The popular of the three-compartment dishwashing process means a three-compartment sink is essential for virtually every restaurant. Most local wellness codes need them, and they"re great pieces of equipment to have even if you also invest in a advertisement dishwasher, since they administer an alternative dishwashing technique if her warewashing tools fails.

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With former approval, some health and wellness departments allow two-compartment sink in areas with short dishwashing volume. However, some businesses might wish to go in the various other direction and also install a four-compartment sink, offering an extra bay because that soaking utensils or a garbage disposal unit.

The three-sink method of manually washing dishes has actually been roughly for a while, and most people know the basics: wash, rinse, and also sanitize. However, there space guidelines in ar for each step to ensure that every dish emerges clean and also sanitized. While each local health code varies, the FDA warewashing indict shown listed below are based upon the 2017 FDA Food Code1 and also can be used as a basic overview the the process.

Warewashing through the 3-sink Method: very first Steps

To appropriately execute the three-compartment dishwashing process, you must first prepare the area and also the dishes to it is in washed. Her three-compartment sink can additionally be offered to wash wiping cloths, clean produce, and thaw food, however it can"t be used as a mop sink, because that hand washing, or come wash maintenance tools. To prevent feasible cross contamination, separate handwashing sinks and mop sinks must be noted for employee to wash their hands and also rinse off maintain equipment. Posting accessories such as handwashing signs and also timers in the kitchen can help plainly indicate i beg your pardon sinks space for hand washing to get rid of confusion.

If food product is to it is in washed or s in the three-compartment sink, each basin must it is in emptied, washed, and sanitized before and after use. The very same rules apply if wiping cloths space washed in the sink. Regardless for which functions it has been used, each ar of the three-bay sink have to be extensively cleaned and also sanitized prior to each dishwashing session, and it should also be completely emptied and cleaned every 4 hours.

The dishes also should be prepped prior to they"re washed. Overfill food must be scraped off right into a trash can or food rubbish disposal. If you"re using a four-section sink, the very first section deserve to be used throughout this prep period, either to residence the food waste handle or together an area to soak key to do removing caked-on food easier.

The temperature of detergent water is commonly quite hot; to aid protect your employees" skin from chemistry cleansers and also burns, have latex or neoprene dishwashing gloves and waterproof dishwasher aprons obtainable for use. Devices such as a dishtable can additionally be useful, giving employees a designated location to rest soiled dishes wait to be cleaned.

Wash, Rinse, Sanitize: The 3-sink System

The three-compartment sink rules for hand-operated warewashing revolve about three main steps: wash, rinse, and sanitize. Each step has particular FDA guidelines because that sanitizer temperature and also other variables, yet the correct order that a three-compartment sink device never changes. Extr steps – such as scraping, pre-rinsing, and also drying dishes – should additionally be had for optimal cleanliness.

Prep: Scrape leftover food and also residue off the dishes right into a rubbish container or disposal system. Some operations feature a pre-rinse faucet to quickly rinse the dishes together well.Wash: Scrub dishes in the an initial sink compartment using warm, soapy water.Rinse: eliminate soapy residue by rinsing key in clean, hot water in the second sink basin.Sanitize: Soak dishes in the 3rd sink to sanitize them. Dishes deserve to be sanitized with really hot water or a chemical sanitizing solution.Air dry: ar dishes ~ above a self-draining rack or drainboard to dry. Never use any towel or other fabric to wipe key dry; doing so may contaminate the newly sanitized dishes.

FDA Warewashing Guidelines because that the 3-sink Method

The FDA offers a variety of additional guidelines for each step of the three-compartment dishwashing process, and also it"s vital to additionally be mindful of local health and wellness codes when setup up her dishwashing station. To streamline the process, more details on pertinent FDA warewashing guidelines connected to manual dishwashing space covered below.


The an initial step in the three-sink method, after prepping, is washing. It"s necessary to note that washing dishes only makes lock visibly clean, for this reason it"s critical to finish the process through sanitization. The very first compartment in a three-bay sink have to be filled with a solution of water and also one of the following: soap, detergent, acid or alkaline cleaner, degreaser, or an abrasive cleaner. Depending upon your local wellness codes, the water"s minimum temperature will need to be in between 95 and 120 levels Fahrenheit. Keep a thermometer nearby to certain the water is in ~ the best temperature.

Depending on her restaurant"s needs, a mix of glass brushes, sponges and also scrubbers, dish cloths, and scrub brushes might come in handy.


The second section in a three-compartment sink is devoted to rinsing. The required temperature the the wash water in this section might vary contempt in her local wellness code however is normally a minimum of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This step uses clean water to remove surfactants and other cleaning agent residue native the first sink section. Wares have the right to be rinsed by immersing castle in the rinse basin or by spraying them v clean, hot water.

To certain sanitary operation as soon as immersing wares, water in the rinse basin must it is in drained and also replaced with fresh water when it cools down listed below 110 degrees Fahrenheit, becomes visibly soapy or cloudy, or once every 4 hrs during continual sink cleaning.


This 3rd step in the three-sink method is maybe the most important. The ensures that all harmful microorganisms are killed and also can be completed one of two ways.


All dishes and utensils sanitized through either method must it is in fully immersed in the warm water or chemical sanitizing solution because that the forced time period. Because the water in a warm water sanitizing mechanism is retained at temperatures hot sufficient to burn skin, you"ll have to outfit the sanitizing sink container with a rack or basket because that employees to comfortable lower and also lift item in and also out that the hot water.

Use a warewashing machine for items that space too huge to be fully submerged in the sanitizing sink basin.

Restaurant Dishwashing measures for dry Dishes

According to FDA warewashing guidelines, dishes must always air dry and also are never to be dried with towels. For this reason, you"ll likely need a drainboard on her sink. This drainboard have to be self-draining to avoid the buildup of water, and it should be large enough to permit all cleaned items to dry.

If you"ll be washing a high volume of dishes, a drainboard might not be large enough to contain the cleaned dishes and allow adequate air circulation for drying. To deal with this, you may want to include some drainage shelves to create much more drying room in your dishroom.

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After the dishes room dry, they have the right to be placed in dish cabinets for clutter-free storage.