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People want to understand what the letters or numbers suppose that are stamped inside their rings.

Examples would certainly be:

4K WBT.H.E.,U w/ an arrow run via it750 & 110 VRIBB9CI CJMCALMAZZClkkMAa

Many people currently know what some of the words and numbers suppose, choose 14K, PLAT, SS, .585 (and also if not, see my complete list of stamps and numbers here). But the letters that usually asign up with these are incredibly various indeed.

9 times out of ten, they don’t describe the ring at all. As in, the type of steel it is, or the actual gemstones or diamonds, or also the carat weight or ring size… (normal things that are mostly marked inside the ring shank).

Letters are often 1 of 3 things:

The initials of the Goldsmith (the person that carved and also developed your ring)The initials of the Jeweler (the company that sells the connect, prefer Tiffany kind of or Hearts on Fire)The initials or logo of the Manufacturer who produces the ring.It’s like me placing “RS” inside a band also. It’s coherent to me, and also I can recognize my own job-related, but it’s not incredibly useful to anyone else.

With 7.4 billion human being on Earth, and also through thousands and hundreds of developers, jewelry stores and also manufacturers, it’s easy to view that the initials and also letters and numbers can be anything:

3 stars255M2761925D through square around itC 25G 97 E08 9HBG3IB25


The “RS” I supplied as an example can refer to Rictough Scott, Robin Starling, Ralph Sherlock, Raymond Stores… or whomever.

It could be endless searching for the appropriate RS. That’s likewise why I began one more article for unestablished jewelry stamps, to keep track of them all and also to enable others to aid determine these crazy letters, signs and numbers

Plus, save in mind that the ring stamp might have actually not been hit tough enough? Maybe just a section of the actual stamp (like the 4K displayed in the image) made it to the ring? Or, probably some of the letters or numbers gained rubbed away by normal wear and tear? Maybe they were polimelted out? Maybe the ring was repaired or sized and also the letters gained cut out?

In truth, you’ll more than likely never know what exactly occurred or what it is.

There’s no main list everywhere that human being can put their identifying marks on, so everyone would recognize.

It’s all simply a big mystery

(They carry out sell jeweler’s hallmark stamp books that lists many type of of the even more famous ones, and it can help you.)

So if you’ve obtained somepoint in your ring that doesn’t make sense, either ask the jeweler that you bought it from, take it to an antique dealer (they obtained a good eye for this), or leave it in the comments below, and also probably someone else will understand.

Cheers! :)


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BillieLyn //August 16, 2017 at 8:11 am //Reply

Hi I have a gold chain stamped 925ual ca and a cdamage stamped 955ca. What perform these mean? Are these real gold? Thank you

DOLLAR’ SIGN $ Shube’s Inc., manufacturer of silver jewellery, established in New Mexico in 1972. Now linked with ‘South Dakota Gold’ to form the ‘Dakota West Design’ jewelry firm. The ‘dollar’ authorize is in reality an ‘S’ superimposed on a ‘b’.

A Fancis //February 21, 2018 at 1:17 pm //Reply

I have a gold ring via noting DJ.03 what does this mean?

vvicki gornall //March 25, 2018 at 1:55 pm //Reply

I have actually a Caravelle lady’s wrist watch noted 10K followed by the initials MR. Is it solid gold?

I have actually an old gold 3 stud ruby ring that has actually (.75) stamped on the inside band also , have the right to anyone tell me that that suggests ?