There room three things you can count top top in life: death, taxes, and also the price the a $0.99 can of AriZona iced tea. The Brooklyn-based beverage company, whose somewhat inexplicable Southwestern flair has actually peppered bodega and gas terminal refrigerators for almost 30 years, is somewhat of a soft drink enigma with a enthusiasm cult complying with (via AriZona). Despite few marketing efforts, the company"s 23.5-ounce can be ~ have end up being pretty ubiquitous, clinging to their $0.99 price sign through economic downturns, a historical dip in soft drink sales, and even level old inflation (via The brand-new York Times). In short, you"d it is in hard-pressed not to discover a whole selection of this ingredient in your local cold case.

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In 2021, there"s not lot you can buy with a dollar. Follow to intuitive Capitalist, food costs have climbed considerably since AriZona permanently included the price come its packaging, sealing the fate that rogue deli owners who attempt come sticker end it (via Forbes). Despite the company has increased to brand new beverage lines, size up price changes, and even considered a foray right into the trendy CBD space, according to just-drinks, the most renowned AriZona flavors have actually seemingly endured for decades. Here"s a look in ~ the most renowned of the AriZona tea flavors, ranked worst to best.

AriZona"s Fruit Punch has one point going because that it. It"s still cheaper 보다 water. Seriously, Smartwater has actually the audacity to cost more than 3 times as much as one of these cans. Unfortunately, it"s just not really good, which speaks less to the quality of AriZona drink and an ext to the competition in the human being of sugary fruit beat drinks.

Compared come nostalgic favorites prefer Capri sun or Kool-Aid — no to cite AriZona"s various other offerings — the flavor here is significantly muted. It"s a little corn syrup-forward, which isn"t unexpected for an cheap soft drink. However, the still overwhelms the notes of mango, apple, pineapple, pear, cherry, and strawberry. What"s left is essentially a vaguely fruity sugar water the isn"t worth the empty calories. Together one Reddit user explained, it"s "an embarrassment to speak to this beverage fruit punch. The tastes like 80% water blended with 2-year-old Hawaiian Punch."

Nonetheless, at the very least some civilization still it seems ~ to favor it. If anything, the truth that it"s all-natural and free from preservatives puts it above other similar options. Still, it"s more than likely worth it to splurge top top the variation made v cane sugar or simply something else from the rather big AriZona lineup. 

Strawberry kiwi is commonly a winning odor combination. It"s sweet. It"s tropical. It"s one exciting choice that feel both familiar and out-of-the-box. In other words, it"s difficult to mess up. The flavor has become a soft drink staple, transcending brand from Tropicana to Snapple to Vitaminwater. Unfortunately, AriZona"s Kiwi Strawberry fruit juice cocktail adds little to the conversation.

Sure, it"s pleasantly sweet. Together in, really sweet, i beg your pardon for part palettes might border top top throat-burningly saccharine. As reviewers have actually pointed out, the kiwi offers it a refreshing tart aftertaste (think that it much more like watered-down sour Patch youngsters rather than spoiled milk). This could be because, per the ingredients, there"s more kiwi juice and also citric acid in the mix than rather sweeter strawberry juice. Nonetheless, it"s still lacking the bite you might taste in Snapple"s version and the full-bodied smell of Tropicana"s Strawberry Kiwi (though, it"s admittedly hard to contend with 100% fruit juice). By all accounts, AriZona"s Kiwi Strawberry is fine, however just that. It"s nothing terribly exciting, especially compared to comparable flavors available by other brands. 

AriZona"s Grapeade fruit juice cocktail is a sure winner for anyone who likes sugary sweet grape drinks. The difficulty is, that"s just a very niche audience and, also then, said audience might not continuously go because that this flavor. As one Reddit user clues out, "I need to REALLY it is in in the the atmosphere to acquire this." What mood, specifically? Whichever compels you to consume what"s basically a liquid grape Jolly Rancher (which is may be the most polarizing of Jolly Rancher flavors).

The fact is that AriZona"s Grapeade doesn"t taste lot like grape in ~ all. Simply one glimpse in ~ the ingredients shows this beverage is mostly water and also corn syrup. As for flavor, the see is quite bleak. Beyond that, it"s got more pear juice 보다 it does red grape juice. This is perhaps why it tastes more like candy than a drink you"d pack with your college lunch — the kicker being that also high school-aged college student don"t favor it. Together one teenage reviewer put it via The Talon, "One sip and you space done forever."

