I’m an ICU nurse and also have heard this an answer when ns asked my patient just how they to be doing. In general, i gathered this to be slang for “being usually well” yet my husband states that it have the right to depend on just how someone states it. He is from Guatemala. He says that depending on the perspective that it was said with, it deserve to indicate the someone doesn’t want to speak anymore. Can anyone burned some irradiate on this? ns don’t want to aggravate a patient but it is additionally my job to make certain a patience reports any signs or symptom of illness.

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In Mexico it means “awesome” native what a understand, so more powerful than just “doing well.”

Edit: for example, a mexico told me, “espero la hayas pasado POCA MADRE” for my birthday, basically saying ns hope you have actually a good ass time. Now, a toda madre, ns assume, would indicate this sentiment however stronger.

Edit 2: i would also appreciate if someone can tell me what the “la” is doing in this phrase.

The "la" there is saying "it" in reference to a feminine noun. The sentence analyzed basically states "I hope you have actually spent it very well." without context it's tough to say because that sure yet it could be in reference to "la fiesta" "la noche" "la tarde", but, regardless, the "la" is just a pronoun basically meaning "it".

A toda madre is usually used to to speak "it's walk great". It's not polite due to the fact that it deserve to be considered cursing, yet most the the times, Mexicans use some curse words come Accenture a confident response. Favor it appears to be the case, uneven you noticed any type of sarcasm. "Madre" has a most meanings and also depend top top the context, as part examples: Esa madre = that thing En la madre = oh fck/ damn/ oh sht Darse en la madre = fight / it is in wounded Hecho la madre = to move fast

As rather said, it way "fucking great". As with "fucking great", you deserve to say it definition it, or through a various intonation it can be sarcasm.

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