Smokey and The Bandit 2.This film to be shot in number of places, specific Nevada, Georgia, and also Florida.I will certainly concentrate on theSouth Florida locations however will also identify the various other locations.I am always happy to help with a place so if you arelooking for a location I have actually not yet posted simply drop me a line at cglide I will be happy to tell you about a place if I recognize where that is or comment on cluesI have noted if I have been can not to settle the mystery.


The next scene might be the very first Florida shooting scene. I have not to be able to confirm in person yet a pair different resources say that this to be shot on Burt Reynolds equine ranch situated in Jupiter Farms, Florida.At one time once Burt owned the floor you can take a tour and also see the ranch yet now Burt has actually sold the property, therefore confirmation will certainly be more complicated .Update I have received a nice e-mail from Scott blacksmith who operated on the set. The confirms the this scene was shot ~ above the Burt Reynolds ranch in Jupiter Farms, Florida. It was filmed top top a collection built within a structure on the ranch. Thanks Scott.

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The movie starts just exterior Las Vegas, Nevada in Henderson, NV. This scene was supposedly filmed simply west of I95. I learned this from


In the following scene we check out the Statler Brothers to sing at a chef out. Look at like perhaps Texas however I have no clue where it is. Anyone?




The following scene take away us earlier to Henderson, Nevada. The authorize reads “Texarkana Reformed joined Evangelical an essential Church that God, The Twelve Apostles and Assorted Saints” but it is actually St. Peters church in Henderson. Uncovered at

The movie following takes us earlier to Burt’s dump the he is life in. I believe this was filmed ~ above his ranch in Jupiter Farms, Florida. Many thanks again come Scott Smith that confirms this was filmed ~ above Burt’s ranch. The Gator Motel to be a facade included to the finish of a steed stable which is no longer there.

Thanks to Scott Smith us now know that this to be filmed at Northlake Blvd. And U.S.1 in north Palm Beach, Fl. I will try to gain there shortly to acquire some pictures of exactly how it looks now.

Scott smith confirms the this was on Burt’s ranch.It was developed for the movie and the bridge is lengthy gone.

Scott speak me the it was situated on U.S.1 in phibìc Palm Beach just south that PGA Blvd. However the track no much longer exist.

Next we satisfy the star that the movie. This is report to have actually been filmed in Jupiter farms Florida however I have actually not nailed down the exact location yet.

We then head the end on the open road. “Ride concrete Cowboy” The first 8 cuts room unknown thus far.. Cut 9 (below) they overcome a concrete and also steel bridge. reports the this to be the old sunshine skyway bridge near Tampa Florida. Connecting St. Petersburg to the main-land.

Next they protect against at a gas station. Scott Smith informed me the this gas terminal was in Juno Beach, Florida ~ above U.S.1., just north that Donald Ross Road.

Next we view them steering eastbound top top Watson Island, Miami Florida. This ar was provided in many episodes of Miami Vice.

Next they arrive to choose up the package. This was filmed on the MacArthur Causeway ~ above Terminal Island.

We then watch them leaving walk westbound ~ above Watson Island. These 2 vintage shots of Watson island space great. Great views the the flexibility tower and Chalk’s airlines.

Smokey turns left (westbound) ~ above the grounds that the Orange key which at the time was no surrounded by fencing.He turns in the opposite NW 6th Street. The building below was watched in the background.

Where Smokey traction in opposite NW sixth St., Bandit pulls in around 85 yards previously (south). In the snapshot below the building on the left is the currently pink building that offered to be yellow that we view Smokey journey by prior to pulling in.The structure on the ideal is the structure we watch behind Bandit once he pulls right into the stadium.

If I had not yet well-known it this would have given it away. In the lift on the wall surface between the upper and lower decks the sign reads “The City the Miami Welcomes You to The Orange Bowl”.

Then Bandit is earlier on the road and stops because that gas. This was on Burt’s building in Jupiter Farms. Many thanks to Scott Smith us now know where top top the farm the footbridge, Hotel room interior, and Gas station were located.

According come Scott blacksmith this to be filmed roughly 10 mile west that I95 ~ above Indiantown Road, Palm beach County.It sure looks ideal to me. Many thanks again Scott.

Smokey take away the plunge. Scott blacksmith confirms that my hesitation was correct. The leg is Indiantown road in Jupiter wherein it spans the I.C.W. (Intra seaside Waterway). The bridge has due to the fact that been replaced with a brand-new one. The movie bridge had been developed in 1965. Funny point is the this leg is right alongside the Burt Reynolds Museum.

Into Mississippi we go, however it is yes, really Florida. Thanks to Scott smith we know this to be filmed ~ above S.E. St. Lucie Blvd. In Stuart, Fl. Close to Sandsprit Park.

The red arrowhead is wherein smokey take away the plunge.The blue arrowhead is the present location that the Burt Reynolds Museum.

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In reduced 10 we watch the Bandit happen under a cloverleaf. claims that this is the I275 / I4 connector in Tampa. Looks great to me. Below: Green arrow points to new road. Red arrow is your route.