub mine lips together often in your presence.

I"m ~ above the sheet of mine Seat ns sit at the sheet of my seat.

I speak to friend on mine Birthday It"s my birthday, and also I"m still talking to friend 10 minutes after you bought me a drink. (Note: birthday girls of any age room easy—doubly for this reason at te markers.)

I order a Beer instead of merlot, ns order a Corona, which, conveniently, is offered in a bottle—the far better to sexily sip from.

My speech Pattern Changes My speech pattern is beginning to resemble, like, Kirsten Dunst"s.

I talk to friend While you Smoke you smoke. I don"t. However I"m talking to you.

I Touch You ns touch you (for any reason) an ext than once.

I Laugh once Nothing"s Funny i laugh, frequently and also nervously, also amid humorless conversation.

I lean in to Talk i shout in her ear, due to the fact that "it"s so loud in here, i can"t hear you!"

I Say your Name I use your name regularly in conversation.

I to compare You to a Celebrity ns tell you that you look choose some specific celebrity, which method I think both you and the celebrity are really hot.

I lug Up Vaguely sex-related Topics I carry up antimatter and also black holes, or any kind of other together pseudobrainy and vaguely sex-related topic for discussion.

I choose You native a Room of Guys The place is a rod-fest, yet I"m talk to you and also you alone.

I neglect My Cell My mobile rings and also I don"t price it. And I revolve off my ringer immediately.

I Sneakily Ask around a Girlfriend ns say in a quasi-question/observation tone, "Your girlfriend should really choose that?!" (A standard fishing-expedition tactic come ascertain whether there"s currently a woman through this location in your life.)

I speak You"re Talented ns tell girlfriend you"re talented. A) It"s a measure remark, therefore you know I"m sincere. B) by the Mick Jagger legislations of Chemistry, it must thus follow that i think you"re damn sexy. Talent is personality salsa: adds warm to any type of dish.

I call You I speak to you first. Or, sometimes, simply, I call you in ~ all.

I"ve changed Twice in One Day when you take me the end for drinks, I"m wearing a various outfit or shoes or transferring a different handbag than as soon as you saw me earlier today.

I"m Late however Wearing Makeup I"m late, but, interestingly, had sufficient time to put on mascara.

I Talk about Your Interests i tell you about the brand-new Coldplay album, breakthroughs in the Pinochet case, or the new limited-release Dave Eggers novel i "just taken place to hear about" since last time we spoke, you discussed your interest in the London sound, global law, or postmodern literature, respectively.

I Raise mine Eyebrows ns ask girlfriend if you know where the coatroom/bathroom/VIP room in this ar is. Once you tell me, i raise my eyebrows, turn, and walk in the exactly direction.

I"m in the Bathroom because that a lengthy Time I"m in the toilet for an ext than 3 minutes, which is always more than enough time to actually pee.

I asking If You desire a Taste ns ask if you want a taste of my dinner, meaning I"m willing to share much more than my gnocchi.

You Star in my Fantasies You"ve taken over the starring role in all my fantasies. You have actually no method of detecting this, simply thought you"d favor to understand . . .

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I Remove more Than my Coat i remove any type of article of clothing other than my coat.

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