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Every Word task you create—whether it’s a personal letter, a TV sitcom script, or a thesis in microbiology—begins and ends the very same way. You begin by producing a document, and also you end by saving your work. Sound simple, but to manage your Word papers effectively, you require to know these basics and also beyond. This chapter shows you all the various ways to develop a new Word document—like starting from an existing document or adding text come a predesigned template—and just how to select the best one for your details project.

You’ll also learn just how to work-related faster and smarter by transforming your see of your document. If girlfriend want, you deserve to use Word’s rundown view when you’re brainstorming, and also then move to print view as soon as you’re prepared for hard copy. This chapter it s okay you up and running through these basic tools so you can emphasis on the vital stuff—your words.


If you’ve offered Word before, climate you’re probably acquainted with opening and saving documents. Still, you might want come skim this thing to record up top top the differences in between this variation of Word and the ghosts of native past. You’ll grasp some the the huge changes just by analyzing the figures. For an ext detail, examine out the gray boxes and the notes and also tips—like this one!

The an initial time you launch native after installation, the routine asks friend to check your name and also initials. This no Microsoft’s nefarious plan to pen you down: Word provides this details to identify documents that girlfriend create and also modify. Word supplies your initials to note your edits once you review and add comments come Word records that other people send to you (Section 16.3).

You have actually three primary ways to fire up Word, so usage whichever an approach you find quickest:


If you need to get acquainted with the start menu, quick Launch toolbar, and other windows features, then choose up a copy of Windows XP: The absent Manual, 2nd Edition or Windows Vista: The absent Manual.

So, what happens when you’ve gained Word’s motor running? If you’re a newcomer, you’re probably just staring through curiosity. If you’re acquainted with previous versions that Word, though, you may be law a dual take (Figure 1-1). In indigenous 2007, Microsoft an unified all the old menus and also toolbars right into a brand-new feature referred to as the ribbon. Click among the tabs over the ribbon, and also you check out the command buttons readjust below. The ribbon commands are organized right into groups, with the surname of every group provided at the bottom. (See figure 1-1 for more detail ~ above the ribbon.)

When you begin Word without opened an existing document, the program offers you an empty one to job-related in. If you’re passionate to placed words to page, then kind away. Sooner or later, though, you’ll want to begin another new document. Word gives you three means to perform so:


Figure 1-1. When you begin Word 2007 for the first time, it might look a small top-heavy. The ribbon bring away up more real estate 보다 the old menus and also toolbars. This adjust may not issue if you have actually a nice big monitor. But if you want to reclaim few of that space, you have the right to hide the ribbon by double-clicking the energetic tab. Later, when you should see the ribbon commands, simply click a tab.


Microsoft provides a mind-boggling number of templates v Word, yet they’re no the only source. Friend can find loads more on the Internet, as explained in ar 5.2.1. Your employer might even carry out official templates for agency documents.

To start your file in any kind of of the above ways, click the Windows logo in the upper-left corner of the screen. It is Office 2007’s new Office button. Click it, and also a drop-down menu opens, revealing regulates for creating, opening, and saving documents. Alongside these commands, you check out a perform of your Word documents. This list consists of documents that space open, and those the you’ve freshly opened.

The Office button is additionally where you go to print and also email your papers (Figure 1-2).


Figure 1-2. The expression most generally uttered by proficient Word pan the very first time they begin Word 2007 is, “Okay, where my document menu?” never fear, the identical of the paper menu is quiet there—it’s just camouflaged a bit. Clicking the Office switch (the one that looks choose a home windows logo) expose the regulates you use to create, open, and save native documents.

speak you desire a new blank document, as with the one Word shows you as soon as you start the program. No problem—here space the steps:

Choose Office switch → New.

The New document dialog crate appears.

At the bottom of the New record dialog box, click Create.

The dialog box disappears, and you’re gazing in ~ the blank page that a new Word document.


Figure 1-3. Open the New document box (Office switch → New, or Alt+F, N), and Word provides you several ways to create a brand-new document. Click “Blank document” to open up an north document, similar to the one native shows as soon as you very first start the program. Or you deserve to click “New native existing” to open up a paper that girlfriend previously produced under a brand-new name.