There"s an discussion to it is in made the AriZona Grapeade would make the perfect cocktail mixer for everyone who hasn"t completely grown the end of drinking the ominous jungle juice that lives in plastic tubs top top frat home kitchen counters throughout the nation. Plus, as suggested by one Twitter user, the can is together pretty together Harry Styles. For that reason, it"s tough to rank Grapeade as AriZona"s worst flavor, yet it"s certainly not great.

Even there is no the AriZona label, lime rickeys space a time-honored American tradition. As stated by severe Eats, the drink"s root stem all the means back to the 1880s, as soon as the "Rickey" cocktail was produced with a mix of rye whiskey, sparkling water, and lemon juice. As the folklore goes, the lime to be later added by Missouri Representative william Henry Hatch, yet the alcohol-free mocktail variation didn"t end up being popular until Prohibition. When alcohol was no longer readily easily accessible (or, for the matter, technically legit in many respects) many human being turned to festive non-alcoholic options.

Since then, lime rickeys have come to be a pretty polarizing beverage. In brand-new England, you"ll find offerings spritzed through raspberry soda, but others argue the it"s all around the titular lime. AriZona"s Cherry Lime Rickey is somewhere in between, paying homage come the standard with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. The lime flavor and also light carbonation come across immediately, however there"s likewise notes that pear, mango, strawberry, and — together advertised — cherry.

However, as one reviewer clues out, the cherry does review a little bit choose cough syrup, which regrettably is typical in the civilization of sugary soft drinks. Overall, that feels an ext like a fizzy, lime-forward fruit cocktail 보다 carbonated cherry limeade. You either love that or you don"t, but couple of are clamoring because that this particular AriZona beverage anyway.

Peach tea is another soft drink staple v iterations uncovered in just about every brand that mass produces tea-based beverages. Unfortunately, in the challenge of the competition, AriZona"s Iced Tea v Peach smell is a small underwhelming. Not only does AriZona tea have far better products through flavor profiles that space a true testament to the company"s innovation, however — flatly placed — various other brands have currently mastered this one.

Peach tea purists will argue the Snapple placed this flavor combination on the map. Conversely, Snapple"s version has actually a distinctive peach smell that"s mellowed out by their noticeably stronger tea blend, AriZona"s tastes prefer you"ve steeped Haribo Peaches in water. It"s not exactly solid or amazing to even the most sensitive palate, to say the least.

Even an ext regional peach teas — like Wawa"s much more bold version, i beg your pardon is frankly a new Jersey treasure, right up there v the likes of Bruce Springsteen — it seems ~ to have actually an airier flavor profile. In comparison, AriZona"s corn-syrup-heavy peach tea isn"t bad, however it"s not good either. Though the flavor continues to be popular because it comes in one of their classic large Az Cans, to mention a gallon-sized version v a diet option, over there are better options also within the brand. For instance, their an excellent Brew Peach Tea is a vast improvement.

The RX energy Herbal Tonic is whereby AriZona"s true creation shines. It"s not tough to argue that they"re wasting their time v peach tea when they could be reinventing the energy drink industry. Let"s just look in ~ the facts.

Most power drinks room not good. As you"d doubt from beverages the generally lug enough sugar and also caffeine to store a little army alert, they"re not an excellent for you, either. Power drink intake is linked to erratic love rate, spiked blood pressure, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, abdominal muscle spasms, and a whole bunch of various other rough stuff. There"s was also a dismissed lawsuit the alleged that Monster Energy added to a man"s debilitating heart assault (via Food Dive).

Beyond any kind of health risks, which typically fall in the realm of overconsumption fairly than regular use, energy drinks aren"t exactly heralded for their flavor, either. Anyone who"s had actually a Red Bull to know that virtually indescribable and also often unpleasant chemical taste. In contrast, AriZona"s RX energy is nothing of the sort. The tonic has actually a sweet natural flavor that"s medicinal in simply the right way (that is, it tastes prefer it"s working, which helps it work-related on a placebo level). Friend won"t discover an overload of included caffeine here, either. The drink is greatly water, corn syrup, and also green tea v a mix the fruit concentrates, vitamins, and energy drink staples like ginseng and also guarana. It won"t give you wings, however some that us favor our feet ~ above the ground.

