Another great way to communicate your student is with the creation of storyboards the asks your students to uncover Tone, word Choice, Imagery, Style, and Theme. This activity is referred to as a twisted (an acronym for the literature elements). In a TWIST, students focus on a particular paragraph, or couple of pages, come look deeper at the author’s meaning.


Using any type of paragraph or brief selection, students deserve to examine, depict, explain, and also predict what will happen while acquiring a an excellent idea of the ton of the story.

TWIST analysis for “The Devil and Tom Walker”

“Let the skull alone!” stated a gruff voice. Tom lifted up his eyes, and beheld a an excellent black male seated straight opposite him, on the stump that a tree. He was exceedingly surprised, having actually neither heard nor seen anyone approach; and he was still much more perplexed top top observing, and also the collection gloom would certainly permit, the the stranger to be neither black nor Indian. It is true he was dressed in a crude half-Indian garb, and also had a red belt or sash swathed ring his body; yet his face was neither black nor copper-color, yet swarthy and dingy, and also begrimed through soot, together if he had actually been accustomed to toil amongst fires and forges. He had a shock of coarse black color hair, the stood the end from his head in all directions, and bore an ax ~ above his shoulder. That scowled because that a moment at Tom with a pair of good red eyes.

Washington Irving The Devil and Tom WalkerTWIST
TONESurprised, Perplexed, Observing: Tom is startled due to the fact that he is alone in the woods and also was no expecting to see anyone, specifically someone so uncommon looking.
WORD CHOICE Gruff, Gloom, no Seen, Black, Stranger, Dingy, Begrimed, Soot, Shock.

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IMAGERY“...he was dressed in a crude half-Indian garb, and also had a red belt or sash swathed round his body; however his confront was neither black color nor copper-color, yet swarthy and dingy...”STYLEThe narrator uses specific imagery and also description to show the stranger to the audience.THEMEThe narrator speaks of the stranger as an apparition and also places a grisly familiarity to the number who is the devil. Knowing Tom"s miserly ways and also his encounter with this figure, the reader deserve to infer that Tom will sell his heart to the adversary for wealth.

Template and Class instructions

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Student Instructions

Perform a TWIST evaluation of a choice from "The Devil and also Tom Walker". Remember the TWIST means Tone, indigenous Choice, Imagery, Style, Theme.

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Click "Start Assignment".Choose any mix of scenes, characters, items, and also text to represent each letter that TWIST.Write a few sentences relenten the prominence or meaning of the images. Finalize images, edit, and also proofread your work.
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