A empty Word document is sort of like a shapeless lump of clay. With some work, you deserve to mold the to come to be just about anything. Often, however, you can save time by opened an existing paper that’s similar to the one you desire to create. Imagine the you create the minutes for the monthly meetings the the Chief executive Officer’s Surfing association (CEOSA). When it’s time to create up the June minutes, that a lot quicker to open up the minutes from May. You save the boilerplate text and also all the formatting, yet you delete the text that’s details to the vault month. Now all you need to do is enter the text for June and save the document with a brand-new name: JuneMinutes.docx.


The .docx extension on the end of the filename is word 2007’s brand-new version that .doc. The switch from three-letter to four-letter filename extensions indicates a adjust in the method Word stores documents. (If you should share papers with persons using earlier versions that Word, select Office button → save As → indigenous 97-2003 file when you save the file. See the box in section 1.2.3 because that details.)

Word provides you a “New from existing” document-creation choice to satisfy your desire come spend an ext time surfing and also less time composing meeting minutes. Here’s exactly how to develop a new document from an present document:


Figure 1-4. Use the new from Existing file box to uncover an currently Word file that you’d favor to open as a version for your new document. Once you click Create brand-new at bottom-right, Word opens a new copy that the document, leaving the initial untouched. You have the right to modify the copy to your heart’s content and save the under a different file name.


Windows’ Open record boxes, like brand-new from currently Document, let you do a lot more than just discover files. In fact, they allow you do just around anything you deserve to do in home windows Explorer. Using keyboard shortcuts, girlfriend can cut (Ctrl+X), copy (Ctrl+C), and also paste (Ctrl+V) files. A right-click screens a shortcut food selection with even much more commands, letting friend rename files, check out Properties dialog boxes, and much more. Friend can also drag and drop to move files and also folders.

v Office 2007, Microsoft take it the drastic action of transforming its record formats in hopes of boosting your computer’s security. Malicious programmers were using Office’s macros to do nasty things to unsuspecting computers. The .docx format, the new standard because that Word files, doesn’t allow macros, do it safe from those threats. The .docm layout indicates that a document contains macros or various other bits that programming code. When opening among these files, play the safe: If girlfriend don’t recognize who created the .docm file, climate don’t open up it.

The fence of the new file formats is the older version of Word don’t know how to open these .docx and also .docm documents. To open Word 2007 documents with an older version (even native 2003), you must install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

This software application fix gives pre-2007 versions of word the power to open records in the brand-new formats. Also then, you might not be able to use or edit parts of the file that use new Word attributes (like themes, equations, and content controls). To download the complimentary compatibility pack, go to www.office.microsoft.com and type office 2007 compatibility right into the find box at the peak of the page.

Also, if you’re prepare a Word file for who who’s using an older indigenous version, climate you have to save that in a compatible format, as described in the tip in section 1.2.2. (Fortunately, the compatibility issue doesn’t go both ways: indigenous 2007 can open old .doc docs simply fine.)

Say you’re creating meeting minutes because that the very first time. Friend don’t have an existing paper to offer you a foot up, however you execute want to end up with handsome, effectively formatted minutes. Word is at her service—with templates. Microsoft provides dozens ~ above dozens of prebuilt templates for everything from newsletters come postcards. Remember every the busy stuff in the New record box in figure 1-3? about 90 percent that the items in there room templates.

In the ahead example, wherein you use an existing record to develop the meeting minutes for the Chief executive Officer’s Surfing combination (CEOSA), every month you open up the minute from the vault month. Friend delete the info that involves the vault month and enter the current month’s minutes. A layout works pretty lot the exact same way, other than it’s a generic document, design to be adaptable to too many of different situations. You simply open that and add your text. The structure, formatting, graphics, colors, and also other doodads are already in place.


The subject of indigenous templates is a prolonged one, especially when it comes to creating your own, so there’s a entirety chapter committed to the topic—Chapter 20.

When you’re done perusing the assorted styles, click the Formal meeting Minutes icon. (After all, CEOSA is a really formal organization.) then click Download.

Word downloads and also opens the document.

Start composing up the minutes because that the CEO Surfers.

To monitor the template’s structure, replace all the native in square brackets (< >) with text appropriate to CEOSA.


