A while ago we do a post around Flashlight shade Temperature, elaborating on the various tints and also hues the white light and also why you have to care. For this post, we will talk about all colors of the spectrum, and which LED colors are much better for different applications.

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White: an excellent for all around, every day illumination.

Red is the universal authorize for caution and safety.

Red (630 nm): Red LEDs are execute not show up as bright come the human being eye together white LEDs. If your eyes are night vision adjusted, it’s a great idea to use a red led to navigate your way in the dark so friend don’t damage your night vision. Red irradiate is also an excellent for camping if you do not desire to wake your next-door neighbors with a glowing white light. Red light is the universal signal because that attention, so the is a an excellent thing to have actually in emergencies because that signaling and safety.

Green LEDs are valuable for night vision.

Green (525 nm): green LEDs are beneficial outdoors. Countless hunters claim that the eco-friendly light attracts deer and other wild game, and the green light will not scare far fish, deer, and also other game like a glowing white irradiate will. The eco-friendly LEDs likewise have a longer run time than plenty of other colored LEDs.

NVG – Night Vision green (495 nm): NVG LEDs, together with red LEDs, are advantageous for preserving night vision. NVG fancy LEDs are useful for military pilots as well, who have special devices that is design to occupational with NVG lights.

Blue LEDs are frequently used because that map reading at night.

Blue (470 nm): Blue LEDs are beneficial for pilots and other personnel who have to read maps in ~ night. Other colored LEDs (such as red LEDs) will certainly not work-related for map reading since it will certainly wash the end red lines. Blue LEDs are additionally used by police and also crime scene investigators because it will make blood and bodily fluids clearly shows that are usually invisible come the naked eye. Blue light is the only light the can reduced through fog, i m sorry is why that is widely used for fog headlights.

A $50 invoice under Ultraviolet light.

UV – Ultraviolet (365-400 nm): Ultraviolet LEDs, likewise known as black color lights, have actually a wide range of uses. They assist in authenticating money, driver’s licenses, and other files by make the distinct watermarks fluoresce. They are additionally useful come auto mechanics, plumbers, and maintenance personnel because that detecting HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) leaks. UV flashlights have the right to be used by crime step investigators to do blood and other bodily fluids quickly visible. Ultraviolet light is also very useful for pest detection. Stains left through mice, dogs, cats, and other pets will fluoresce under the UV light. Scorpions will revolve a glowing green color under the UV light, do them much easier to uncover in and around your home. UV lights are likewise used in mineralogy, making different minerals contained in rocks fluoresce at various wavelengths of light.

A night step illuminated by infrared light.

IR – Infrared (750-1000 nm): Infrared LEDs are really useful because that hunting/tracking at night. The IR light is not visible to the human being eye, therefore it will not provide away your place if you shine it on a subject. While the subject remains practically invisible in natural light, the infrared light will certainly illuminate the topic using specialized night vision IR equipment.

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Hopefully this helps in your decision on i m sorry LED flashlight friend need. Girlfriend can uncover a big selection the flashlights with red, green, NVG, blue, Ultraviolet, and infrared LEDs top top BrightGuy.com. BrightGuy stocks end 450 species of flashlights and is one authorized distributor because that Streamlight, SureFire, Fenix, Underwater Kinetics, Princeton Tec, Petzl, LED Lenser, Pelican, and more.