There are plenty of English idioms associated with parts of the body. Here are several of the much more common ones.

The heart

break someone’s heart = upset someone greatly: “She damaged his heart when she left him.”

learn something off by heart = find out something completely: “I’ve learnt this turn off by heart – I’m bound to happen the exam!”

you’re all heart! = once you tell who sarcastically exactly how kind they are: “Thanks for giving me all this work-related – you’re all heart!”

hand ~ above heart = promise v sincerity: “Hand on heart, it’s the moral truth.”

have the heart = be able to give someone poor news: “I didn’t have actually the love to tell the he’d failed.”

a heart of gold = be a an extremely kind person: “She’ll always aid – she has actually a heart of gold.”


hand over = happen on something: “Before i leave, I need to hand over every my work.”

get out of hand = become impossible to manage: “You’ll have to resolve this problem prior to it gets the end of hand.”

know something choose the earlier of your hand = know something incredibly well: “He to know London like the earlier of his hand.”

have her hands full = be an extremely busy: “I can’t execute anything around it now – mine hands are full.”

in hand = under control: “The firm report is in hand – you’ll have it next week.”

live hand come mouth = only earn enough money for food: “After he shed his job, he had actually to live hand to mouth because that a pair of months.”

give someone a hand = help someone: “He always gives me a hand with the housework.”

have someone in the palm of your hand = have influence over someone: “He’s obtained her in the palm that his hand.”

be captured red-handed = be captured doing other bad: “The children were captured red-handed choose the flowers.”


butter fingers = be clumsy and also drop things: “You’ve dropped my vase! Butter fingers!”

keep your fingers crossed = great something for someone: “Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow – it’s my project interview.”

under your ignorance = manage someone: “She’s obtained him under her ignorance – the won’t carry out anything without questioning her first.”


twist someone’s eight = persuade someone: “I didn’t want to go out, but he twisted my arm.”

cost an arm and a leg = cost a fortune: “The car cost one arm and also a leg – it’ll take them eras to pay back the loan.”

Feet and also legs

put her foot in it = say or execute something friend shouldn’t: “I think I’ve put my foot in it – ns told her around the party.”

have itchy feet = not able to clear up down in one place: “She’s going off travelling again – she’s obtained really itchy feet.”

keep who on their toes = keep someone alert: “Our teacher keeps united state on our toes – we have to pay attention in class.”

stand top top your very own two feet = it is in independent: “I don’t need your aid – I have the right to stand top top my own two feet.”

have 2 left feet = it is in awkward or clumsy: “He’s a disastrous dancer – he’s acquired two left feet!”

walk top top eggshells = be careful around what you say or do: “She’s in a damaging mood – you’ll need to walk top top eggshells approximately her.”

foot the bill = salary the bill: “He had to foot the bill for the party.”

The back

go behind someone’s back = execute something secretly: “She went behind my back and called my boss I wanted a brand-new job.”

back off = prevent trying to force someone to execute something: “Will girlfriend just back off and let me decision what I need to do!”

back down = accept defeat: “He lastly backed down and also let me buy a pet rabbit.”

back someone up = support someone: “Thank you because that backing me increase in the meeting.”

put your ago into something = work an extremely hard at something: “She put her back into it and also got great results.”

stab who in the back = betray someone: “Be mindful of that – he’ll stab girlfriend in the back if it it s okay him what he wants.”

Idioms the use part of the face

face-to-face = in person: “We should arrange a face-to-face meeting.”

face the music = take obligation for a complicated situation: “We’ve gained to face the music – this firm is going under.”

face as much as responsibilities = expropriate responsibilities: “You require to confront up to your responsibilities – it’s time you gained a job and started to conserve money.”

be two-faced = be hypocritical: “I can’t think she said you that she likes take care of – she called me she no him! She’s so two-faced!”


be every ears = hear attentively: “So, you’ve obtained an idea. I’m every ears.”

have an ear for = be an excellent at music: “He’s doing well in his piano class – he’s definitely got an ear for music.”