If you’d fairly not download the Formal conference Minutes template every time you usage it, then you have the right to save the record on your computer as a word template. The actions for saving documents are just roughly the corner in section 1.5.

If you’ve mastered producing a record from one existing record and producing a document from a template, you’ll uncover that opening an existing file is a snap. The actions are virtually identical.


Figure 1-6. This open dialog box shows the contents of the tale of 2 cities folder, according to the “Look in” crate at the top. The file tale of 2 cities. Docx is selected, together you deserve to see in the “File name box” in ~ the bottom that the window. By click Open, Mr. Dickens is ready to go to work.


Opening a file in word doesn’t mean you’re limited to papers created in Word. Friend can choose documents produced in other programs from the papers of form drop-down food selection at the bottom that the open dialog box. Indigenous then reflects you that kind of record in the main part of the window. You have the right to open Outlook messages (.msg), net pages (.htm or .html), or papers from various other word processors (.rtf, .mcw, .wps).

now that you know a grasp of means to create and also open indigenous documents, it’s time to take a look roughly the establishment. You might think a document’s a document—just look in ~ it right on and get your job-related done. That surprising, though, how an altering your watch of the page can aid you work-related faster and also smarter. When you’re working with a really long document, friend can adjust to rundown view and peruse just your document’s headlines there is no the paragraph text. In rundown view, you gain a better feeling because that the manuscript together a whole. Likewise, when you’re working on a file that’s headed for the Web, it renders sense to check out the page as that will show up in a browser. Various other times, you may want to have actually two files open ~ above your display screen at once (or on every of your two monitors, you happy dog), to do it easy to cut and paste message from one come the other.

The vital to working through Word’s various view choices is to match the check out to the task at hand. When you get used to convert views, you’ll find lots of factors to change your suggest of view. Uncover the tools you require on the check out tab (Figure 1-7). To gain there, click the check out tab (Alt+W) top top the ribbon (near the optimal of Word’s window). The tab divides the view regulates into four groups:


This section offers the quick course ~ above viewing her Word documents. For even more details and alternatives for personalizing your word environment, see Chapter 17.

Figure 1-7. The check out tab is her document-viewing regulate center. Look at closely, and you check out it’s separated into 4 groups with names in ~ the bottom that the ribbon: document Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, and also Window. To use a watch command, simply click the button or label.

Word offers you 5 basic paper views. To pick a view, go to the check out tab (Alt+W) and choose among the paper Views top top the left side of the ribbon (Figure 1-8). You have another an excellent option because that switching native one view to an additional that’s always easily accessible in the lower-right edge of Word’s window. Click among the five tiny buttons come the left the the slider to jump in between Print Layout, Full screen Reading, internet Layout, Outline, and also Draft views. Every view has actually a unique purpose, and also you have the right to modify castle even much more using the other commands on the watch tab.

Figure 1-8. On the left side of the watch tab, you find the 5 basic document views: publish Layout, Full display screen Reading, internet Layout, Outline, and also Draft. Girlfriend can edit your document in any kind of of the views, although castle come with various tools for various purposes. Because that example, summary view provides a food selection that lets you show or hide headings at various outline levels.


Changing your see in no method affects the record itself—you’re just looking at the same file from a different perspective.

Print Layout (Alt+W, P). The most typically used see in Word, print Layout, is the one girlfriend see as soon as you an initial start the regime or develop a brand-new blank document. In this view, the web page you see on your computer screen looks lot as the does as soon as you print it. This view’s handy for letters, reports, and most records headed for the printer.

Word offers you part visual aids that make it simpler to work with her documents. Tools choose rulers and gridlines don’t present up once you print your document, yet they assist you heat up the facets on the page. Use the leader to collection page margins and also to produce tabs for your documents. Checkboxes on the watch tab let you show or hide tools, however some tools aren’t obtainable in every the views, so they’re grayed out. You can’t, for example, display screen page rulers in outline or Full display Reading views.

Use the checkboxes in the Show/Hide group of the check out tab (Figure 1-10) to revolve these devices on and also off:

once you’re working, perform you ever find that friend sometimes organize pages in ~ arm’s length to acquire a complete view, and also then, at other times, friend stick your nose close come the page to examine the details? Word’s Zoom alternatives (Figure 1-11) permit you perform the very same thing through your screen—but without looking almost as silly.

