You’ve probably heard of the Disney black color Diamond edition VHS tapes that space fetching thousands online. These aren’t the only beneficial tapes, however … ~ you review our list below, double-check her VHS and DVD collections — girlfriend might be able to flip her old tapes because that cash!

Troubled boy Elliott finds stranded, friendly alien E.T. And also helps him escape planet earth to go back home. (E.T. Phone home, y’all.) At the time of press, a VHS copy that E.T.

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was marketing on eBay for $69.99. Part versions are worth more, despite …

Ryan Goodwin’s Movie edge via YouTube

Consider a rarely promotional copy that the E.T. trailer selling for $4,800 top top eBay (as the November 2019). Detect rare products is the best way to very nice one to any collector and also earn you yourself thousands!

Might it is in worth: $69.99Year released: 1982

NEXT: among the characters ended up being a mascot for Hayao Miyazaki’s studio.

This film is among Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s many recognizable. It speak the tale of two girls moving to the countryside to it is in closer to your sick mother. They make friends v the surrounding forest critters.

Amal FM via Flickr/CC by 2.0

One of these is the sphere-like cutie, Totoro. Since it was made in Japan, it had actually to be referred to as in English for U.S. Audiences. A write-up in Kotaku says that the Fox Studios referred to as tape is an ext valuable than the Disney called version.

Might be worth: $106.01Year released: 1988

NEXT: till 2009, the TV show used live-action models.

A VHS ice of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends: reliable Thomas and Other Stories is ~ above sale because that $166.67, together of November 2019. The seller’s notes suggest that this is a “collectible like brand-new condition VHS tape” that’s to be cleaned v a “professional VHS tape cleaning equipment.”

Thomas & girlfriend UK VHS through Jimmy Sapphire via YouTube

If you’re unfamiliar v Thomas, just know he’s a talk train engine. Prior to you relocate on to the following slide, have the right to we talk around this hilarious-looking Thomas division the Rules VHS? I perform not psychic this unhappy thomas from my childhood!

Might it is in worth: $166.67Year released: 1984

NEXT: prefer ’80s activity flicks? got $199? You can like this deal.

In this movie, a human being named “Kung Fury” and also his friends take on the “worst the the crime the streets have to offer.” as of November 2019, you’ll find a Blu-ray copy the Kung Fury going for $199. (They’ll take it “best offer” too.)

Turk Comrade via YouTube

This specific product has two discs — one through bonus material like comment by Laser Unicorns, an interview with David Sandberg, behind-the-scenes footage, a blooper reel, and more! every for just a only $199 …

Might be worth: $199Year released: 2015

NEXT: an actress in this film had actually to leave the screening the it because she to be scared.

Remember the Pinhead personality that gave you nightmares together a child? currently Pinhead could earn friend a couple hundred bucks. This limited-edition U.S. Arrowhead Blu-ray that Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box is going because that $299 top top eBay.

HorrorSpin via YouTube

In the really detailed seller’s notes, we discover that this specific DVD contains many extras, perhaps including to the value. Because that example, there’s a limited-edition bonus disc, a 200-page hardback book, and a 20-page booklet v “never-before-seen” Hellraiser ide art.

Might it is in worth: $299Year released: 1987

NEXT: Marlon Brando wanted his personality to “look choose a bulldog” in this movie.

Marlon Brando stars as the aging leader the an arranged crime empire that is transferring control over come his boy in The Godfather. In this photo, director Francis Ford Coppola hold The Godfather DVD trilogy.

Not sure exactly how much that certain DVD copy would certainly be worth. However, as of November 2019, a limited-edition collector’s box gift collection of The Godfather DVD native Japan is going for $349.00 on eBay.

Might be worth: $349.00Year released: 1972NEXT: This film to be banned in plenty of countries, do a resurgence in the ’90s, and also was banned again.

Like The Beast in Heat, Salò to be an well known movie that was prohibition — twice — in many countries. That banning and also past blame has added to the all at once value the the DVD — particularly if it’s a very first pressing.

As that November 2019, there’s a “near mint” problem copy that a first DVD pressing of Salò on revenue on eBay. The seller says it’s an uncut, uncensored version that’s part of the default Collection.

Might it is in worth: $400Year released: 1975

NEXT: “It’s genuine to me, dammit!”

