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a game by Electronic Arts Redhardwood Shores Studio
Platforms: DS, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based upon 1 testimonial
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 4 votes
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The Sims 2: Castameans is the 3rd entry of the series for console platcreates. Once an exclusive title for Computers the impressive success of the franchise warranted varied by-products. This game was released for the Nintencarry out Wii, Nintencarry out DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and some cellphones. Developed and published by Electronic Arts, and released in 2007, The Sims 2: Castaway is a life simulation, survival, single-player game. The game was rather different than the computer system version, or previously titles, consisting of some brand-new rules and also mechanics. Those transforms yet were enough to earn the title mostly positive views.

Castameans, We’re All Castaways

The Sims 2: Castaway re-imagines the famous franchise of The Sims. The original titles concentrated on complete freedom to imagining and creating characters from scratch and building any type of life they experienced fit. Here we watch a exit from that design of finish liberty and see players actors in a pre-collection wreckage scenario. Players are part of a crew of 6 Sims, that take a boat paradisiacal vacation. Everypoint looks excellent until a storm hits the crew and also their shipwrecks on Shipwreck island also.

As soon as players arrive at the Sims, find a book of overview rules with instructions for survival on the island also. Thunstable exploration brand-new islands are revealed, and also new goals and also searches as well. The narrative and collection searches take players on a journey to uncover salvation and finally escape their fate. Amongst the multiple islands, tright here are assorted treasure maps, trick areas, and discoverable tricks to store players entertained. And of course, these tricks are all hidden behind certain goals and also sets of collectibles. These searcs can feel tiresome, and rather pointless, specifically considering the kind of game The Sims is intended to be.

A Simulation of The Sims

Tright here are some differences that can not please all the timeless The Sims fans, for when there’s no actual age development, and time would certainly seem to stand also still if the Sims hairs wouldn’t prosper. Relationships additionally don’t occupational in the exact same means, through more particular guidelines being compelled for arising friendships, and also relationships. Adding to this, the Sims are likewise unable to constitute a family members or have actually sex. Lastly The Sims 2: Castaway is an totally single-player game, departing from the various other consingle version which had actually a two-player mode.


The liberty discovered in various other titles is swapped out for various other goals. Due to the fact that you are stranded you are obligated to construct a shelter yourself, with the product you have actually uncovered. Clothes additionally have to be crafted and also sewed. Moving across the islands also works in a different way, because tbelow are no cabs, no cars or bikes. Here players are enabled to use distinct “portals” relying on their skills, and motives, or craft their own vehicles, like one would if stranded on an island also.

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This isn’t really a timeless The Sims title, in truth, it looks even more choose Subnautica, The Sims 3: Island also Paradise, Virtual Villagers: Origins, or The Sims Castameans Stories. This deserve to be a fun game if you are in search of a straightforward survival, simulation game via a friendly UI, and also acquainted gameplay. Surely a leave from the norm, this is still a satisfying experience, even if it doesn’t have the complete liberty of other The Sims titles.


Bold Departure from the NormApproachable Survival SimulationNew Concepts for the Series


Lack of FreedomSome Choose Feel RepetitiveSemi-Open World Finding All Secretes Requires Time