keep your ears to the ground = listen out for something: “I’ll save my ears to the ground – the following time i hear someone desires to rent the end a flat, I’ll let girlfriend know.”

up to your ear in something = be extremely busy: “I’m sorry ns can’t come out this weekend – I’m up to my ears in work.”


keep her eyes peeled = watch exceptionally attentively: “Keep your eyes peeled for him – he’s in the crowd somewhere.”

keep one eye out for = watch because that someone or something: “Keep one eye the end for the next transforming on the left.”

eye up = look in ~ someone since you think castle look nice: “Whenever she goes come a club, she always gets eyed increase by enlarge men.”

have your eye on other / someone = desire someone or something: “I’ve acquired my eye ~ above a brand-new computer.”

have eye in the earlier of your head = warning someone that you deserve to see specifically what they room doing: “Don’t make those signs at me – I’ve obtained eyes in the back of my head!”

see eye come eye on miscellaneous = agree through someone: “Those 2 don’t constantly see eye come eye – they frequently argue.”

Other components of the face

stick your sleep in = get connected in other or who else’s business: “I wish she wouldn’t stick her sleep in prefer that – i really don’t desire anyone else’s help.”

on the pointer of mine tongue = once you’ve forgotten words you desire to say: “What’s words for it – it’s on the tip of my tongue…”

tongue-tied = once you can’t speak anything due to the fact that you feeling shy: “She’s tongue-tied as soon as she has to speak in public.”

by the skin of my teeth = just manage to execute something: “He gained out the the burning building by the skin that his teeth.”

cut your this on something = where you find out to perform something: “He’s the best man to run the company – he cut his teeth in the manufacturing Department and ran it successfully for years.”

teething problems = start-up difficulties with a brand-new project: “We’re having teething troubles with our circulation systems.”

have a cheek = it is in disrespectful: “He’s acquired a cheek speak you never assist him – I observed you writing his report for him!”

a frog in mine throat = as soon as your neck tickles and also makes girlfriend cough: “Sorry ns can’t avoid coughing – I’ve obtained a frog in mine throat.”

stick her neck out = carry out or to speak something that might have negative results: “I’m going come stick mine neck out and say what i think.”

be as much as your neck in = it is in in a complicated situation: “He’s approximately his neck in debt.”

breathe down someone’s neck = inspect constantly what someone rather is doing: “I can’t compose this letter v you breathing under my neck!”

Idioms that use components of the head

head come head = in a race, once two contestants room doing as well as each other: “They room head to head in the polls.”

off the peak of your head = when you give an answer to something without having the time to reflect: “What’s our sector strategy?” “Well, off the height of my head, I deserve to suggest…”

have a an excellent head for = be great at something: “He’s one accountant and he has actually a great head for figures.”

have your head in the clouds = dream: “He’s constantly got his head in the clouds – he renders all these impossible plans.”

go over your head = not know something: “The lesson went over my head – ns didn’t understand a indigenous of it.”

keep her head = remain calm: “He always keeps his head in a crisis.”

be head end heels in love = be fully in love: “You can see the he’s head end heels in love through her.”

keep your head above water = manage to make it through financially: “Despite the recession, they retained their heads above water.”

use her head = think about something to deal with a problem: “It’s quite basic – simply use her head!”

English idioms using ‘mind’

keep / bear something in mind = mental something because that future use: “I need a job in computers.” “I’ll bear the in mind – we regularly have vacancies for people with your skills.”

make up your mind = decide: “I can’t consist of my mind about the job offer.”

be in 2 minds about something = unable to decide: “I’m in two minds around buying a new car.”

be out of her mind = be yes, really worried: “Where have you been? I’ve been out of mine mind through worry.”

have a mental of your own = no be affected by various other people: “Don’t tell me what come do! I’ve got a mind of mine own, friend know.”

give someone a item of your mind = tell someone exactly how angry you are with them: “I’m walk to give him a piece of my mind. He knows i cooked dinner because that him and now he’s one hour late.”