Have you ever watched one interview or talked to a girlfriend who has just made/won a substantial sum of money? One expression they might say is, “I’ve just won 10k!”.

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Usually, you can tell from the tone of your voice that this is a most money. However just exactly how much is a k? Why do we to speak k? and where go this mechanism come from?Today, I want to take it a deep look in ~ what “k” was standing for once talking about money.

What does K average in MoneyKilograms and KilometresKilo EtymologyWhy walk we start using K because that money?​Metric vs ImperialMetricImperialNicknames concerned k1000MoneyK means 1000. Yet M way 1000thConclusion

What go K median in Money

In money, K means 1000. We gain it from the prefix “Kilo”, i beg your pardon you might recognise from Kilogram or Kilometre. In the Metric system, a Kilo method 1000.1K = 1,00010K = 10,000100K = 100,0001,000K = 1,000,000
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Kilograms and also Kilometres

It will aid us to know what K method in money through looking in ~ Kilograms and also Kilometres.1 gram provided to be determined by 1/24th of one ounce. However, as dimensions changed, an original gram would be the game as 1.14 modern grams.

If you were to take something the weighs a gram and also multiply it by 1000, the full weight would be 1kg (one kilogram).Metres are a little bit more scientific. A metre is officially determined by the original metre stick, which currently exists in Paris. It was made “one/ten-millionth the the distance from the equator to the north pole follow me a meridian with Paris”.If you have actually 1000 metres, you have 1km (one kilometre).

Kilo Etymology

The ax “Kilo” to average 1000 was an initial used in 1795 in France by the world who made the initial metre stick.

However, they got inspiration from words from a couple of other languages. In Greek, 1000 is “Khilioi”. This comes from the Proto-Indo-European word “Gheslo”, i beg your pardon also method 1000. ‘We discover it exciting that France controlled to recreation a native that had previously stayed dead for several centuries.

Why did we begin using K for money?​

We know that a kilometre is 100metres, and a kilogram is 1000 grams. However why did we begin using it for money?A while back now, we started ditching the royal system of inches and also feet for the metric device of centimetres and metres. When we learnt this system, that soon became clear to most of us at a young age that K intended 1000.

So, we determined to start using the icons we were acquainted with for other facets of our life, such as money. V the metric device now dominant, it renders sense for united state to use it come other areas of our life.

Metric vs Imperial


Many world of my age would say that the metric mechanism is far better because it’s easier to perform the maths. Being a “base 10” system means that most dimensions will be simpler to figure out. When you understand that 1000 metres is 1 kilometre, friend can quickly figure the end that 5 kilometres are comprised of 5000 metres.This enables us to rest long ranges into smaller pieces, i beg your pardon can assist us figure out facility maths. Because that this reason, many young people are taught around metric and not imperial.


The previously used imperial system was base 12 quite than base 10. There to be 12 inches in afoot. Therefore the “why have the right to a nose never ever be 12 inches? because then it would certainly be a foot” joke.

This might seem overly complex, but it walk still have actually its uses. You see, unlike 10, 12 have the right to be separated by 2,3 and 4. Due to the fact that of this, also today, human being who work-related as carpenters or tailors might be an ext likely come use imperial than metric because it will enable them come get much more accurate measurements.Which mechanism is much better depends on several factors, and also there is nobody clear answer.

Nicknames regarded k


In non-professional circumstances, we might use slang terms to refer to particular amounts. 1000 has actually been given several nicknames. Most of these room only renowned within details groups. However, that still interesting to think around how we have various words because that an objectively the same concept, such as numbers.Grand.Stack.Bozo.Band.You will probably recognise few of them, however not others. Which ones you’re acquainted with will rely on whereby you prospered up, wherein you live, and perhaps also your socio-economic class.

Although, in a maths class, you probably far better off just saying “one thousand”.


It’s not simply “1000” that has actually been provided nicknames. Money chin isn’t constantly referred to together what the federal government wants us to refer to it as.These nicknames display that back money has actually an target amount collection by the government, the method we talk about it is identified by society, no legislation.Generic terms for moneySmackaroosMullahDoshBreadUnited states DollarsBucksWashingtonsCheddarPaperDead PresidentsGreat brother Pounds

Quid.Fiver (£5)Tenner (£10)

There room probably loads of other currencies that have cool nicknames, yet I’m fear we would be here all day if i were to cite every nickname because that every currency.

K means 1000. But M method 1000th

In the metric system, you now understand that K way 1000. But did you also know the M method 1000th? This is utterly various in money, wherein M method 1 million.

1 Kilometre is 1000 metres. Through 1 millimetre is 1000th that a metre. Just like 1 mg is 1000th of a gram, and 1 mn (millinewtons) is 1000th the a Newton.But in money, if you to be to say the you have £1M, you have one million pounds, girlfriend don’t have actually 1/1000th the a pound, which would be 10% of a penny.

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In money, K method 1000. For this reason if you have 10 K, you have actually $10,000.The letter K definition 1000, originates from the prefix “kilo”. Users of the metric device will recognise indigenous such together kilogram or kilometres. Due to the fact that the metric system has become popular, we have started utilizing the letters from the in systems such together money.Looking at exactly how we speak about money can assist us study our connection with it, helping us make far better decisions about how we invest it. Will certainly “K” always mean £1000? just time will certainly tell, yet for now, it’s something worth reasoning about.