America\"s Christian multitude gathered to celebrate Easter Sunday in ~ services and festivals across the nation, indigenous the pit the a Hawaiian volcano come the top of new York\"s empire State Building.

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On the way -- 5th Avenue -- that rained.

In Honolulu, thousands to visit a sunrise company at the national Memorial Cemetery that the Pacific in Punchbowl Crater, a crater that an extinction volcano. The blowing of conch shells signaled the opened of the business marking the anniversary the the resurrection the Jesus Christ, who Christians believe rose native the dead on the third day after ~ his crucifixion.

The celebration dates to 1902, as soon as a team of boys climbed a rocky footpath to the volcano summit come celebrate Easter in ~ sunrise.

About 1,000 world attended the 61st annual Easter sunrise services atop mount Davidson overlooking mountain Francisco. 2 high institution choirs sang hymns.

Entertainers Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows and also Lainie Kazan were amongst 8,000 human being at the 63rd yearly Hollywood key service.

Spring showers fell on new York, make a showcase because that raincoats and umbrellas out of the fifth Avenue Easter Parade -- the informal promenade by those wanting to present off your finery.

\"...they\"re in the doorways gaining out the the rain,\" a policeman stated of the few people ~ above the avenue.

Easter was commemorated with cloudy sunrise services on the observation decks that the empire State Building and also the world Trade Center. The chic go indoors because that a luncheon and fashion present at the Hotel Pierre.

\"It\"s where you gain to watch all the hats that space in this year,\" claimed Gustavus Ober, spokesman for the Easter Sunday Luncheon Committee.

Atlantic City\"s 106th yearly parade marched under Pennsylvania way under cloudy skies follow me the brand-new Jersey seashore through comedienne Phyllis Diller as cool marshal.

Atlanta placed on what the Guinness book of people Records referred to as the world\"s biggest Easter egg hunt for thousands of kids at rock Mountain Park. In Homer, Ga., kids searched because that 18,000 hen eggs and also 40,000 candy eggs on the 40-acre residential property of lumbermen Herbert and also Buster Garrison.

More than 1,000 people gathered on 1,034-foot bald Knob hill in Alto Pass, Ill., for sunrise service. Castle stood in chilling winds and also 40-degree temperature beneath a 111-foot-high cross constructed of steel plates and white porcelain. The sunlight never broke through.

About 20,000 human being were in ~ the sunrise business in the Wichita hills in southwestern Oklahoma near Lawton.

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In Chicago, hundreds attended roman Catholic Archibishop Joseph Bernardin\"s morning fixed at divine Name Cathdral.