I was remiss in not reminding everyone the yesterday, respectable 16, was the eastern Orthodox Feast work of the picture of Edessa to commemorate the come of the towel in Constantinople in A. D. 944.

But the is also the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley and as the story goes, the was reading a book around the shroud when he died. By some account, most likely urban legend, he to be clutching the publication in the bathroom as soon as he died.

What book? Does the matter?

According to the British culture for the Turin Shroud – concern no. 52, january 2001 part 2:

It’s currently official. Elvis Presley passed away reading a book around the Shroud. A biographical feature about Elvis in none various other than the London times of April 27 reported the he ‘collapsed in his bathroom on august 16, 1977, while analysis a book around the Turin shroud. Body discovered by his brand-new fiancée. The write-up mortem verdict to be ‘cardiac arhythmia’.’ By among those bizarre coincidences the day of Elvis’s death was none other than the Feast Day the the eastern Orthodox Church accorded to the photo of Edessa, which is believed to have actually been one and also the exact same as the Shroud.

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Not yet determined is which publication Elvis to be reading, though from the 1977 date Robert Wilcox’s Shroud, which has just to be re-issued, has to be the likeliest contender.

According to 30 things You more than likely Didn’t Know around Elvis end at About.com

Ever the ardent spiritualist, Elvis passed away reading among his favorite books: The scientific Search for The challenge Of Jesus by open minded Adams. The King had specifically asked for it a few weeks earlier, having actually heard that it proved the authenticity the the Shroud the Turin, stated to it is in Jesus’ funeral wrapping.

Father Nicholas, a roman Catholic priest who blogs native London appears to confirm the posting from About.com. In an post called five Catholic Facts around Elvis in roman Miscellany he writes:

When Elvis passed away in his Graceland restroom thirty years back today, he is said to have been analysis a book about the divine Shroud that Turin – normally figured out as A scientific Search for The face Of Jesus (1972) by open minded O. Adams, which argues that the Turin Shroud really is ours Lord’s Shroud. The has due to the fact that become eagerly sought ~ by Elvis fans. Much less impressive is the other book he was allegedly reading – Sex and also Psychic Energy. Hmmmm, we better move easily along.

Now simply yesterday, SunOfHollywood.com reported the Elvis Presley was Reading about Jesus Christ simply Moments prior to He Died

As the legend has actually it, Elvis said he to be going come the restroom, and grabbed the book “A scientific Search for The face Of Jesus” by Edward Cayce. Elvis never emerged from there, and it was stated that when his body was found, he was clutching the book to his chest.

SunOfHollywood.com and also WorldMonitorTV recently recorded up v Larry Geller, Elvis Presley’s Stylist, at the cut 4 Critters Charity Event.

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Larry told united state that he to be in reality the person who offered the book to Elvis come read, the really same day he passed, august 16th 1977. That was simply a few hours later on that he would get in the restroom with the book about the Christian Savior.

According to Amazon, the “A scientific Search for The confront Of Jesus” was composed by frank Adams and the cover mirrors Cayce together the author of the Forward. Any type of clues?