Wrestling is fake, you say? Well, “it’s actual to me, dammit!” A report in psychological Floss states that wrestling was a well-known genre on VHS tapes. Specific events are hard to discover on tape and can sell at a premium on eBay.

Some valuable tapes the report mentions space a sealed copy the Halloween Havoc native 1996 or 1993 and WrestleMania III. Right now on eBay (November 2019), there’s a Rampage ’97 VHS going because that $699.99.

Might it is in worth: $699.99

NEXT: This famous purple dino was initially intended to it is in a dog.

If you’re not mindful of this “Barney” character, here’s the gist: He’s a violet T. Rex that’s very friendly and also helps kids learn about the alphabet and also such. Mental Floss claims that a couple of pricey Barney VHS tapes to be on eBay because of their rarity.

As of November 2019, a “rare library just copy” the Love to review with Barney is going for $939.33 on eBay. In the product description, the seller states that in their 10 years of marketing VHS Barney tapes, they’ve never ever seen this one. (Yowza.)

Might it is in worth: $939.33Year released: 1992

NEXT: Star Betsy Baker was originally suspicious that the filmmakers.

Horror movies seem to it is in popular amongst collectors. In The angry Dead, five friends travel to a remote cabin and find a book of the Dead. They finish up summoning demons from the adjacent woods. Oops.

Any limited-edition product is likely to be valuable down the line. That consists of this limited edition that The angry Dead Blu-ray v a figurine, provided on eBay for $1,111 (as the November 2019).

Might it is in worth: $1,111Year released: 1981

NEXT: George Lucas assumed this movie was going come flop.

Fans’ attention in Star Wars is partly because of the truth that VHS tapes indigenous the collection are astoundingly an useful (in part cases), claims a report in mental Floss.

Original versions of VHS tapes (unaltered versions) are very valuable, apparently. A rare, original sealed Star Wars VHS tape v a “CBS Fox Red Label” indigenous 1977 is top top eBay as of November 2019 because that a whopping $2,300.

Might it is in worth: $2,300Year released: 1977 (Episode IV – A new Hope to be released)

NEXT: This to be Walt Disney’s favourite movie do by his studio.

Circus elephant Dumbo’s massive ears were regularly the facility of ridicule amongst his circus’ peers. A computer mouse helps Dumbo see the potential in his distinctive ears, also helping that fly. It’s a reminder that your differences can be assets.

In part blurry image on eBay, a seller states that the VHS copy of Dumbo they’re offering for $2,500 is in very great condition (listing current as the November 2019). They have actually likely viewed various other Disney tapes going for thousands online.

Might it is in worth: $2,500Year released: 1941

NEXT: In this movie, gibbs Vincent Price fulfilled a life dream of being in a Disney film.

Here’s an additional Disney black color Diamond ice cream on eBay (as the November 2019) that’s offering for thousands. The seller’s notes indicate that the black color Diamond standards are exceptionally rare and this specific copy is brand new, and also still sealed.

The great Mouse Detective is a kid-friendly Sherlock Holmes with Basil together the computer mouse version of the famed detective. In the flick, Basil investigates the kidnapping the a toymaker. (See? really kid-friendly.)

Might be worth: $10,000Year released: 1986

NEXT: This was Eva Gabor’s critical film.

Two Rescue Aid society (RAS) agents (mice named Bernard and Miss Bianca) take trip to Australia come rescue 9-year-old Cody and also a golden eagle indigenous a poacher — Percival McLeach. Another Disney movie, a black Diamond VHS of The Rescuers is offering on eBay for $10,999.

(That’s together of November 2019.) The seller’s notes suggest the product is pre-owned in an excellent condition and also its initial artwork is “very good.” “Please see images in detail, zooming in as they are detailed for thorough condition,” write the seller.

Might be worth: $10,999Year released: 1990

NEXT: Disney instructed colorists in this movie to use everything colors they wanted.

In Fantasia, Disney created short cartoons to go together with famous Western classical music piece played by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Conducted by Leopold Stokowski, the orchestra provides the soundtrack for iconic skits like “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”

As we recognize by now, Disney tapes space listing on eBay because that insane prices. This certain 1991 VHS is noted on eBay — together of November 2019 — for $11,000. The seller indicates that the ice cream is used however in an excellent condition.