Figure 1-10. Use the Show/Hide group on the view tab to screen or conceal word tools. The Ruler gives you a quick and also easy way to set tabs and margins. The record Map is particularly helpful as soon as you job-related with longer documents due to the fact that it display screens headings in the bar on the left of the screen. In the left pane, you deserve to see that Mr. Dickens wrote more than his same share the chapters.
Figure 1-11. The Zoom group of options lets you view your record close up or at a distance. The large magnifying glass opens the Zoom dialog box with more controls for fine-tuning your zoom level. For fast changes, click among the 3 buttons ~ above the right: One Page, 2 Pages, or web page Width.


Even though the text shows up to obtain bigger and smaller once you zoom, you’re not actually transforming the record in any kind of way. Zoom is similar to bringing a page closer therefore you can read the fine print. If you desire to actually change the font size, then use the formatting choices on the home tab (Alt+H, FS).

On the view tab, click the big magnifying glass to open up the Zoom dialog crate (Figure 1-12). Depending upon your current paper View (see section 1.4), you can adjust your see by percent or relative to the page and also text (more on the in a moment). The options change slightly relying on which file View you’re using. The Page options don’t really apply to internet layouts, for this reason they’re grayed out and also inactive if she in the web Layout view.

Figure 1-12. The Zoom dialog box allows you select from a selection of views. Simply click one of the option buttons, and then click OK. The monitor and also text sample in ~ the bottom that the Zoom box provide visual hints as you adjust the settings.

In the box’s upper-left corner, you uncover controls to zoom in and out the your file by percentage. The see varies relying on your computer system screen and settings, but in general, 100% is a respectable, middle-of-the-road view of your document. The higher the percentage, the an ext zoomed in friend are, and the bigger whatever looks—vice versa v a lower percentage.

The three radio buttons (200%, 100%, and 75%) offer you quick access to some typical settings. Because that in-between percentages (like 145%), type a number in the box listed below the buttons, or usage the up-down arrows to adjust the value. Because that a quick means to zoom in and out without opened a dialog box, usage the Zoom slider (Figure 1-13) in the lower-right edge of your window. Traction the slider come the best to zoom in on her document, and also drag it come the left come zoom out. The percentage alters as girlfriend drag.

Figure 1-13. The Zoom slider in ~ the bottom of the file window provides you a quick and also easy means to change your perspective. Drag the slider come the right to zoom in on your document, and also drag it to the left to zoom out. To the left the the slider are 5 View buttons: publish Layout, Full display Reading, internet Layout, Outline, and also Draft (Section 1.4.2). Since the first button is selected, this record is in publish Layout view.

Not everyone’s a number person. (That’s particularly true of writers.) so you may prefer to zoom without worrying about percentage figures. The Zoom dialog box (on the view tab, click the magnifying-glass icon) offers you 4 radio buttons v plain-English zoom settings:

Page width. Click this button, and also the web page resizes to fill the display screen from one side to the other. That the fastest way to zoom to a text size that most world find comfortable to read. (You may have to scroll, though, to check out the page from optimal to bottom.)

text width. This button zooms in also farther, due to the fact that it ignores the margins of your page. Use this one if you have a high-resolution screen (or did you do it misplaced your analysis glasses).

totality page. Once you desire to see an entire page from peak to bottom and left to right, click this button. It’s good for getting review of exactly how your headings and also paragraphs watch on the page.

numerous pages. This see is the tantamount of dispersing your document out top top the floor, and then viewing that from the top of a ladder. You can use it to see how close you are to finishing the five-page paper, or to inspect the layout that a multi-page newsletter.


When you’re zoomed the end to entirety or “Many pages” view, clock those fingers on the keyboard. You have the right to still make alters to your message in these views, even though friend can’t see what she doing.

The ribbon supplies radio buttons for three popular page views. (You have the right to see them back in figure 1-11, to the Zoom tool’s right.) lock a quick and dirty means to readjust the number of pages you check out onscreen without fiddling through zoom controls.

back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and people supplied typewriters (or very early native processors), you might work on only one record at a time—the one ideal in front of you. Although indigenous 2007 has more options for viewing multiple documents and multiple home windows than ever, some folks forget to usage them. Huge mistake. If friend ever discover yourself comparing two documents or borrowing extensively from some other text, then having two or much more documents visible on your screen can dual or triple your work-related speed.

