How carry out you get rid of Shadowmere?

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I\"m asking this because that my sister. She perfect the DB quest and also got the horse. Yes, we both understand that it is the supervisor awesome demon horse of the apocalypse, yet my sisters doesn\"t use horses and also is gaining quite exhausted of it complying with her everywhere. Coupled with the reality that it cannot be killed, she is really annoyed. Is over there a method to eliminate this?
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can you disable the on pc? room you ~ above pc, you didnt say. My bad, i view you tagged 360 above. Sorry.i never placed shadowmere, therefore hes tho standing in the cesspit he climbed out of.

And let me guess... Very first time fast traveling after that and he mirrors up in ~ your destination with you, correct? have the right to he be put back in the pool?
it doesnt say, but i think he simply stays near where that died, till you mount him again. Ns would shot killing him and see what happens. Worst instance - he come back, finest case - no much more shadowmere.

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Dont forget to use the \"become ethereal\"shout, uneven she wants her character to dice too. Or she might just whack him v her knife till he dies - an excellent way come level up the attack skills.
death him. He will not monitor you ~ respawn. Or park that somewhere and also buy an additional horse. Then kill the another horse.
Dont forget to use the \"become ethereal\"shout, uneven she desires her personality to die too. Or she could just whack him v her sword till he dies - good way come level up the attack skills.
Your equine can\"t take it a three action fall. You have the right to and also Shadowmere is unkillable by weapons. Heights are his only weakness.
I have no idea what happened, but he just stopped arriving when I rapid traveled. Ns don\"t recognize if he died or if the game glitched, yet he\"s gone for me - which is annoying, due to the fact that I do ride horses...
Your steed can\"t take a three step fall. You deserve to and Shadowmere is unkillable by weapons. Heights are his just weakness.

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Your horse can\"t take a three action fall. You can and also Shadowmere is unkillable through weapons. Heights room his just weakness.
Not according to Wiki and also UESP. Hes completely killable by weapon, friend just need to be patient.If you run off a little cliff, (enough to kill a horse, yet not you), Shadowmere will certainly die. He can likewise die from any type of other cause of damage, weapons, magic, etc. - WikiUnlike the http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Shadowmere present in http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Oblivion, this version of Shadowmere is no http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Essential_NPCs and can die. However, 15-20 job later, Shadowmere will respawn in the place of death. - UESP