Might it is in worth: $11,000Year released: 1940

NEXT: Friar Tuck was an alleged to it is in a pig but was then adjusted to a badger.

A report in the Australian 7 News reads: “Disney could be starting to remake the classics, but there’s nothing quite choose an original. And the nostalgia is paying turn off for long-time Disney fans and also collectors.” Robin Hood has been remade numerous times over.

However, there ain’t nothing choose the genuine thing, baby. A black Diamond edition of Robin Hood is at this time on revenue on eBay for $12,000 (November 2019).

Might it is in worth: $12,000Year released: 1973

NEXT: once she started suffering indigenous Alzheimer’s, the certification actress didn’t remember playing the key character but was comforted by a tune in this movie.

Walt Disney’s Cinderella tells the standard fairy story of a young lady v an evil stepmother and stepsisters that sneaks off to to visit the prince’s ball. The prince falls in love through her and sets the end on a kingdom-wide search when she pipeline at midnight.

A seller on eBay placed their VHS copy of Disney’s Cinderella on eBay for sale in ~ a whopping $15,000 as of November 2019. Again, the reality that other sellers space listing your Disney VHS tapes for very high price is a factor. Room they selling? difficult to phone call …

Might it is in worth: $15,000Year released: 1950

NEXT: This was Disney’s first DVD release.

In the summer that 2019, a 1999 copy the Mulan was marketed for $15,295.16 ($21,111 in Australian dollars). It’s no secret that Disney tapes room selling choose hotcakes. Nineties nostalgia is partly why.

“From Disney to classic movies, her old VHS tapes can be a great earner with pristine, special edition sets occasionally fetching thousands of dollars,” trend watcher in ~ eBay Sophie Onikul said MailOnline. “Dust off your old VHS tapes and get listing!”

Might be worth: $15,295.16Year released: 1998

NEXT: Disney practically didn’t include the top spaghetti-eating scene.

Disney is comes out with a live-action variation of this standard dog story (Get that — “tale” is favor “tail”? like a doggo’s tail? and they’re dogs? never ever mind …) yet there ain’t nothing prefer the real thing, baby, when it involves collecting.

There’s a VHS ice of the movie on eBay because that $19,999 as of November 2019. A 1992 tape, the seller notes indicate it’s a black color Diamond with “red signature edition” and also still works. Although used, the casing and also tape are in an excellent shape with some wear and tear.

Might it is in worth: $19,999Year released: 1955

NEXT: Xerox was affiliated in the animation of the 101 dogs’ spots.

The cartoon version of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians is the one with the many value ~ above eBay at the moment. There’s likewise the live-action one, yet those tapes aren’t priced really high appropriate now.

As of November 2019, a offered Black Diamond version of the cartoon 101 Dalmatians is noted on eBay for $22,500. The movie tells the story the Roger and also Anita and also their dalmatians Pongo and Perdita evading the evil Cruella De Vil.

Might it is in worth: $22,500Year released: 1961

NEXT: kids voiced the young characters, i m sorry was unusual for 1942.

Yes, it’s that movie about a cute little deer named Bambi that made everyone cry. When combing v your collection of tapes, it can be essential to keep in mind that the Disney VHS tapes are much more valuable 보다 the DVDs.

(At the very least according come this writer’s find on eBay. Please, send me dislike mail if you uncover out otherwise.) A black Diamond execution VHS the Bambi is currently detailed on eBay for a whopping $24,000 (November 2019), while a DVD is $199.

Might be worth: $24,000Year released: 1942

NEXT: Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Kermit the Frog are briefly watched in the opening scene.

The little Mermaid is around a mermaid named Ariel that drops in love with a human being prince after rescuing him. She’s constantly dreamed of living on land and also now she really wants to live top top land.

She bargains with the sea witch Ursula (who looks favor an old boss I had, interestingly enough) to profession her voice for the capacity to live ~ above land. The ’80s and ’90s nostalgia might add to the high worths of some Little Mermaid VHS tapes.

Might be worth: $34,999 (price top top eBay together of November 2019)Year released: 1989

NEXT: The character surname “Dopey” was practically nixed due to the fact that it to be “too modern.”

Disney’s first-ever full-length film, Snow White is around a princess exiled come the forest by her angry stepmother. She befriends seven dwarfs and they adopt her into their household.

