The complying with brief explacountry was created byElder C. C. Morris and first showed up in the July-August 1994 issue of The Remnant. It alsoshowed up in the November-December 2015 problem and shows up here by permission ofthe author. I have actually been asked about the “f” and also “ff” abbreviations in the pastand also asked Elder Morris for permission to post this on my blog for others whohave actually inquiries around this consumption.

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Scriptures references, or citations, are commonly givenin the order of book, chapter, and also verse. The verse number is generally separatedfrom the chapter number by a colon or duration.
“Isaiah 53:6” and “Isaiah 53.6” both intend the bookof Isaiah, chapter 53, verse 6. “Romans 3.6-10” indicates Romans, chapter 3, verses6 via 10.
We were newly asked around the use of “f” and also “ff”which we periodically usage in our scriptural recommendations. These 2 notations, “f”and “ff,” are brief, convenient and widely used means to abbreviate a Biblical citation.
“f” implies “and the following verse.” For example, “Genesis3.15f” means Genesis, chapter 3, verses 15 and also 16, which is alos sometimescreated, “Genesis 3.15-16” or “Genesis 3:15-16.”
“ff” means “and the adhering to verses.” “ff”means at least two or more verses. For example, “Acts 2.23ff” implies Acts,chapter 2, verse 23 and also the following verses – at least two more verses,with the 25th verse, but maybe even more. Usually the citation’s context itselfwill clarify just how many more verses are intended.
We thank you for your inquiries. It is by yourconcerns and also comments we learn of your comes to. By our finding out from you, thereader, we hope to proceed making THE REMNANT a quality paper you willappreciate receiving.

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For those curious aboutthe etymology, the abbreviations derive from the Latin folio ‎(“page, leaf” “onthe following page”). Outside of Bible references it may be supplied for web page ranges ina book. For example, “256f.” would stand also for pages 256-257. Anvarious other abbreviationthat I regularly usage is the abbreviation “cf.” It represents the Latin word conferwhich means “compare.” For example, “Cf. Acts 2.23” implies to compare Acts,chapter 2, verse 23 through the verses or topic being debated.
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