“War” by Luigi Pirandello focusses on the real troubles of plain people, which renders this story relatable come realism. Realism is present in this story due to the fact that the human being are important grieving about their boys going that the The Front.

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In Italiano – quando si comprende. 

Alberto Sughi (1928-2012), Night trip, 1955. Imagine indigenous the Web.


“War” through Luigi Pirandello is a brief story about a pair whose son has been sent out to war. They plank a train to leave Rome, the departure spot for your sons and also young men going turn off to war. The mam felt she was the only mother who grieved about her child leaving. All the passengers on this train have actually one or much more loved ones on the former in the war. This couple, who boards the train last, has actually their one and only child in war. The wife, especially, is grieving the most. The various other passengers ask what is the problem, only to be able said to her sadness. One woman speaks up and says that her son had left because that the front the an initial day that war, was sent ago twice due to the fact that of injuries and was sent earlier yet again. An additional woman stand up and adds in that she has two sons and three nephews in ~ the front. The initial husband relates back that that was your one and only son. This beginning a conversation in between the passengers around the love for their sons and the experiencing one may have to go through due to the fact that she has two sons at the front. One woman adds that their sons carry out not belong to them, but to the Country. A fat man stands up and also makes the suggest that their sons, consisting of his, will certainly die happy because they to be fighting for the love of their Country and also they passed away with dignity and inflamed. He seemed so solid and proud of his son. Then the very first wife, all bundled increase in the corner, increased from her seat and asked the fat man if his kid was yes, really dead. The fat man had no words, but tears began to roll down his face and also he soon discovered himself in sobs, come the amazement of anyone on the train.

“War” by Luigi Pirandello focusses on the real difficulties of plain people, which renders this story relatable to realism. Realism is current in this story due to the fact that the human being are truly grieving around their boys going that the The Front. The is a actual problem and also many of them are depicted by themselves and also wearing an extremely heavy clothes, regarding suggest the the conditions may no be fair and they have actually lost their spouse also. This story is like civilization War II since many civilization were mourning your loss of your sons or mourning your departure. They had actually real problems. Some shed their jobs, some shed their houses and also their belongings, and the problems were terrible.


The passengers who had left Rome by the night express had actually had to avoid until dawn in ~ the tiny station the Fabriano in stimulate to continue their journey by the small old-fashioned neighborhood joining the main line through Sulmona.

At dawn, in a stuffy and also smoky second-class carriage in i m sorry five world had currently spent the night, a bulky mrs in deep mourning was hosted in—almost favor a shapeless bundle. Behind her—puffing and moaning, followed her husband—a small man; thin and also weakly, his confront death-white, his eyes little and bright and also looking shy and also uneasy.

Having at critical taken a seat he politely thanked the passengers who had actually helped his wife and who had made room for her; then he turned ring to the mrs trying to pull down the collar of her coat and also politely inquired:

“Are you every right, dear?”

The wife, rather of answering, traction up her collar again to she eyes, so as to hide she face.

“Nasty world,” muttered the husband v a sad smile.

And he felt the his duty to describe to his traveling companions that the poor woman was to it is in pitied because that the war was acquisition away from her her just son, a young of twenty to whom both had dedicated their whole life, even breaking up their home at Sulmona to monitor him come Rome, whereby he had to go as a student, then permitting him come volunteer because that war through an assurance, however, the at the very least six month he would not be sent to the front and also now, every one of a sudden, receiving a wire saying the he was due to leave in three days’ time and also asking them come go and also see the off.

The mrs under the big coat to be twisting and wriggling, at times growling like a wild animal, feeling specific that every those explanations would certainly not have aroused even a zero of sympathy native those people who—most likely—were in the exact same plight as herself. Among them, who had actually been hear with particular attention, said:

“You should thank God that your kid is only leaving now for the front. Mine has actually been sent there the first day the the war. He has currently come back twice wounded and also been sent ago again come the front.”

“What around me? I have two sons and also three nephews in ~ the front,” said an additional passenger.

“Maybe, yet in our situation it is our just son,” ventured the husband.

“What difference can the make? You may spoil your just son by excessive attentions, however you can not love him more than you would certainly all your other kids if you had actually any. Parental love is not like bread that can be broken to pieces and split amongst the youngsters in equal shares. A father gives all his love come each one of his kids without discrimination, whether it be one or ten, and also if i am suffering now for my two sons, ns am no suffering half for every of them however double…”

“True…true…” sighed the embarrassed husband, “but expect (of course us all expect it will never be her case) a father has two sons in ~ the front and he loses one of them, over there is quiet one left to console him…while…”

“Yes,” answered the other, acquiring cross, “a son left come console him but likewise a child left because that whom he must survive, if in the case of the father of an just son if the son dies the father can die too and put an finish to his distress. I beg your pardon of the 2 positions is worse? Don’t friend see exactly how my case would it is in worse 보다 yours?”

