Hamsters require water come survive and also unfortunately, they have the right to forget this native time to time. It’s up to you come make certain that her hamster is getting enough water. You require to examine their water bottle day-to-day to make certain there’s no blockage and also that her hamster can access it.

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Why Isn’t mine Hamster drink Water?

There is a multitude of factors your hamster could not be drinking.

Your hamster can be adjusting to brand-new surroundings. If friend recently lugged it home, switched cages, or do some other drastic change to that is environment, it could just need time to adjust.Your hamster might be stressed. Inspect for a readjust in appetite, an increase in cage-biting, or boost in aggression.The water bottle can be malfunctioning. Girlfriend can inspect for this by pushing your finger against the nozzle and also checking for a stream of water.

Now the we’ve spanned the potential reasons behind your hamster not drinking water, we’ll talk about some ways you can check their hydration level and also encourage castle to start hydrating again.

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Check just how Dehydrated her Hamster Is

Once you’ve noticed her hamster isn’t drinking, you have to determine just how long this has been walk on. If you simply noticed that now, they might not have been drinking because that a day or more.

Here space a few ways girlfriend can inspect how dehydrated your hamster is.

Look at your hamster’s eyes. If they are dull and also listless, they’re most likely dehydrated.Gently pinch the scruff of her hamster’s neck. If the skin easily snaps back into its typical position, every little thing is okay. If the skin hold its form or moves back to its normal position really slowly, her hamster is dehydrated.Check the water level of your hamster’s bottle or bowl. If that hasn’t readjusted much due to the fact that the last time you filled it, your hamster hasn’t been drinking.

Train your Hamster to use the Bottle

Younger hamsters may simply it is in unaware the the party strapped to their cage includes an endless stream of refreshing water.

To provide them a little nudge in the right direction, you can place a dollop of peanut butter top top the sphere of the bottle.

Your hamster should eat the peanut butter, and get a mouthful of water in the process.

If lock aren’t interested in the peanut butter, detach the bottle from the cage, pick up your hamster, and also attempt to “nurse” castle by gently pushing the bottle right into their mouth. Then replace the bottle and nudge them end to the nozzle.

Most hamsters with an inkling the a mind should take it the hints eventually.

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Place a Water bowl in your Cage

Some hamsters merely don’t prefer using a bottle. That’s alright, you can accommodate them just fine through a key of water instead.

I indicate placing the key on a increased platform so your hamster doesn’t litter bedding right into it as it goes about its day. You need to also change the water every day, as there’s always a chance some dirty bedding, feces, or urine has actually made the inside.

This boosted chance of contamination is the main reason most civilization use bottles, but a key still works if her hamster is steadfastly refusing to usage the preferred option.

Give them Cucumbers and Skinned Apples

If straight water isn’t act the trick, tempt your hamster with some water-heavy fruits. Two of the juiciest alternatives are cucumbers and apples.

Just make sure to skin the apple and also remove the seeds before giving it to her friend — no are good for a hamster to eat.

Wait that Out

Sometimes her hamster is simply being weird for no specific reason. Possibly they’re still acquiring used to new surroundings.

Maybe they simply don’t feel prefer drinking lot today. Before you prosper too concerned, provide your hamster a work or so come come back to its senses prior to you begin considering a vet appointment.

Don’t wait too lengthy though. It can only take a couple of days for her hamster to die of major dehydration. If her hamster is showing signs of dehydration, it’s best to skip waiting and also take prompt action.

I’ve do the efforts Everything… currently What?

If your hamster tho isn’t drinking after trying all of the aforementioned strategies, something is more than likely wrong. Hamsters, like every other animal, cannot survive without water for much more than a couple of days.

If your hamster hasn’t drunk in end 24 hours, you must start considering some much more drastic measures.

The first thing you need to do is nurse your hamster v an eyedropper or syringe. This option is a stopgap measure, yet it have to keep your hamster somewhat hydrated when you number out your following move.

Here’s just how you execute it: every fifty percent hour, gently drop 2 autumn of liquid right into your hamster’s mouth. If you have actually an electrolyte-rich fluid-like Pedialyte or Gatorade around, use that rather of straight water.

Now the your hamster is receiving a little bit of water, it’s time to watch an exotic types veterinarian. If friend don’t understand one, you can ask your neighborhood veterinarian if they’re comfortable treating a hamster. If lock aren’t, ask them to introduce someone who can assist you.

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Why isn’t mine hamster eating?

There are a number of reasons her hamster can not it is in eating. Your hamster might be as well hot, bored of that diet, stressed, has dental issues, or is constipated.

How much does one exotic vet cost?

It depends on the vet and also the treatment your hamster will need. Ballpark estimates for a an easy office visit can variety from $50 to $150. That number will increase if it’s an after-hours emergency visit.

Can hamsters drink water indigenous a bowl?

Yes, hamsters space able come drink from a bowl instead of a water bottle. However, Most world will uncover a water bottle much more convenient.

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