This is a Beginner overview to the Zann Consortium and general FOC Gameplay.

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Welcome back, Commander.

Hello there, This is the simple guide to the Zann Consortium (mainly) and will covering some advanced stuff for the other two factions, together this is a more recent faction, The Consortium will be more tough to use than the Rebels and Empire, This is walk on the assumption that you have the right to use the larger factions well.


enjoy this ear rape Baddassery.

PS: ns am only covering topics that arent readily covered in the tutorials.

The Zann Consortium.

The Zann Consortium is a criminal empire, Ran through Tyber Zann, The gameplay because that the Consortium is far different from that of the Empire and also Alliance. Earnings generation and also the Corruption system. The Consortium hate three things, The Empire, The Hutts and also anyone that backs them. Castle are an ext tolerant the the Alliance yet still present hostility in the direction of them and vice versa.


The Consortium.

The Consortium use the StarViper fighter, While not as abundant as the TIE Figher or as durable as the X-Wing, They consist of for that in besting both in ~ multi tasking, The TIE Fighters have actually trouble versus anything that isnt a Y-Wing (But Interceptors dont) and also X-Wings can not fight noþeles bigger than a fly’s private parts well. The StarViper prices slightly much more though, yet they have more health than both adversary fighters.

The Skipray Blastboat is the Consortium Bomber, that fights better that both opponent bombers versus fighters and also has a slightly greater fire rate, However, If an adversary fighter targets the Skipray while its fighting something else OR they are targetted first, They usually wont make it. Invest wisely.

The Empire.

The realm has had enough of thier TIE battle aircraft sucking and getting shot down by the Rebels and also has developed one more fighter to replace the middle sucking TIE Fighter, The TIE Interceptor, It has actually a much simpler time against enemy fighters, It deserve to be spawned from success Cruisers, an are Stations and also Imperial Star Destroyers. Acclamators still spawn the TIE Fighter however.

The Rebellion.

The Rebel Alliance has takes measures to change the aging Y-Wings and also has replaced them through the B-Wing, The B-Wing can be to buy at any kind of world through a high sufficient tech level and also shipyard. They dont yes, really fight well versus enemy fighters yet deal great damage to foe ships.


The Consortium

The Consortium have actually an anti fighter unit dubbed The Crusader, that does precisely the exact same as the Correlian Corvie and the Tartan Patrol Cruiser. Quite cheap and fast come build.

As much as i know, The Consortium absence artillery.

The Rebels and also Empire absence any additions to the Corvette class, As far as i know.


The Consortium

The Consortium have a brand-new frigate, dubbed the Vengeance class, the is unsheilded, leaving it open to artillery strikes native the foe factions, But additionally have a massive damages output, Breaking with the shields on smaller sized vessels instantly.The Interceptor IV is the exact same as the Pirate Frigate and also can it is in bought in Skirmish by the Rebels and Empire at a an are station regulated by no faction. That is your main ship at an early stage in any type of game when you space the Consortium.

The empire lacks a new frigate

The Rebellion

The Rebellion has actually the M30c class ship, properly a resources ship destroyer. This is better suited to damaging slower craft, no just resources ships, Cannot defend itself against smaller craft.

Capital Ships

The Consortium

The Keldabe class battleship is the Consortium huge guns in space, They room slightly far better than Star Destroyers in terms of shields and firepower but are dwarfed through the Mon Calamari Cruiser, The Consortium likewise has the Aggressor course ship, This is smaller and also not as powerful as the Keldabe however is cheaper and faster to build.

The Rebellion and Imperials have no brand-new Capital ships.

The huge Guns.

The empire has a few tricks increase its sleeves, lock can construct two enormous craft that dwarf something on the Rebellion and Consortium fleet, The Executor, A substantial Super Star Destroyer can damage fleets that ships, and can deploy fighters to defend itself, This have the right to only be beaten by a substantial fleet of capital Ships and Bombers or may also require Co-Operation between the Alliance and also Consortium players.

The death Star II is a massive space station, as soon as the realm gets it, You’re F-U-C-K-E-D F*cked.It deserve to target and destroy critcal elements such as capital Ships and an are Stations of every level and also kill castle instantly. If the empire gets it, quickly ally with the other faction to take the imperial player the end ASAP or just lay down and die.

The Consortium has the Merciless, Zanns very own ship, an Aggressor class, the is much stronger and much more powerful 보다 conventional capital Ships, the blows Captain Piette away, however cannot defeat Ackbar, (In my experience.)

The Rebellion has nothing new.



Tyber Zann- 25% Discount, deserve to bribe units on the ground.Urai Fenn- one assualt hero, just fightsSilri- likewise an assualt hero, have the right to spawn a nasty rancor.Bossk- has actually a crappy room unit, can be shot under with relative ease, much more effective top top the ground, as is IG-88.

RebellionMon Mothma- 25% discount, cannot fight.Admiral Ackbar- Assualt Hero, commands Home One.Luke Skywalker- Assualt Hero, ground only.Captain Antilles- commands Sundered Heart, A moddified Correlian Corvie.Yoda- Assualt hero, soil only.Ben Kenobi- Assualt Hero, ground only.Garm Bel Iblis- Assualt Hero, soil only.Chewbacca/Han Solo- Assualt heroes, Land and Space.Rogue Squadron- Assualt Heroes, an are only.C3P0/R2D2- Steal tech from enemies, can not fight.

Empire.Emperor- 25% discount, Assualt heroDarth Vader- better used in space, regulates the Executor.Captain Piette- commands moddified Star DestroyerBoba Fett- commands Slave I, Can eliminate Enemy heroes, Assualt hero top top ground.Admiral Thrawn- regulates Admonitor, A Blue Star DestroyerThe Arc Hammer- i do not know fight worth sh*t but can allow you to acquisition Dark Troopers.


For brand-new players mostly…

1. If you are starting out and decide ~ above a faction, The Alliance is because that you.2. Protect your leader.3.For the Consortium, Hypori, Ryloth and Geonosis space your Triad of Evil, store them safe.4. Because that the Empire, You no make lot friends v the death Star II, it is really cheap tactic.5. Because that the Rebels, Dont shot and take on all the imperial Heores in ~ once, You’ll obtain your behind handed to you.

Thats all.

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Hope this helps, This guide is sort of patchy and I may have missed the end on a couple of units, phone call me and I will shortly correct it.