AriZona Iced Tea v Lemon is the brand"s standard offering. A lemon smell is pretty lot a prerequisite because that bottled tea companies, and most the the time, it"s perfectly adequate. This is the drink girlfriend reach for after you order a bodega sandwich. It"s the drink the you sip during a long drive. It"s always in stock. It"s always there for you. It"s a flavor you can count on. 

Like vanilla ice cream cream or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, there"s a factor that AriZona"s lemon tea is for this reason overwhelmingly popular. The bright, retro-style packaging is part of what renders the brand therefore eye-catching and ubiquitous, while the flavor is simply right. The note of lemon and the signature tea blend cuts the corn syrupy sweetness — though make no mistake, this still tastes prefer a sugary soft drink that"s full of childhood nostalgia. Together one reviewer glowed, " since I to be a child Arizona was constantly $0.99 cents. V the summer here and the excessive heat, I deserve to drink a complete gallon. Also with the different flavors the standard lemon will constantly be the best." 

There"s just something around the ethereal metallic taste the a cold can of AriZona lemon tea that brings you right back to childhood summers filled v scraped knees and running with sprinklers ~ above the lawn. Because that some, the sugary sweetness and also a hint of packaging taste aren"t all the exciting, however nostalgia is a pretty strong additive nonetheless.

Watermelon is a refresh summer staple, but watermelon drinks have been a little of a hole in the beverage market. That"s beginning to change, though. In 2020, La Croix debuted a watermelon-flavored seltzer, which was met v love-hate reviews (via Epicurious). That same year, Beyonce publicly turned the health benefits the WTRMLN WTR, one of her investments. In a push release obtained by Health, the Grammy winner claimed the virtually $5-per-bottle juice was "the future the clean, herbal hydration".

AriZona Watermelon is no one of that. It"s neither trendy nor expensive. Us can"t speak for sure that celebrities haven"t invested in the brand, yet they"re definitely not gushing around it. In addition, the health benefits space just about as limited as something that"s basically a heaping serving of added sugar. However if AriZona Watermelon is anything, it"s absolutely delicious.

Most watermelon-flavored drinks, in ~ best, have actually a taste that melted Jolly Rancher around them. At worst, they"re madness artificial. AriZona Watermelon — i m sorry does actually contain watermelon along with pineapple, mango, pear, kiwi, and cherry — actually tastes prefer it includes real watermelon. The course, the have the right to with corn syrup is much more akin come watermelon-flavored Kool-Aid 보다 Bey"s coveted WTRMLN WTR (as one Amazon reviewer pointed out), but that doesn"t seem come deter civilization who don"t have a sweet tooth. An additional reviewer gushed, "Little brother and friend loves this! the tastes similar to watermelon, which i did not mean as I normally don"t drink anything however tea, water, and also coffee."

AriZona"s mango flavors are repetitively some of the brand"s most popular and, when you take a sip, it"s not really tough to figure out why. The flavor have the right to only be likened to wringing the end a dry vacation and saving that in a jar for an emergency dose of sunshine. It deserve to be a lot despite — choose the type of sweetness the burns your neck on the means down and also makes you start to question your sanity a touch after much more than a few sips. This is wherein AriZona"s half & fifty percent Iced Tea Mango shines.

Half & half Mango is often used in the very same breath as AriZona"s Arnold Palmer Mucho Mango fifty percent & Half. We get it. There are a most the exact same words there, yet the reality is the lemonade doesn"t carry out this flavor mix any favors. It greatly relies ~ above the bitterness that the tea to reduced the overwhelming sweetness. The an outcome is the perfect, unforeseen balance of flavor with a struggle of caffeine to an increase the totality experience.

In the native of one Amazon reviewer, "This is a beverage that knocked my socks off! The combination of iced tea and mango flavor was not something the my taste buds might conceptualize. It just didn"t sound like it have to be a beverage! It seemed counter-intuitive. However after a couple of gulps, i was an immediate addict. I can"t live without the stuff!" 

AriZona Iced Tea v Raspberry smell is an additional twist top top a classic. The brand has actually swapped the end their common turquoise checkerboard packaging because that a deep berry shade that actually provides your mouth water prior to you also crack the open. Choose peach tea, raspberry tea has actually a many competition in the bottled beverage market, but this time, AriZona has actually actually made a solid effort. As one reviewer wrote, "Hands under the ideal flavor because that Arizona tea. I absolutely love the slight bitterness of the tea combined with the sweet of the raspberry. Smells exorbitant too. If you have it in a regional store, try it out. Girlfriend won"t remorse it."

