As a male that is gaining into Muzzy searching for the first time, i cant tell girlfriend guys how much ive learned end the past month reading your threads. Very Thankfull. A big box store has the affect on sale because that $200.00 this weekend and Id prefer to know how much that a quality difference there is in between the two. And additionally why the impact would only be $200.00. Is there somthing I should be leary of through that short of a price- The lowest Ive checked out them is about $230.00. Im a die difficult bow hunter however I think this is an additional sport I might really it is in additcted to as well pretty quick. Thanks again.

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Mr Special

Posted November 22, 2012

Mr Special

"we have an ext fun" i Share on FishingMNLocation: Mpls, MN 55419
Posted November 22, 2012

Im fairly new to ML myself, therefore i may not it is in the best person to give my $0.02.


i dont think u"d walk wrong gettin an affect or Wolf. Both are good brands.

i simply picked increase a CVA Optima cz of the stainless stole barrel i m sorry d host up much better to harsh atmospheres a lil much better and ns really favor the twist turn off breech plug design, no tools needed. I recognize a couple of buds the owns Optimas and theyve been an extremely happy v them because that the price theyre tough to beat $209 at FF

my 1st two shots using 295gr Ppwerbelt HP and also 100gr 777pellets were poignant at 50yrds. ~ 9 shots i got a 1.5" team at 2"high in ~ 50yrds and was excellent sightin in

Good luck and hope this helped

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Posted November 22, 2012


"we have more fun" i Share on FishingMNLocation: SmallTown MN
Posted November 22, 2012

I actually own one of each, an influence and a wolf. I choose them both,they both shoot accurate teams at 65 yards because that me. Ns shoot 100 grains of triple 7 and also a 245 grain hollow suggest Powerbelt and also have never been dissapointed. I don"t have actually a complaint around either one of these guns. Upper and lower reversal a coin!

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TC influence VS CVA Wolf
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