“Nonsense,” interrupted an additional traveler, a fat, red-faced man with bloodshot eye of the palest gray.

He to be panting. From his bulging eyes seemed to spurt inner violence of an uncontrolled vitality i beg your pardon his dilute body could hardly contain.

“Nonsense, “he repeated, trying to cover his mouth v his hand so regarding hide the two lacking front teeth. “Nonsense. Perform we give life come our own kids for our own benefit?”

The other travelers stared in ~ him in distress. The one who had had his son at the front due to the fact that the an initial day the the battle sighed: “You are right. Our kids do no belong to us, castle belong come the country…”

“Bosh,” retorted the fat traveler. “Do we think of the country when we provide life come our children? our sons room born because…well, due to the fact that they should be born and when they pertained to life they take our own life with them. This is the truth. Us belong come them however they never ever belong to us. And also when they with twenty lock are exactly what we were at their age. Us too had a father and mother, however there to be so many other things as well…girls, cigarettes, illusions, new ties…and the Country, the course, whose contact we would have actually answered—when we were twenty—even if father and also mother had said no. Now, at our age, the love the our country is quiet great, the course, yet stronger than it is the love of ours children. Is there any kind of one the us below who wouldn’t gladly take his son’s location at the former if that could?”

There to be a silence all round, everyone nodding as to approve.

“Why then,” continued the fat man, “should we consider the feeling of our youngsters when they room twenty? Isn’t it herbal that in ~ their age they should take into consideration the love for their country (I am speak of decent boys, the course) even greater than the love for us? Isn’t it natural that it should be so, together after all they should look upon us as upon old boys that cannot relocate any much more and have to sit at home? If nation is a herbal necessity favor bread of which each of us need to eat in order no to die of hunger, somebody have to go to protect it. And also our sons go, as soon as they space twenty, and they don’t want tears, because if lock die, they dice inflamed and happy (I to be speaking, the course, of kind boys). Now, if one die young and also happy, without having actually the ugly sides of life, the boredom of it, the pettiness, the bitterness the disillusion…what an ext can we ask because that him? Everyone must stop crying; everyone should laugh, as I do…or at the very least thank God—as i do—because my son, before dying, sent out me a article saying the he was dying satisfied at having finished his life in the best method he could have wished. That is why, as you see, I carry out not even wear mourning…”

He shook his light fawn coat as to show it; his livid lip over his missing teeth to be trembling, his eye were watery and also motionless, and also soon after he ended with a shrill laugh which could well have actually been a sob.

“Quite so…quite so…” agreed the others.

The woman who, go together in a edge under her coat, had been sitting and listening had—for the last three months—tried to find in the indigenous of she husband and also her friends something come console she in her deep sorrow, something that might show her just how a mommy should resign it s her to send her child not even to death yet to a probable risk of life. Yet not a word had she found among the numerous that had been said…and she grief had been better in seeing the nobody—as she thought—could share her feelings.

But currently the native of the traveler amazed and practically stunned her. She all of sudden realized the it wasn’t the others that were wrong and could not understand her but herself who could not climb up to the same height of those fathers and mothers willing to resign themselves, there is no crying, not only to the departure of their sons yet even to their death.

She lifted her head, she bent end from her corner trying to listen with good attention to the details i m sorry the fat man was offering to his companions about the means his son had fallen as a hero, because that his King and his Country, happy and also without regrets. It appeared to her that she had stumbled right into a human being she had actually never dreamt of, a people so far unknown to her, and she to be so pleased come hear anyone joining in congratulating the brave father who could so stoically speak that his child’s death.

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Then suddenly, just as if she had actually heard nothing of what had actually been stated and nearly as if waking increase from a dream, she turned come the old man, questioning him:

“Then…is your kid really dead?”

Everyone stared in ~ her. The old man, too, turned to look at her, fixing his great, bulging, horribly watery irradiate gray eyes, deep in she face. For part time that tried come answer, yet words failure him. He looked and looked in ~ her, virtually as if just then—at the silly, incongruous question—he had actually suddenly realized at last the his kid was yes, really dead—gone because that ever—for ever. His confront contracted, came to be horribly distorted, then he snatched in haste a handkerchief indigenous his bag and, to the amazement the everyone, broke into harrowing, heart-breaking, uncontrollable sobs.