How carry out I sell Commodities?To sell commodities, you must travel to different cities to do the deals. In order to obtain to various other cities from the Bus Depot, the clock have to be completely white. To gain the clock fully white, you must have actually the CD alarm Clock and also caffeine pills. Next, you have to buy the cell phone. As soon as you are prepared to travel to different cities, you have to buy the commodities first. The red guy between the pawn shop and the convenience store will market you 1 gram the cocaine because that $400. You can sell this in other cities and shot to make a profit. However, if you are carrying much more than 50 grams of it, climate you will certainly most likely be busted by the police. You may likewise purchase beer in the bar and sell the too. In bespeak to safeguard yourself in various other cities, you must have a total loaded v ammo, and a high amount of strength. End 500 will do, yet it is finest to have actually 999. Also, the higher your charm is, the much better deals you will get.


What is karma and what is it’s purpose?Karma is a an outcome of what you perform in the game. If girlfriend do great things, your karma will certainly go up. If you do negative things, it will go down. That will affect whether you are the chairman or dictator and it will also impact your rank in ~ the end of the game. Greater karma levels make her stick turn white, while reduced karma levels rotate your shade into red.


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Go in the gym , the is in the university, another yellow building at the east, work-related out till 11:59 p.m. And this RAISES karma, to examine karma, check out the question mark button that tells your stats, and also the bag button is the inventory, what items friend have, and also a home button that teleports friend home, and also you will should use it in ~ the end of the job to walk home, and also click sleep, it restores wellness (in this situation scars native training), and ends the day.Some help: You need to there skate daily, and it’s annoying since your house is in the WEST end. Repeat until end of day 10. Stat check: 89 strength, 104 hp.Link pat online:
You can pick, negative or confident karma, and this walkthrough is for both, and also I forgot come say, if her karma is high your shade turns from blue to irradiate blue, come barley blue, come white, and also if the is an adverse it goes native blue to dark blue to red come black, anyways karma is much easier to raise 보다 lower, but it deserve to be lowered pretty suturing easily. Select now, you still deserve to change, because the first few steps room same.You chose it right, anyway, you need SOME item of transportation, as I discussed earlier, walk to the yellow store at the south, and also buy a smoke, these are used to lower karma and also raise charm, yet don’t usage it.Link pat online: ht
This is your walkthrough, as soon as girlfriend click “start”, click endless to make point safe, click done, and also keep re-rolling till you acquire a complete stat point out (30+), placed 10 in each, climate click excellent one more, girlfriend will see a story. Clock it or skip it, and continue.There is no tutorial, yet I will guide you: motion is by arrows, and also click to connect with other characters, there space 3 types of transportation noted from worst to best: walking, board, car, and to perform the last 2 you have to change and walk.Intelligence is the most important: exactly how smart friend are, it controls your salary, your transportation, stamin (2nd) just contro

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If you room trying to sleep really quickly, push twice, , , and also repeat.Hint:Submitted by: Brandonto wake up up in ~ 12:00 to be everyday, gain a job or the HEYZEUS!!!! and also purchase an alarm clock. This must wake increase a tiny earlyer, following buy as many nicatinue pills as possible because every pill used + alarm clock will certainly wake girlfriend up in ~ 12:00 amHint:Submitted by: nathanstart the game get in HEYZEUS!!!! get 999 of charm intellagence and streinth acquire castle inspect email erace it you will gain a lottory if its not when you leaving the lock is in the bank choose 50000 you victory go come bed you gain 5000 every day hey you worthy it fo