Would you believe me if I told you there’s ONE training method that have the right to boost you Karate prefer crazy?

A training approach that even masters and also champions don’t number out till late in life.

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Slow dvery own.

That’s it.

Move much slower.

To be precise; much, a lot, a lot sreduced.

“But Jesse-san, just how have the right to slow activity improve for my Karate? I desire to be quick, hard and powerful!”


I used to be *exactly* like you.

Until I realized slow training is crucial for Kaprice mastery.


Because of an obscure principle called the “Weber Fechner rule”.


Let me explain:

Imagine you’re holding a one pound apple in your hand.

If a fly landed on the apple you wouldn’t feel a difference in weight. But if a little bird came down on the apple, you would sense it.

Now, imagine holding a sixty pound apple rather.

You wouldn’t have the ability to feel the little bird landing either. It would need to be a large ass eagle instead!

So, what’s the point?

Well, the point is that when you increase the apple’s weight from one pound to sixty pounds, you become about sixty times much less sensitive to transforms in the amount of muscular effort used to lift the apple.

As you increase a stimulus, the capacity to tell a difference in the amount of the stimulus decreases. 

That’s the Weber Fechner dominion.

You must know this because…


(Yeah, I sassist it.)

Ever because you learned your first Kaprice punch, you’ve been cheating.

Me as well.

Everybody cheats. Even your sensei.

Cheating is organic.

See, as a result of the nature of the huguy organism, as soon as you’ve been doing a Kaprice technique for many type of years, your body adapts to the motion and also tries to find the optimal pattern that requires the leastern effort.

This implies you will certainly immediately develop tiny shortcuts in your motion.

When you percreate methods at full rate, it’s impossible to notice this.

It’s favor the fly on your apple.

So, attempt this:

Stand also and also perdevelop a slow front kick.Don’t problem, I’ll wait.…Done?That went WAY as well quick.When I said slow-moving, I expect slooooow.Done?Awesome!

If you control 3-5 minutes, and you have a super solid mind.

(5 minutes or more? You’re freakin’ Gandhi!)

In my suffer, a lot of civilization have actually astronomical obstacles moving slowly.

When I tell my students to percreate a kata or kumite at 50% rate, they can just execute it for a few minutes prior to losing regulate. Their mind panics and their entirety body starts screaming to go faster!

Slowness is essential in the Chinese historic roots of Kaprice.


Here’s the interesting part:

The slower you move, the even more most likely you are to notice small jerks or twitches in your approaches.

These small glitches are uncharted area in your proprioceptive map – the physical locations of the brain responsible for sensing motions.

Blind spots.

You view, after years of recurring training, your CNS (central nervous system) has actually basically forgot parts of motions (a phenomenon well-known as “sensory motor amnesia”), due to your halittle bit of constantly executing the strategy rapid.

Cheating has actually literally end up being carved right into your neural pathways.

That’s why you need to sloooow doovery own.

The goal of slowing down is to discover, determine and eliminate blind spots in your habitualized Karate approaches.

But there’s more!

When you slow dvery own, you’ll notice various other things as well – choose too much pressure, stress, weakness and muscular inequalities.

For circumstances, perform a earlier kick (ushiro geri).

How did it go?


Did you carry out it progressively and mindfully?

If you are choose most continuous Karate-ka, every time you extend the hip to kick ago, you are contracting the hip flexors instead of relaxing them. Perhaps you didn’t notice (because you did it so quickly).

This implies your muscles are cross-encouraged – the flexors are constantly fighting the extensors a little in their effort to extend the leg, making them job-related harder than they have to.

How have the right to you avoid this ineffective co-contraction?

By relocating gradually.

Slow movement leads to an extra specific and also discriminating perception of the mechanics of your activities – whether it’s a punch, block, strike or kick.

If you constantly move rapid, you’ll never feeling and also correct difficulties or shortcuts in your method.

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The very same holds true for your mind.

Ever considering that humans evolved into cognitive beings, we’ve cluttered our minds via layers upon layers of thought trends that interfere through our TRUE self.

We’ve told ourselves so many kind of stories – about our body, abilities, talents, setting, worldview – that the journey of finding oneself via the Way of Kaprice is not so much a journey of exploration as it is a journey of recoextremely.

This is wright here sluggish thinking comes right into play.

I hate to sound like a weirexecute hippie, however the the majority of reliable method of slowing down your mind is actually through meditation.

It’s easy:

Sit still.Cshed your eyes.“Think” about nothing.

That’s it.

For the first 5 minutes, you’ll panic.


Your consciousness will certainly be topic to thousands of irappropriate thoughts flying via your brain at supersonic speeds.


But the much less attention you offer those thoughts, the much less commonly they show up.

Eventually, they vanish.


Your mind relaxes.

That’s as soon as you achieve clarity – in thoughts, feelings and actions.

Our mind normally operates on autopilot – just like the body.

When you slow-moving dvery own, you see this.

That monitoring leads you to a magical place:

“Between stimulus and also response tright here is an area. In that room is our power to select our response. In our response lies our expansion and also our flexibility.”

– Viktor E. Frankl (Man’s Search for Meaning)

This is why you have to sluggish dvery own.

Slow motion permits you to experience the depth of techniques.Slow thinking allows you to explore the interconnectedness of life.

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Slowness is a catalyst of self-exploration.