This to be a component of the era whereby Disney princesses essential to be rescued through princes. As of November 2019, someone is offering a 1994 black color Diamond edition VHS of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs ~ above eBay for $52,000.

Might be worth: $52,200Year released: 1937

NEXT: It to be the last production to end with a “The End; Walt Disney Productions.”

Disney movies equal nostalgia for countless a movie lover — for this reason why world are flipping the end over Disney+. Nostalgia has been cited as one of the reasons why Disney tapes offer for therefore much.

For example, this Fox and the Hound 1994 VHS is going for $60,000 on eBay. Turns out there could be a dark side to this Disney VHS craze: They can not be worth the much and no one could actually be buying these extremely priced tapes.

Might it is in worth: $60,000Year released: 1981

NEXT: the took 3 tries to do this into a full-length film.

Black Diamond Disney tapes are usually prized by collectors and/or Disney pan for your rarity. The logo design for black Diamond tapes is — surprise — a black diamond through “The Classics” written in it.

As the November 2019, there’s a 1992 VHS copy the a brand-new Beauty and the Beast top top eBay because that sale in ~ $899,999. If you’re unfamiliar v the Beauty and the Beast story, it’s about the blossoming love between bookish Belle and also Beast.

Might be worth: $899,999Year released: 1991

NEXT: gibbs Robin Williams ad-libbed so much of his dialogue in this film.

OK, $1 million is a tiny crazy because that a VHS ice — even if it’s a black Diamond edition. I mean, c’mon! You have the right to probably discover a $1 Aladdin tape in ~ a garage sale. Tell the to this seller top top eBay — they seemed down for this crazy scheme.

“You might be one of those eccentric millionaire’s (sic) that desire to be a little bit more eccentric by to buy this item,” read the seller’s notes. “You will make mine life great, send all 3 the my youngsters to college, and also you’ll it is in famous.” good luck, dude …

Might be worth: $1,000,000Year released: 1992

NEXT: ours honorable mentions … Its budget was a only $300,000 yet it grossed $47 million in ~ the U.S. Box office.

Michael Myers took out his sister ~ above Halloween night 15 years earlier and he’s baaaaack (*said in the exact same voice Carol ann Freeling uses in Poltergeist*) to obtain freaky! A new, factory-sealed 1981 ice cream is priced on eBay for $299.95 as of November 2019.

This details VHS ice cream is a media release — this might add to the rarity, in addition to it being a new, sealed copy. Fear movie collectors (the complete opposite of Disney tape collectors) would love to get their mitts on this one …

Might it is in worth: $299.95Year released: 1978

NEXT: This film was banned in the U.K. And never exit in the U.S.

The Beast in Heat is about a creature referred to as “The Beast” created by one SS officer because that the purpose of torturing prisoners. Yikes. A report in Metro indicates that part tapes are an important because they to be banned conveniently after release.

If girlfriend spot any kind of banned tapes at a garage sale, it’s worth gaining them to flip. Follow to Severin Films, The Beast in Heat was never ever released in the U.S. And was at some point banned in the U.K.

Might it is in worth: $39.99 (price because that Blu-ray noted on eBay as of November 2019)Year released: 1977

NEXT: Some doubters said this to be a “film gris” — a subcategory of film noir through a left-leaning angle.

A Blu-ray bowl copy that the classic noir, The Prowler, is selling for $99.99 ~ above eBay as of November 2019. No the price Disney VHS tapes space going for, however still pretty steep because that a Blu-ray.

In The Prowler, Susan Gilvray phone call the police after thinking a prowler to be on her and her husband’s property. Cop Webb Garwood responds come the call and falls in love with Susan. Terrible events occur soon after.

Might it is in worth: $99.99Year released: 1951

NEXT: The location song, “The Devil,” is performed by Hoyt Axton.

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A “laser disc” copy of The Legend that Hillbilly John is on revenue on eBay because that $149, as of November 2019. I’ve seen much much more valuable VHS tapes and also DVDs while writing this article, therefore don’t “Marie Kondo” her collection simply yet. There could be part gems in there!

In this flick, “Hillbilly John” is a wandering singer that meets an ugly birdlike critter, it s okay transported in time, climate gets connected with the devil’s work. (Wow, that’s a lot walk on in poor John’s life.) Hedges Capers stars together John.

Might it is in worth: $149Year released: 1972

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