The regulates for managing multiple documents, views, and also windows room in the check out tab’s window group (Figure 1-14).

Figure 1-14. In the window group, the three regulates on the left—New Window, species All, and also Split—let you open and also view your work from many vantage points. The regulates in the middle—View side by Side, Synchronous Scrolling, and also Reset window Position—are advantageous when reviewing and also comparing documents. The big Switch Windows button lets girlfriend hop indigenous one record to another.
Figure 1-15. One fence of Office 2007’s ribbon: the takes up an ext space on her computer’s display than menus or even the older button bars. As soon as you open up a couple of windows, you’re no left v much room to execute your work, especially when you’re working on one ultra-portable laptop or a computer system with a small screen. You can double-click the energetic tab to hide the ribbon, but in many cases, you’re better off working with a split screen, as presented in number 1-16.
Figure 1-16. When she viewing two different parts the a solitary document, usage the separation command; it leaves you more room to occupational than two separate windows, as displayed in figure 1-15. Each ar of the split home window has a scroll bar, for this reason you can independently control different parts of your document. If you want to fine-tune her split, just drag the middle bar specifically where you desire it. As soon as you’re done, click Remove break-up to return to a single screen view.

One usual reason for wanting to view two files or an ext on your display at once is therefore you have the right to make line-by-line comparisons. Imagine you have two Word papers that are practically identical, but you have actually to uncover the spots where there are differences. A great way to make those distinctions jump out is to put both version on your display screen side by side and also scroll through them. As you scroll, you can see differences in the i lengths and the line lengths. Below are the regulates to help you through the process:

native the earliest days of an individual computing, the watchword has actually been “save early, save often.” yes sir nothing more frustrating than working half the day and also then having the an excellent American Novel evaporate right into the digital ether since your strength goes out. So, here are part tips to safeguard your occupational from tragedies human-made and natural:

Name and also save your record shortly after you very first create it. You’ll see the procedures to carry out so later in this section.

Get in the habit of law a rapid save v Alt+F, S (think File Save) once you pause to think or get up to walk to the kitchen because that a snack. (Note for old-timers: Ctrl+S still works for a fast save too.)

If she leaving your computer system for one extended period of time, save and close your record with Alt+F, C (think File Close).

Ribbons, buttons, and menus space all fine and great when you’re act something brand-new or complicated. However when you know where she going, a great keyboard shortcut deserve to save time. Native 2007 has dozens of key-board shortcuts. If friend don’t have actually your favorite memorized, usage the Alt crucial to expose them.

Press the Alt key, and you see little badges v letters and also numbers popular music up next to menus and buttons. These room your shortcuts. If you’re searching for the key-board shortcut to close your document, follow these steps:

Press and release the Alt key to present the keyboard shortcut badges.

When you perform this, the badges appear over menu items and also ribbon buttons. (The Alt crucial acts together a toggle. If you change your mind and also don’t desire to use a shortcut, then press the Alt key again and also you’re earlier in regular typing mode.)

Press F to open up the Office menu.

Pressing F (which offered to was standing for document menu) walk the same thing together clicking the button with your mouse, except that now it sports tiny keyboard faster way badges.

Press C come close her document.

Looking at the bottom the the Office menu, you check out the close command. A tiny C badge shows that pushing C closes her document.

As you deserve to guess, most keyboard shortcuts are based upon the initial letter the the yes, really command words. This doesn’t constantly work the end for famous letters. As a result, you have cases like the references tab, which has actually the key-board shortcut S.

Even if you nothing deliberately job-related to memorize the key-board shortcuts, you’ll uncover that you begin to discover your favorites together you use them. Prior to long, your fingers will certainly tap them the end automatically.

If a substantial part of your brain is populated by key-board shortcuts native previous versions of Word, never ever fear. Most of those old regulates still work—including Ctrl+B for Bold, Ctrl+N for new document, and also F7 for spell checking.

the the Microsoft way to provide you multiple ways to do many everything. Whether that’s since the that company programmers think in providing you numerous choices, or because they can’t consist of their minds about the best method to do something is a question best left to the philosophers. But the allude is, you do have actually a choice. Friend don’t need to memorize every keystroke, button, and command. Particularly with saving, the essential thing is to uncover a method you like and stick with it. This is a list of some ways you deserve to save the document you’re working on:

Alt+F, S. This keyboard shortcut walk the exact same thing as Ctrl+S. Uneven Ctrl+S, though, you obtain visual reminders the which tricks to press when you press the Alt key. See the box above.

