i was watching a video clip of a tennis2007.org comedy show and also at one allude one of the comedians accidentally spilled a warm food on his superior. After ~ that, his peers referred to him as "Tanaka-han" a pair of times. I number it sounds choose something mocking, but what does that mean, exactly?



はん is a name-suffix used nearly exclusively by civilization from Osaka/Kyoto.

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The level of politeness はん has actually depends top top the speaker. Manzai comedians, geisha, or stereotyped heavy Kansai-/Kyoto-ben speakers in fiction might use はん everywhere, also when they"re being really polite (e.g. お客はん, 社長はん). However I believe most actual Kansai-ben speakers think about it together a colloquial and less polite variation of さん, and also use it sparingly.

Either way, the doesn"t have any kind of derogatory or mocking nuance. Ns guess friend heard Tanaka-han simply due to the fact that some people tend to speak in dialect when they"re excited or desire to make someone laugh.


It would certainly make feeling if /s/ was much less likely to threaten to /h/ prior to the high collection /i/ and also /u/ because those are the vowels wherein the tongue is closest to the roof the the mouth, and the Kansai /s/→/h/ weakening is (historically) led to by a lose of contact in between the tip of the tongue and the roof that the mouth. If they're already really close, the ns of contact might not happen. (This is simply speculation, though.)

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