Compared to various other raspberry teas, AriZona"s version has actually a robust raspberry flavor that pipeline behind a close to addictive tartness rather than a weird man-made aftertaste. The glow reviews top top Amazon — in the face of what"s plainly an overpriced listing — space proof enough. World like this flavor so much that they"re willing to go over the price tags that"s created on the can. "I might drink raspberry Arizona tea every day, it"s sweet but not as well sweet, it has a perfect balance the flavors," created one Amazon user. "I prefer it come Brisk where there"s some type of after ~ taste and it"s also sweet. Arizona is the best!"

This flavor have the right to be tough to find, yet if girlfriend stumble top top it, you"ve struck fluid gold (if that gold was only worth a dollar).

AriZona"s Southern-style sweet tea in which method feels leagues apart from the brand"s other offerings. It"s one of the few flavors the makes much more sense in a gallon 보다 it go in a large AZ can, perhaps since that"s how so countless of us could be used to spend sweet tea. Do no mistake, together this is an daily drink. In ~ least, it"s every job while the weather is still balmy and you have the right to sit external on the porch the town hall fireflies flicker roughly the front yard.

Compared to many AriZona products, this sweet tea most closely resembles something you"d do at home. The does, ~ all, have just a grasp of ingredients, and the agency ditched their preferred method of syrupy sweet (corn syrup) for real cane street in stimulate to acquire a more authentic flavor. Together one Amazon reviewer wrote, "This is my favourite sweet tea. It tastes crisp and also fresh. That is additionally the perfect sweetness. Some civilization may find it a bit too sweet despite ... At this time my favorite tea!"

AriZona Sweet Tea has racked up nearly five stars ~ above Amazon, make it one of the brand"s most renowned flavors. The very restricted number that naysayers show up to be sweet tea purists, and also their sentiment deserves some credence. Let"s acquire one thing straight: AriZona sweet tea tastes authentic however it still tastes prefer something mass-produced. Sure, you deserve to probably make far better sweet tea in ~ home, however for this price, girlfriend don"t always need to bother.

There aren"t too numerous soft drink brands the really dive into every little thing that deserve to be done v a mango. It"s definitely an underutilized fruit, nearly always presented as the side-kick to another flavor and also rarely provided lead standing as the star of the show. AriZona is one of the couple of beverage company"s that have tapped right into its noticeable potential, and also consumers are listening.

AriZona"s Mucho Mango fruit juice cocktail is continuously a fan favorite, as witnessed via one enthusiast"s ranking ~ above Reddit. Unlike some of the brand"s various other fruit juice cocktails — i beg your pardon float around the vicinity of authenticity without ever actually being really — the unequivocally tastes like genuine mango nectar. How? because it pretty much is make with real mango, according to AriZona, barring the enhancement of pear juice to the mix. It even has genuine mango puree.

After some deep research study combing with the ingredient label, we found that the major ingredients in Mucho Mango actually type the base for many of AriZona"s fruit juice cocktails. In various other words, this is AriZona in its pure form, the sweet nectar the runs with the brand"s veins. Surely that states it all, landing this fruit juice cocktail in ~ a pretty high place all at once on this list.

It"s not clear why AriZona keeps seek the advice the golf stars to assist them produce drink recipes, however it seems as if they"re absolutely onto miscellaneous here. Because that instance, the company"s Jack Nicklaus-branded Golden be affected by each other Strawberry Lemonade is just one of the most undeniably delicious spices of AriZona"s entire product line, yet make no mistake around its intent. This drink is a commitment and also a challenge, lot like the delicate art the golf.

Golden be afflicted with Strawberry Lemonade is a to explode of sweetness that feels like you"re inhaling 23.5 oz. That straight, liquid Starburst (but in ~ it"s of Starburst"s arguable finest flavor. I m really sorry cherry!). The is countless things, from a decadent dessert come a refreshing drink. Some might conceivably argue that, if no for the obvious lack the nutritional value, it might also dual as a meal. Anyway, after friend drink a huge Az can on this stuff, girlfriend certainly will feel full. And also if you don"t, you"ll most likely feel at the very least a little queasy. Is it worth it? We"re going to have actually to offer it a resounding yes, though probably it"s ideal to pace yourself here.

