Looking come buy genuine pre-owned Tiffany & Co. Jewelry? we share our peak tips because that spotting authentic Tiffany jewel so the you have the right to shop v confidence.

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You understand you’re gaining the genuine deal if friend buy directly from Tiffany & Co. Even if it is you’re visiting your landmark store on 5th Avenue, to buy from one of their end 300 branches worldwide, or shopping their website, you know that you’re obtaining true Tiffany quality—and she paying peak dollar for the privilege. So just how to buy actual Tiffany jewelry at a great price and also still acquire that same quality? our experts define how to spot genuine Tiffany jewelry. 

How to spot actual Tiffany Jewelry

On the secondary market, prices are better but that sense of security is gone. Especially due to the fact that counterfeiters, attempting come cash in top top the cachet that those little blue boxes, have actually been flooding the sector with phony pieces—making fakes harder and harder to detect. So, before you buy, learn exactly how to spot genuine Tiffany jewelry. 


Aside from a couple of non-jewelry pieces made years ago, Tiffany has actually never supplied silver-plating. So, if you view base steel showing through, the piece is counterfeit—usually silver- that has been electroplated end brass. Tiffany has never offered faux pearl or cubic zirconia.Beginning in 2004, Tiffany began laser-engraving serial number on the underside of its diamonds, which will certainly be plainly visible under magnification through a jeweler’s loupe.Diamonds v flaws visible without magnification, bad clarity, or negative color are red flags the you’re looking in ~ a item that is no from the fifth Avenue jeweler that developed its call by selling only quality gemstones.


Tiffany’s jewel feels expensive. That is silver arm bands are heavy. Its stones space securely set. That is enamel has actually a glossy, also finish that is smooth come the touch. Soldering (the involvement on steel pieces) will certainly be buffed come invisibility. Ergo, pieces through solder clues or misaligned joins are fake. 



All stamping will certainly be clean, evenly spaced, and also easily legible. Something off-center, blurry, or uneven would certainly not have passed Tiffany’s quality control. 

How come afford Tiffany jewelry

1. Shop pre-owned: Get as much as 80 percent off retail prices by shopping for pre-owned TIffany pieces polished and also refurbished come perfection—you will certainly be obtaining authentic pieces without compromising ~ above quality.

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2. Affordable monthly payment plans: We sell affordable monthly payment plans through our companion Affirm.

3. Recycle her jewelry: If you have actually jewelry that’s just collecting dust (and increasing your insurance money bill), why not turn it into the method for acquiring Tiffany jewelry that you would certainly really love? even if it is you have actually a diamond tennis bracelet, David Yurman ring, Omega watch or Cartier bracelet, offer your jewelry quickly, easily and also safely. To gain started, just finish the an easy online kind to receive your bespoke price quote. The selling procedure is completely free—no fees, no seller’s commissions—and the entire procedure can take it as small as 24 hours with the option of payment by cable OR because that 10 percent an ext on your market if friend opt for a Gemma by WP diamonds store credit. 

Where to buy real pre-owned Tiffany jewelry?

From silver- tag arm bands to platinum jewelry collection with good diamonds, we lug a wide variety of pre-owned and also expertly authenticated Tiffany jewelry at exceptional discounts. Through our A+ much better Business office rating and excellent reviews, we room committed to making shopping because that pre-owned Tiffany jewelry easy and enjoyable. Client love our wonderful savings, affordable monthly payment plans with our companion Affirm, complimentary US shipping, and also 14-day return policy.

Our favorite Tiffany jewelry

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