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The Frog Prince

by Jon Scieszka. The book starts after “The Frog Prince” ends. In it, the princess is no satisfied v the prince. The prince is no in fact very happy as a human, and also he visits numerous fairy tale witches trying to find a solution before he and the princess come to be happy frogs together. This publication should monitor “The Frog Prince.”

Here are some points you might do when reading Scieszka’s book:

The Frog Prince in this publication “knows his fairy tales.” watch whether the children know theirs, too, by questioning them i beg your pardon fairy story are represented in the story as you read.One point you notice when you review this publication is that all the fairy tale witches space living in the same neighborhood, and all the story are ensuing at the exact same time. Difficulty students to make a map showing how all the fairy tales can fit together, one of two people in Europe or in a fantasy land.You could make a newspaper report on every the fairy tale happenings. This can be a fine culmination of a unit top top fairy tales. Have students write a letter come the newspaper’s advice columnist summarizing the feel of the prince or the princess in the beginning of the book.The prince in The Frog Prince Continued was initially a frog, if the Frog Prince to be a prince who had actually been turned into a frog. What difference does this make to the story? The moral of The Frog Prince Continued is this: appreciate what you have. The prince and princess involved realize this when their case –with which lock were no contented — to be threatened. Asking the kids to write about a similar experience in their very own lives.Write “continued” versions of other fairy story you’ve studied.

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Character Education

While the morals of part fairy story are difficult for modern readers to relate to, this one is clear: “What girlfriend have promised, that you should do.” to be the princess right to make a promise she never ever meant come keep? Was her father best to insist that she store the promise even though she didn’t typical it? This can be a great question for discussion, debate, and writing. Take it a step further and ask even if it is it is ever right to make an insincere promise, or what the princess might have done as an alternative method of do things appropriate with the frog if she really felt she couldn’t meet her promise.An enchanted prince in a fairy tale have the right to never just describe the problem to the princess; he has to acquire her to love him without the advantages of gift a handsome prince. Consider: is that usually better to it is in frank around a problem and ask for help? asking students come write about an experience that helped them prize that inquiry for themselves.


One the the factors that the princess didn’t think she had actually to fulfill her promise was that she didn’t think the frog would really involved the palace. One more is the she assumed frogs were disgusting. Examine frogs a little to check out whether the princess was right about frogs or just stereotyping.


The Frog Prince is not one of the best-known fairy tales, in the sense of gift one the most people can tell native memory, yet the photo of the princess kissing the frog is absolutely one that the best-known images native fairy tales, turning up in cartoons and on T-shirts. The frog through a crown is another really popular image. Collect examples from newspapers, catalogs, and also other media. Difficulty students to produce their very own versions that this image in their chosen medium.


Study data analysis by acquisition a survey of feelings around frogs amongst the students. Do it straightforward to tabulate through asking yes/no questions like “Are frogs cute?” or “Are frogs disgusting?” Chart and graph the information. Then execute some the the frog study argued under “science” and also ask your concerns again. Compare the results and also see whether knowing more about frogs made the class like lock better. Ask another class (one not studying around frogs) to act as the manage group to make your study much more scientific.

In general, i think the there are three kinds of curriculum relations we have the right to make, whether for a template or because that a piece of literature.

First, there are organic connections. “The Frog Prince” normally makes friend think about how human being feel towards frogs, and around promises, and around frogs in general.

Second, there space convenient connections. An example is the mathematics brainteaser linked above — lock aren’t really around the story, and also don’t add to the knowledge of the story, however they enable you come fit in various other topics that you want to examine anyway, and also to keep your unit cohesive while you do that.

There are also artificial connections, favor using frog counters.

There is naught wrong v that, in mine opinion, as long as us don’t mix increase the three kinds the connections. Once we begin thinking that utilizing frog counters is one integral component of a lesson on “The Frog Prince”, or that the students find out something around frogs from making use of them, climate we are off track.

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This have the right to be a good time come fit in your floating and sinking great (the gold ball would certainly sink). Metamorphosis is additionally a good science connection: compare genuine metamorphosis (egg to frog) through imaginary metamorphosis (prince to frog and also back).