In order to answer each statement, we need to determine an initial the Lewis structures of both structures, and their geometries.

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We determine the Lewis structures with the following steps:

Step 1:Determine the central atom in the structure.

Step 2:Calculate the total number of valence electron present.

Step 3:Draw the Lewis structure for the molecule.


Which statement because that NH3 and also NF3 is false? Electronegativities: N = 3.0, H = 2.1, F = 4.0.

a. The NF3 molecule is an ext polar 보다 the NH 3 molecule.

b. The bond angles in NF3 are smaller than those in NH3.

c. The shortcut dipoles in NF3 space directed toward the much more electronegative fluorine atoms.

d. Both molecules have actually one unshared pair of electron in the external shell of nitrogen.

e. Both space sp3 hybridized in ~ nitrogen.

f. The link dipoles in NF3 oppose the effect of the unshared pair of electrons.

g. The nitrogen atom can be defined as using sp3 hybrid orbitals in the nitrogen trifluoride molecule.

h. The link dipoles that NF3 space directed toward fluorine, whereas those in NH3 room directed towards nitrogen.

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