Rebuilt SSD Drive os x, after i reinstalled from my time machine currently chrome web browser has actually the letter " i " in a circle whats up via that?

I clicked on it and also it said not private, checked my settings and eextremely seems ok. has any type of body seen this?


This is the area wright here indevelopment around the protection of your connection to the internet server is shown.

The "i" in a circle means: No encryption, insecure or combined (secure and also insecure) content, definition someone can be able to change the look of a website, yet typically not the security of create inputs.

(Sorry, I only have actually a Germale screenshot)


A secure connection functions a green lock with accompanied green https and also perhaps also the name of the company, if a EV certificate is supplied.Those connections are entirely encrypted and also each and also eexceptionally individual resource is served with HTTPS, staying clear of anyone from interfering with the webwebsite.

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answered Aug 23 "16 at 18:08

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