Gone with the Wind (USA 1939, Victor Fleming) is one of the most famous Technicolor films. It is highly sophisticated both through regard to its shade scheme and the subtle usage of light and also shadows.

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Comparison of two prints: a safety print from the Academy movie Archive, and a 1940 nitrate print from the Library that Congress.

Credit: images courtesy of the Academy film Archive and also Library of Congress. Photographs by Barbara Flueckiger.

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Contemporary Reception:

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Selected Analyses:

Higgins, Scott (2007): Harnessing the Technicolor Rainbow. Color design in the 1930s. Austin: university of Texas Press, ~ above pp. 9-10 see Quote and on pp. 174-207. See Quote

Production Reports:

Basten, Fred E. (1980): Glorious Technicolor. The Movies’ Magic Rainbow. South Brunswick: Barnes, ~ above pp. 98–99. See Quote


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Credit: image courtesy that the Academy film Archive. Film: Gone with the Wind (USA 1939, Victor Fleming). Picture by Barbara Flueckiger.


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