Minos’ monstrous son, the Minotaur, lives in a labyrinth beneath the palace. The Minotaur will only eat person flesh and every year is fed 7 young men from different kingdoms in Greece. When it is Athens’ turn, Minos insists the Theseus, King Aegeus’ son, be one of the seven victims.

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Once in Crete, back the seven young Athenians are royally entertained in Minos’ palace, slowly their number diminishes until only Theseus is left alive. He charm Minos’ daughter, Ariadne, right into helping him confront the Minotaur. V the help of Ariadne’s crown that light, a ball of thread and a sword, he kills the Minotaur and also finds his way out that the labyrinth.

After setting fire to Minos’ fleet, Theseus to escape Crete through Ariadne, however when they with the island the Naxos, he abandons her. Dionysos takes pity on Ariadne, however, and takes her together his consort.

Although Theseus is typically referred to as a hero, on part occasions his plot seems much from heroic. You can think around what provides a hero or heroine. What qualities do they need? (Patriotism, courage, loyalty, honesty, strength?) Who execute the youngsters consider contemporary heroes and also heroines?

5 min 33 sec: That night she … placed, simply inside the maze, the points Theseus would need to kill her monstrous brother.

Why carry out you think Ariadne cries once Theseus tells her he loves her? Is she uncomfortable at the assumed that someone that loved she is quickly going to die? Is she torn between love for Theseus and love for the Minotaur, she brother?What things carry out you think Ariadne is going to leave the end for Theseus?

9 min 33 sec: Then castle slept in the warm of the embers.

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How perform you think the story will end?
You could ask why the youngsters think Minos keeps the Minotaur locked up in the labyrinth.What execute you think the Minotaur’s life was choose in the labyrinth? What would it have actually felt choose to it is in the Minotaur?Did friend think the Theseus was just pretending come love Ariadne? were there any kind of clues in the story?Is Theseus a hero or a villain? Is Ariadne a heroine or a villain? go she deserve what Theseus does to her? walk she worthy to it is in rescued by Dionysos?‘The end justifies the means’: is Theseus justified in making assures to Ariadne i beg your pardon he has no on purpose of maintaining in stimulate to kill the Minotaur?Who is an ext of a hero, Theseus, Ariadne or Daidalos?
Imagine you space Ariadne waking up to find that Theseus is abandoning you. How would girlfriend respond come his insurance claim that he never ever loved you?Theseus’ ship has vanished end the horizon and also Ariadne has actually been left, alone on the island. What thoughts do you think would be going through her head? What might she be thinking around her own behaviour? What will she execute now? try expressing these feelings through mime or dance without making use of words — start her dance/mime indigenous the minute she wakes up.