Figure 1-18. When you check out this post box, you have three choices: Yes saves your paper before close up door it; No closes your file without conserving it; Cancel pipeline your paper open without conserving it.

When you conserve a new document or save a file with a brand-new name (Save As), you’ve obtained three points to consider: a filename, a record location, and also a record format.

Lightning strikes. Kids trip over power cords. Computer systems crash. Conserving your job-related frequently and also keeping back-up copies that your files are essential safeguards. You deserve to have word save backup copies every time you conserve a document, therefore you constantly have the last 2 versions of your work stored on her computer. Native doesn’t immediately save backup copies of her files, yet it’s easy sufficient to adjust this setting. Click the Office button, and also then click Word choices at the bottom that the box.

After the Word alternatives dialog crate opens, scroll down to the save group, and also turn top top the “Always create backup copy” checkbox. Select Office button → open to find and open your backup file (Figure 1-19).

When disaster strikes despite your meticulous precautionary measures, word can help too. Word’s new record formats have actually been designed to be less complicated to recover and repair. In plenty of cases, if a photo or a table is corrupted in the file, you have the right to still retrieve whatever else (Figure 1-20).

Figure 1-19. To open a backup file, pick All papers (*.*) in the “Files that type” drop-down menu at the bottom the the open up dialog box. Look for a record that starts with the indigenous “Backup of.” Double-click to open up the file.

Choose Office switch → Save regarding open the save As box.

You usage the save As command when you’re conserving a file with a new name. Word likewise displays the save As crate the an initial time you conserve a new document.

At the bottom of the save As dialog box, kind a surname in the record name box.

Word accepts long names, so girlfriend don’t must skimp. Use a descriptive name that will assist you determine the record two main or two years indigenous now. A an excellent name conserves you time in the lengthy run.

Click Save.

Word walk the rest. All you should do is remember whereby you conserved your work.

Figure 1-21. The conserve As dialog box has actually all the controls you should navigate to any kind of location on her computer—including five nifty buttons in the upper-right corner. Indigenous left to right: The left arrowhead button actions you backward through your past areas (just like the earlier button in a internet browser). The up arrowhead takes you out to the folder enclosing the one she in now. The X button deletes folders and files—be careful with it. Click the folder through the star in the edge to produce a brand-new folder.

When you conserve your first file in native 2007, you’ll uncover a bewildering variety of file types. Nothing sweat it—you’ll use some new document types on the list frequently, however you’ll probably overlook a lot of types. The 2 you’ll usage most frequently are .docx and also .docm.

.docm. New format for Word records containing macros. (Microsoft is making an initiative to increase computer system security by reining in Office macros.)

.dotx. New format for templates.

.dotm. Brand-new format for templates include macros.

.doc. Layout for all the vault versions of indigenous including: word 6.0, indigenous 95, and also Word 97-2003.

.dot. The template layout for vault versions the Word.

.pdf. Adobe reader (also recognized as Acrobat) files. PDF means Portable paper Format.

.mhtm, .mhtml. Single record Web page. In various other words, every the papers that make up a internet page (including images) are had in one single file. (There’s no difference between .mhtm and also .mhtml files; they’re just four-letter and five-letter version of the same filename extension.)

.htm, .html. Standard web page format. This layout is for the web pages you see on the Internet. Once the page contains photos or other files, web links on the page allude to those external files. (There’s no difference in between .htm and also .html; both average the very same thing.)

.rtf. Rich message Format, a document format used to exchange documents with various other word processors and other varieties of computer systems like Macs and also Linux computers.

.txt. This plain text layout doesn’t have a the majority of the formatting you can do in Word. It provides for a nice, small record size, and you have the right to open the on any computer, yet it’s not pretty.

.xml. EXtensible Markup Language is a conventional language because that describing numerous different types of data.

.wps. This layout indicates a file created in Office’s small sibling, Microsoft Works.

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