North American rivers have been the hub of people and advancement since humans cleared up in the region. Numerous of the continent’s modern cities such together Omaha, St. Louis, and also Fairbanks were established because of their proximity come rivers. In addition to offering fresh water for drinking and cleaning, rivers administer many of those towns with water for fertile farmlands. The longest rivers in north America are supplied to transport items such together cotton, soybeans, and also lumber via barges. Alternative energy companies additionally continue to discover cost-effective ways to create hydroelectric strength from north America’s rivers.

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If you think about all the benefits that North America’s major rivers provide, then you i will not ~ be surprised the river preservation and also conservation efforts are warm topics amongst environmental teams in Canada, the unified States, and also Mexico. North America’s longest rivers frequently offer the many benefits, and also they usually need the most stewardship. Phibìc America’s longest flow is located in the Midwest that the unified States.

What is the Longest river in north America

The longest flow in phibìc America is the Missouri River. Here are some fun facts about the river, which is nicknamed the “Big Muddy.”


Physical features of the Missouri River

The Missouri flow is 2,341 miles long and just edges the end the Mississippi flow for the title of the longest phibìc American flow by 20 miles. This river starts in Montana and flows east and then southern towards St. Louis, Missouri. The Missouri river empties into the Mississippi River and is frequently named as one of the Mississippi River’s tributaries. In ~ its deepest point, the Missouri river is 40 feet deep. It’s dubbed the huge Muddy since it contains large amounts that silt.

The Missouri River’s duty in History

The Missouri River obtained its surname from among the indigenous American tribes that stayed in the area before European settlement. The Missouri aboriginal peoples and other good Plains people were generally hunters and fishers who depended greatly on the river and its connected flora and also fauna for survival.

The Missouri river is the topic of legends and historical facts. As soon as Europeans first settled in north America, castle heard around a waterway the was so lengthy that it extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. This intrigued merchants who obtained wealthy through hair trading. Military officers, Lewis and also Clark, discover the Missouri River trying to find the mythical Northwest Passage. They uncovered that the river was long, yet it didn’t span the nation from coast to coast.

Major Cities and also Towns on the Missouri River

The Missouri river runs through these 7 states: Montana, north Dakota, south Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.

These significant cities sit along the Missouri River.


– an excellent Falls

– Townsend

– fort Benton

North Dakota

– Bismarck

– Williston

– Mandan

South Dakota

– Yankton

– Pierre

– Chamberlain


– Omaha

– Bellevue

– south Sioux City


– Sioux City

– council Bluffs

– Carter Lake


– Leavenworth

– Kansas City

– Lansing


– Kansas City

– Independence

– St. Joseph

Life on the Missouri flow Today

Mark Twain when stated, “The Missouri river is also thick come drink yet too slim to plow.” The river’s call for being dirty, however, doesn’t prevent outdoor enthusiasm from making it a entertain hotspot. Boats, canoes, and kayaks are frequently seen setravel on the Missouri River. Ironically, there is a niche classification of SCUBA divers that enjoy exploring the river’s low visibility waters and photographing that aquatic life.

Hydropower is a clean resource of renewable energy, and today’s power carriers harness the stamin of the Missouri River’s currents to produce a great deal of electrical power for residents and also businesses. Follow to Missouri’s department of financial Development, dams along the river right now support around 36 hydroelectric stations.

Other Rivers in north America

In addition to the Missouri River, these noteworthy waterways stand for the top 5 longest rivers in north America.

Mississippi River

You were probably presented to the mighty Mississippi River throughout your childhood through note Twain’s Adventures that Huckleberry Finn. This river has actually been the incentive for authors, artists, and also adventure seekers for years.

Yukon River

The Yukon river is situated in northwestern north America. That flows in between Canada’s brother Columbia and Alaska in the united States. Historically, the was supplied for transportation throughout the Klondike Gold rush era.

Saint Lawrence River

The Saint Lawrence flow is likewise located in Canada and also the unified States. It connects the good Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande flows from southerly Colorado right into the Gulf the Mexico. It passes through both the unified States and Mexico. The river develops a herbal border in between the two nations. When Mexico finished slavery in the at an early stage 19th century, U.S. Servants crossed the Rio Grande search freedom across the southerly border.

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Interesting Facts around North American Rivers, Wildlife, Plants, and Culture

North American rivers attract a variety of wildlife. The Missouri flow is house to fish types such together sturgeon, catfish, and also striped bass. Osprey, ducks, foxes, and cranes also live along this river and other rivers that are situated in the northern regions the the continent. This rivers assistance plant life that sell food for the animals that live there. You’ll uncover forms of algae, cattail, and also black willow trees in and around phibìc American rivers. River society remains one of respect because that these precious organic resources.