5 : one the imitates, matches, or corresponds to one more The display is television"s answer come the newsmagazines.

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answered; answering ˈan(t)s-​riŋ , ˈan(t)-​sə-​
4 : to plot in solution to an action performed somewhere else or by one more The house team scored an initial but the tourists answered quickly.
5 : to be sufficient : serve one old bucket answered because that a sink The school had to answer for a city hall.

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answerer ˈan(t)-​sər-​ər noun

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answer, response, reply, rejoinder, retort median something spoken, written, or done in return. Answer indicates the to solve of a question, demand, call, or need. had actually answers to every their inquiries an answer may suggest a fast or spontaneous reaction to a human being or point that serves together a stimulus. a response come the call for recruits reply often argues a thorough an answer to every issues, points, or questions raised. a point-by-point reply come the accusation rejoinder deserve to be a response to a answer or come an objection. a salesman v a rapid rejoinder to every argument retort means a reaction come an implicit or explicit charge, criticism, or assault which consists of a countercharge or counterattack. she do a cut retort come her critics

Noun ns asked that a simple question and he provided me a long and also confusing answer. ns didn"t believe her answer. lock wouldn"t offer me a straight answer to my question. i didn"t understand the right answer. the is the wrong answer. do you understand the answer to this question? he knew the answers to just 3 of the 10 questions. The answers are provided in the earlier of the book. Verb She answered every my questions. that answered only three the the test inquiries correctly. when the police asked that his name, he refuse to answer. when I ask girlfriend a inquiry I expect you come answer me! Answer me this: where have actually you placed my money? I sent her a letter asking for she help, but she never answered. The phone rang repeatedly, but no one answered. would somebody please answer the phone? ns knocked ~ above the door however no one answered. no one answered the door.
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Recent instances on the Web: Noun If the answer is yes, the effects for policymakers could be huge. — Julia Horowitz, CNN, 5 Nov. 2021 The answer is an ext than well enough, even though the story, extended out over 157 minutes, is rambling and also repetitive. — Joe Morgenstern, WSJ, 4 Nov. 2021 The answer is to give HPC administrators defense that won’t gain in their way or call for them to sacrifice device performance. — Tom Shea, Forbes, 4 Nov. 2021 The answer is a pocket park anchored by one open-air market pavilion. — wilhelm Thornton | Wthornton
al.com, al, 3 Nov. 2021 yet the answer is simple to discover within well-known culture. — Los Angeles Times, 3 Nov. 2021 The answer is Ladino, a Mediterranean grill residence by the group behind Austin’s celebrated Emmer & Rye restaurant that will open following summer, overseen by executive chef and partner Berty Richter. — Mike Sutter, San Antonio Express-News, 3 Nov. 2021 The answer is that the discussion is completely premature. — Rahat Huq, Chron, 1 Nov. 2021 together the driver would later on retell in a court filing, the nurse assured him the answer was no. — USA Today, 1 Nov. 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Verb Warren was fast to answer as Nicholaus Iamaleava engineered a 55-yard scoring journey capped through a seven-yard touchdown run from the small quarterback. — Devin Ugland, Los Angeles Times, 5 Nov. 2021 nobody in office currently will ever have come answer for that. — James Conca, Forbes, 3 Nov. 2021 The talent and agents don’t need to answer crazy in-room concerns like exactly how much hair your lead actor will have, which are buyers periodically ask in the center of someone putting their love out. — Gregg Goldstein, Variety, 29 Oct. 2021 Sidoti said jurors that due to the fact that the details was hidden for an ext than four decades, most of the key witnesses that never had to answer questions about Watts -- consisting of the police detectives and also Watts self -- have died. — Cory Shaffer, cleveland, 22 Oct. 2021 The back-up would be at the city’s request and only in the event of one emergency, such as a plane crash or tornado, not to answer routine call for organization or patrol city streets, ILEAS executive, management Director James page said. — Gregory Pratt, chicagotribune.com, 19 Oct. 2021 In the meantime, the ever-positive manager was left to answer if the procedure was worth the pain. — Evan Grant, Dallas News, 3 Oct. 2021 during each span, the warriors will have to answer questions around expectations because that the present and the future. — Rusty Simmons, San Francisco Chronicle, 23 Sep. 2021 whether to buy the bond or no is a question individual investor will need to answer for themselves. — Katherine Dunn, Fortune, 23 Sep. 2021

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before the 12th century, in the definition defined at sense 1a


before the 12th century, in the definition defined in ~ intransitive feeling 1

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middle English, from Old English andswaru (akin to Old norseman andsvar answer); akin to Old English and- against, swerian to swear — an ext at ante-

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