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A very dumb and embarrasing question, yet I"m sure a an easy answer for one of you.I have a rental, 2009 Forester. I simply spent 10 mins at the gas terminal trying to find the release button for the gas tank door. The male at the gas station even looked and neither the us might find the switch anywhere top top the driver door or dash. I"m certain it"s staring me ideal in the face however I should be blind. I tried law a google search for it, yet nothing came up. Any assist you men can offer would be very much appreciatedThanks

is that a switch or a traction lever? i observed a switch that had a snapshot of a car with turn off written, ns assumed the was the 4 wheel drive. But that was all ns saw. Will certainly go check again though.and thank you dave

That"s the traction manage off button. The gas door release is a pull lever on the floor through the driver next door.
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