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Click right here to check out ALL troubles on numbers Word ProblemsQuestion 422817: twice the amount of a number and 2is equal to three times the difference of the number and also 2. Find the number found 2 options by htmentor, rapaljer:Answer through htmentor(1303)
(Show Source): You have the right to put this systems on your website! The \"sum the a number (call it x) and also 2\" way x+2\"Twice the sum\" means multiply through 2: 2(x+2)We space told this equates to \"3 time the distinction of the number and 2\" i beg your pardon is:3(x-2)Equate the two and also then solve for x:2(x+2) = 3(x-2) -> 2x + 4 = 3x - 6, or x = 10.Check: 2*12 = 24 = 3*8 answer by rapaljer(4671)
(Show Source): You deserve to put this solution on her website! always start a word difficulty by identifying every the variables. Through this, I average to say \"Let x = _____\". In this case, over there is only one variable, the unknown number, x.Let x = the numberThen, just analyze the sentence right into an equation like this:(remember the \"is equal to\" always way \"=\"!)2(x+2)=x-22x+4=3(x-2)Remove the parentheses by distributive property:2x+4=3x-6Now, deal with the equation by individually 2x from each side:2x-2x+4=3x-6-2x4=x-6Add +6 to every side:4+6=x-6+610=xFinally, inspect to check out if it satisfies the sentence:The sum of the number and also 2 would certainly be 12. Twice this amount is 24. ~ above the various other side, the difference of 10 and also 2 would certainly be 8, and three times this would additionally be 24.By the way, checking is constantly a good idea, because when I confirm my original work-related in this problem, i MISSED IT!! I captured my error by check it!!Now, you really should see my very own explanation the WORD difficulties on my own website! To find my website, just click my tutor surname \"Rapaljer\" almost everywhere in There you will find a connect that bring away you best to my Homepage. From my homepage, look for the attach \"Basic, Intermediate, and also College\", then choose \"Basic\". The word problems are in thing 1, so look because that Sections 1.09 and 1.10. Many word troubles are NOT almost as hard as castle look, if friend know how to set them up. This is what i tried to show you v my very own \"user-friendly\" explanations, examples, exercises, ALL with answers too. My own students provided to tell me that these space a LOT simpler to recognize than the timeless textbooks that were composed by mathematicians for various other mathematicians and publishers! What I need to offer is completely FREE!Many of the difficulties in my sections are fixed in detail in the corresponding \"MATH IN life COLOR\" pages. (In fact, the fast means to uncover my website is to do a Google find for \"Math in living Color\", and also then take the connect at the bottom that this page to go ago to mine Homepage.)Anyway, I have a most pages that might be useful to you consisting of my finish curriculum and a many solutions in shade to aid you understand. Over there are likewise VIDEOS (on a variety of topics!) that me teaching in my classes before I retired. Finest of all, it\"s every FREE!Dr. R^2Dr.

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