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If you asked me a year ago, maybe also a pair of months earlier if I would ever, ever think about dyeing my hair red, I most likely would have laughed in her face. No offense. I simply never really chosen the idea, and I've always liked mine hair nice light.

I'm Asian, through the way. Maybe you have the right to tell from mine profile picture. I've retained my hair dyed for several years now, maybe due to the fact that I to be a small in high school.

I am now on my way to being a small in college. Anyway, mine hair was once black. So, my roots are... Girlfriend guessed it, black. Which is such a hassle once I am dyeing or re-dyeing my hair any type of color. Also dark brown. I usually need to spend a the majority of time trying to find "dark hair only" products, which room actually hard to come by.

My quest for Red Hair

So ~ above deciding that I wanted red hair, not quite favor Rhianna's but to the same effect, I began my search for the perfect product. Therefore I reviewed to sallybeauty.com, which has actually tons and also tons of different hair products and also nail products and what have you, and also I come uponL'Oreal's HiColor for Dark Hair Only.

It's an alleged to be for professionals only, however in my opinion, how skilled do you have to be come mix a tiny dye through a small developer and smear it on her head? ns didn't also measure properly and also I mixed it in a file cup through the finish of a comb.

Professional, right? ns know.

Products ns Used

It took me a couple of minutes to decide exactly what red I want to use. There's red fire, red hot, red copper and also intense red. I wasn't sure how true to color the hair samples were and I want to go an extremely red, but wasn't sure exactly how well I can pull the off. Red copper is a little warmer and richer 보다 red fire and intense red is a small warmer and richer than red hot.

I went through intense red, the darkest of my choices, simply to it is in on the safe side. I figured if I liked it enough, and also wanted to go brighter, ns could constantly re-dye in a month or two through red hot, which ns am considering now!

When picking out your hair shade at Sally's or any type of other beauty, beauty supply, make sure to buy developer. Since these are for expert use, castle don't encompass everything in one box like drugstore hair dyes.

I went v L'Oreal's Oreor Creme Developer in the 40 volume, which will lift her hair color up to 4 shades. The dye recommends 30 volume, however like i said, ns have tough black eastern hair and I really want this to rotate out.

All in all ns spent around $6 every on the color and the developer. Not negative at all, especially because the developer has about 8 fl. Oz. Girlfriend won't must use all of it unless you have actually really long hair, in which case you'd must buy much more than one tube of coloring.

Even then, you'd more than likely still have actually some developer left over. I also bought L'Oreal's Hicolor Highlights in red. Just plain crayon-from-the-8pack-box red. Ns haven't used it however though, and I'm not certain I will. Possibly in a main or two.

Now on come the dyeing!

The Dyeing Process


Usually I disregard the part of the dyeing instructions the say you're claimed to wait at least 24 hours after washing her hair come dye it. I don't know why castle tell you this and I've never ever really checked out a difference.

But this time ns waited a couple of days. I wanted it to be perfect. I additionally disregard the safety and security test, however if you've never dyed her hair before please make sure to do it! ns don't want your scalp to autumn off.

You're claimed to mix 1 component color v 1.5 parts developer in a plastic bowl. Don't usage metal! Mix till it's smooth and creamy. There's a small color intensifier in the box. I simply poured every one of that into the mix.

It'll make her dye look prefer blood. Or red frosting. Anyway, ns didn't measure up properly, favor I said, yet I never truly measure up anything properly. Not even when I'm cooking. For this reason if you're worried around messing up, you need to probably acquire out a plastic measuring cup or something.

With plastic gloves on and a garbage bag as a smock, and also your toilet lined with even an ext garbage bags, and your mixture ready, simply start slathering the dye on her head.

If you space a little messy, you may want to placed vasoline about your hairline and neck so that doesn't stain her skin, yet I never do the either. That washes off in early out time.

Wow, i don't seem to monitor instructions or precautions very well.

The Dye go on my Hair (With a Friend's Help)

So, my friend aided me saturation my hair while ns sat ~ above the restroom floor. She simply dunked she hands in there and went in ~ it.

If you have one of those plastic bottles the you usually obtain in a box of hair dye from the drugstore, i would use that, due to the fact that I discovered the mix to be an extremely runny and it obtained everywhere, but it saturates her hair really well and also really quickly.

After about 15 minutes, my head was coated in much more hair dye than I've ever had in the before. Did I cite my friend has never dyed any one else's hair before? She acquired a small carried away.

After all the dye was in my hair, ns wrapped it up in yet one more plastic bag and heated it through my hair dryer for about 15 minutes, wait 15 minutes and then warmed that again for one more 15. I read somewhere that it would assist the product occupational faster, but I'm not entirely sure since I've never ever tried the before.

Time to Rinse

After practically an hour (the box just says 30 minutes, but with mine dark hair, I constantly leave dye in for much longer) I began to rinse mine hair out.

