(Gelato 33 x Grape Pie)Indica HybridNose: an extremely fruity/ man-made grape, kind of choose the grape juice you provided to gain from school lunchesTaste: ideas of berry with a sweet earthy funkiness top top the exhaleEffects: soft head readjust with clean thoughts combined with a nice heavy body feeling. Sleepy couch lock. Notes from a connoisseur: “I yes, really love this strain. The delicious odor of practically artificial smell grape and also the hefty indica high space what store me coming back for more!”

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We space a small, household owned, boutique craft cannabis producer located in Eagle Creek close to the Clackamas river. We started cultivation medically under OMMP in the early 2000s. We thrive indoors under laboratory kind conditions where we room able to maximize the hereditary potential that the plant. Don't let words laboratory stupid you. Uneven warehouse grows we usage old school approaches and little plant counts to give each plant the attention she deserves!After extensive flushing, we harvest in ~ the peak of ripeness. Us vine-ripen and then hand trim the flower in our well known "cannabis humidor". Once trimmed our flower security at the very least 2 added weeks in glass jars curing till it is yielded to your local dispensary. We think that this time consuming procedure gives the flower a much better visual appearance, aroma, and keeps the an important THC, CBD, and also other cannabinoids intact.We have actually been featured in Oregon leaf https://issuu.com/nwleaf/docs/feb2020-oregonleaf Pages 52-54We space constantly pheno hunting brand-new cultivars and consistently have actually genetics typically unavailable elsewhere in the state. Our newest genes come from few of the top breeders in the world. Some of our existing pheno hunts include: Strawpicanna, Corn Cob, Dubba Dosi, Glazed Berries, and Wilson Zero.Our heritage strains space Blueberry Kush, Jack Herer. These have actually been through us since the OMMP days.

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We space partial come these since of their pleasant, fruity aroma, impressive terpene profile, smooth smoke, and wonderful suffer that take away us back in time..Our Goal: To maintain a constant supply that boutique handmade cannabis that exceeds the expectations of our customers and fans. We space working to flourish a socially conscious company with happy employees, push breakthroughs in our cultivation technique, and build quality long term relationships v our sector partners as well as the fans of ours products.We room grateful to have actually the possibility to be associated in such an amazing and also exciting time for cannabis in ours state and country!Find out More:www.PDXBUDS.comInsta