In the native of one Amazon reviewer, "Only thing much better would be a little smaller can. It"s 23 ounces. Possibly a 16-ounce. They walk so fast." This is living proof that there absolutely deserve to be too much of a good thing, but as the reviewer point out out, "this is cheaper than bottled water, explain that?" Magic cannot be explained.

The just thing better than AriZona"s golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade is the brand"s Arnold Palmer Strawberry fifty percent & Half. If golf to be somehow a team sport, this would certainly be a championship team. However, in reality, the branding mirrors a rivalry between two golf legends, at least when it involves the packaging that their corresponding drinks. Despite this AriZona drink includes both lemonade and strawberry, Jack Nicklaus and his "Golden Bear" brand are reduced out that the picture entirely. This is solely Arnold Palmer"s domain and also it"s a identify hole-in-one.

While the original gold Bear is — as we previously defined — miscellaneous of an undertaking thanks to that sweetness, Arnold Palmer Strawberry is a true breeze. It"s favor zipping through a course on a golf cart together you watch anyone else traction their clubs. This drink is still wildly sweet, to it is in sure, however the addition of tea provides it taste less like a Starburst liquid and more like other that might actually provide hydration. Then again, as one reviewer noted, "the nutritional facts space pretty scary", therefore moderation is still crucial here. 

Nonetheless, prefer with every AriZona drinks, girlfriend can"t win the price. "Soooo delicious," created one reviewer. "I only have these every as soon as in a while because they are super sweet! yet the taste is awesome! an excellent job at moving a sweet strawberry flavor and a tart lemonade flavor!! Perfect mix in my opinion."

Like the standard lemon tea, AriZona"s green Tea with Ginseng and also Honey is a clip you have the right to rely on. No issue where in the country you are, from Walgreens, come CVS, to your regular corner store, this is a smell that"s practically always in stock. If they"ve acquired AriZona drinks, then they"ve surely gained this.

For part reason, none of AriZona"s other eco-friendly tea offerings have ever before gained as lot momentum as this one. You deserve to spot the difference automatically in the packaging, i beg your pardon is beloved to the point it"s sparked an Adidas collaboration and a whole slew of knock-off merchandise. The cans right here still sports the company"s signature turquoise color, but AriZona has actually abandoned that Southwestern template entirely. Instead, we acquire cherry blossoms (for the consistent flavor) and also an illustrated homage to traditional Japanese tea dwellings (for the diet version).

As much as taste goes, it"s notably sweet, yet the tea flavor absolutely shines through. In this case, the ratings speak volumes. "I"m not a fan of green tea or sweet tea but one day ns drank some since it remained in the fridge and also cold," composed one Amazon user. "It"s delicious! the is sweet yet not super sweet like some teas and also it has actually a gentle flavor ... I will certainly be drinking a glass or two of this week."

Finally, we have actually the divine Grail that tea beverages, the platonic appropriate of the AriZona lineup: the AriZona Arnold Palmer. Because that those of united state who invested a childhood torn between choosing lemonade or tea, this is proof that periodically the civilization is kind and also you truly have the right to get everything you want. Nonetheless, if AriZona"s half & fifty percent recipe is delicious, it"s not actually right.

As the surname suggests, the cherished drink hails from the psychic of golf legend Arnold Palmer. The wasn"t the first person come stumble ~ above the mixture (as anyone who"s stand in prior of a soda fountain knows), yet he was certainly the person who popularized it. By all accounts, it was just an off-hand, spontaneous idea. Follow to The Washington Post, his wife made "a many iced tea because that lunch" and also he just mixed the extra with lemonade. He ended up loving the drink so lot that he began taking it approximately in a thermos once he played golf. The remainder is history.

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In 2001, AriZona licensed the golf legend"s likeness to offer the drink, yet their summary of half lemonade and half iced tea wasn"t in reality Palmer"s initial recipe. Iced tea was always supposed to be the leading flavor (imagine one ultra-sweet, puckery lemon tea), yet most AriZona die-hards will have to firmly disagree. Due to the fact that then, the brand has actually been riffing on the odor profile, including a well-known lite version and a Southern-style version with sweet tea and pink lemonade.