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Carcas, carcase, carcass, Carcassonne, Carchemish, carcino-, carcinoembryonic antigen, carcinogen, carcinogenesis, carcinogenic, carcinoid

Carcino- is a combining type used prefer a prefix definition “cancer.” it is offered in clinical terms, specifically in pathology.

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Carcino- originates from the Greek karkínos, definition “crab” and also “ulcerous sore.” Crab? It’s claimed that ancient Greek doctors thought hard, cancerous tumors resembled hard-shelled crabs the gripped the body. Regarded the Greek karkínos is cancer, straight from the Latin cancer, i m sorry literally way “crab.” Learn an ext at ours entry for cancer.

What room variants of carcino-?

When linked with words or word elements that begin with a vowel, carcino- i do not care carcin-, together in carcinoid.

Examples that carcino-

One example of a word that you may have actually encountered that attributes the combining kind carcino- is carcinogen, “any problem or agent that often tends to create a cancer.”

We recognize carcino- way “cancer,” for this reason the -gen portion of the word? it is right, -gen refers to “that i beg your pardon produces.” Carcinogen literally converts to “something which produces cancer.”

What space some native that usage the combining form carcino- or carcin-?

What room some other creates that carcino- may be typically confused with?

The -carc- in incarcerate is not related to the combining kind carcino-. Uncover out the history of words incarcerate in ~ our entry for the word.

Break the down!

The combining type -phobia way “fear.” What is carcinophobia, additionally known together cancerophobia?

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Medical definitions for carcino-


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Cancer; cancerous:carcinogenesis.


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