It takes a while, maybe 10 minutes, because that the water to start running clear. At least, clear v a pink tint. When I got to this point, i rubbed in lots of conditioner, and waited a pair of minutes prior to rinsing that out.

And you're all collection to go!


Once mine hair was dry, it to be so colorful in bathroom lighting that i can't also imagine just how it looks out in the sunlight. My end aren't together noticeably red together my roots, however I'm suspect its due to the fact that they have been dyed so plenty of times, however it isn't a vast difference. And also my hair is soft. It isn't dried or brittle in ~ all appropriate now.

I to be going come attribute that to the truth that ns did not have to bleach my hair beforehand to achieve a nice color.

I really recommend make the efforts this product if you have stubborn hair. They have actually blondes and also light browns together well, for this reason it's not simply for a potential red head! Some world have had negative experiences with this, but I love it and also I think ns will continue to use it. The price is amazing too!

Next time, I'm going to go with Red Hot!

Thanks for reading and also I hope ns answered all the concerns that ns myself had prior to trying this product. If you have any an ext questions please just leave a comment and also I will get ago to you ideal away!

Happy dyeing :)

This contents is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and also is not supposed to substitute for formal and also individualized advice native a default professional.


Mags top top July 25, 2020:

I didn’t prefer the product, the doesn’t say exactly how to usage it, and what ever says in package it’s so small that I require it a magnifying glass to try to review it...after hrs trying to figure it the end I provided my common sense and also I color my hair, discover out that ns was ideal with the mix, however, after ns waited 40min I started rinse processing, ns was every done and also my hair didn’t change a bid...it’s still black...so disappointed.

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Fatima on august 17, 2019:

Can friend use any kind of branded developer come dye your hair v L’Oreal hello colour ?

Angel top top February 14, 2019:

Dye no lift dye loreal hi shade is meant for dark hair that has never been dyed simply like any hair dye if you have dyed her hair before and also its a dark color the only way is to eliminate the previous dye with hair color remover or bleach if friend dont use bleach on previousley dyed dark hair and u simply removed the shade depending top top how countless times you dyed her hair dark occasionally it will turn dark again once you dye it

Samantha top top November 26, 2018:

This was an amazing post; precisely what i needed, exact same products and everything...just a different color!

Thank you so much!! :-)

Jes ~ above July 17, 2018:

I just want to mention that friend wait at the very least a job after washing your hair since you need natural oils to defend your hair from too lot damage! especially if you are using a lightener or any kind of of that sort on your scalp!

Sonia netro ~ above November 29, 2017:

What sort conditioner?

Gavin ~ above November 07, 2017:

do you have to have dark hair

Anita ~ above October 15, 2017:

I check out your Article earlier in might after I had a vehicle accident and also wanted to carry out something fun... To distract from the wheelchair! I'm 49 and also having the moment of my life v this hair!! many thanks girl! i did 2 magenta 1 red hot; 40 level increase 1:5 section
45 min

I'm Vietnamese / Polaneasian / French mutt... So mine hair is?

it turn out amazing !

maria top top September 10, 2017:

I offered L'Oreal excellence 4.26 red grape n also after 4 washes the shade keeps comes out

Rion ~ above July 26, 2017:

Hey...did this dye run shade in the shower because that you? It's to be a week and I'm still gaining tinted water every time ns shower. Lol

Fanfictt ~ above July 24, 2017:

Hi! for this reason I've never ever dyed my hair reason I don't want to loosened my natural hair colour and my hair room dark brown but I to be wondering the after the dye of the loreal hicolor highlight came off would certainly my hair go earlier to the original colour or would certainly some decoloration occur or something like that!?! likewise can u imply some more ways to dye my hair there is no permanently an altering my org hair color :)


Ghada on may 27, 2017:

Ur hair looks really gorgeous

Sarah on august 22, 2016:

Hey ns skipped over every the comment so i don't recognize if this to be mentioned prior to thank friend so lot for your assist I didn't know specifically how to use the intensifier however next time if you want your hair come be more even and you have actually dyed ends usage a protein filler prior to you color and it will come the end perfectly even you can acquire it at your neighborhood Sally's

Lao Bling on respectable 16, 2016:

Hi I understand I'm so late & behind however could usage some advice. I have naturally black hair (Asian also) it has actually been dyed numerous times & recently (a few months ago) re-dyed black again. Currently yesterday I usage Red warm with a 20 vol developer & barely anything happend so today I re-did it through Red hot again but with 30 vol developer...it acquired a lil red in some spots yet nothing like yours which to be what i was expecting, ns didn't think my hair would certainly be therefore resistant. I want to try the 40 yet am scared because I simply did it twice already.... What execute u think? how long would u wait? Thx in advance! hope ur tho checking these comments lol.